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10 B2B Podcast Metrics You Need To Track

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

1. “Social Engagement”

Beginning with the most important one…

We would want to have a better understanding of how much of a stir your program is creating on social media.


The reason is that the greater the overall number of targeted impressions that you are able to produce on your B2B audience, the less difficult it will be for your salespeople to make contact with these potential customers.

A podcast is an extremely cost efficient method that can be used to get these impressions rolling in right away.

The following guidelines will be used in the computation of this metric:

  • Likes: 1 point
  • Comments: 2 points
  • Shares: 5 points

Consider the following example, which is a recent social post made by one of the hosts of a client podcast:

The total would be sixty if we counted it like this: (48, times 1). plus (6 times 2)

After that, we would apply this algorithm to all of the social postings that were published on the podcast during the week, in addition to any additional marketing, and then we would generate a total score for social engagement.

This should ideally increase by around 5 percent every week, but it will range substantially due to the fact that some visitors will share, creating tremendous interaction, while others will not. And because of this, we also like to measure something called the “Post Rate,” which is the proportion of guests who share their episode on social media, even if it isn’t a key statistic.


Downloads, needless to say.

A measure that is notable for its obscurity. It is the indicator that provides the clearest picture of how much people are taking pleasure in listening to the information you provide for them.

We consider a request for an audio file to be a download when it comes from a podcast player or directory that is part of an RSS feed.

In most cases, we want to see a spike right after the launch, followed by spikes that are progressively higher as we go forward. As a goal, you should strive to grow the number of downloads by 10 percent each month forever.

This is a typical download trend that we observe during the first few months of a specialized B2B podcast for a client who does not already have a significant audience:

3. Total Podcast Website Traffic

We take care to guarantee that our customers’ podcasts are housed on their own websites. Typically, we will construct a main podcast page that looks something like this: “clientname.com/podcast.” This page will feature certain episodes and connect off to other directories.

Each episode is thereafter included as an embeddable component into a blog post, which also contains links to the featured guest, key takeaways, a transcript, and the podcast player itself.

We are interested in knowing the average number of visitors each week that these web pages get. This provides an additional indication of the level of interest that people have in your show; in most cases, we determine this level of interest using the Page Views data that is provided by Google Analytics.

4. Total Podcast Website Organic Traffic

While this is going on, one of our other goals is to figure out how much organic traffic these websites are attracting. The creation of organic traffic is essential to the sustainable expansion of a podcast.

Again, you can measure this using Google Analytics. During the first six months of your podcast’s existence, this metric should steadily increase, but after that, it should begin to increase more quickly.

5. Community Growth

You may also be interested in developing a community that revolves around your podcast. Slack, Facebook, or LinkedIn are the most common places where this will be started.

You will ask all the guests and listeners to join the group, and you will be able to interact with one another over the show’s common values and goals.

Because the rate at which the community is expanding is a solid indicator of future podcast growth, we are interested in learning this information. In addition to this, it raises the total number of targeted impressions that your B2B brand is creating.

6. Leads Generated

  • Optin form on the podcast website
  • Optin form on the podcast player
  • A feature called Auto Optin

Typically, we will spend some time contemplating how we may solve an issue for the listeners, after which we will provide the answer in the form of an eBook, webinar, video case study, or live event.

We then make it available to the listeners by using the methods described above in order to not only provide more value to the listeners but also create leads.

The number of leads generated is a good indicator of how much value you are adding to your audience.

7. Outreach Attempts

In addition to this, we want to get an understanding of the effectiveness of our guest outreach.

We recommend that if you want to use your podcast as a vehicle for relationship development, you make an effort to invite influential thought leaders, prospective customers, and business partners to appear on your program.

Naturally, if you push yourself to your limits, not all of these efforts at outreach are going to be effective. Therefore, we need to determine how many of these attempts were successful.

We only keep a tally of how many fresh outreach efforts there are during the week.

8. Guests Booked

At the same time, we are interested in finding out how many of the individuals we contacted to ask them into the program actually accepted our invitation and arranged an interview.

This will give us an idea of how successful our outreach really is. If this figure is excessively high, it’s possible that we need to improve the quality of the customers that we’re trying to attract. If it is too low, it may indicate that we need to modify our approach to outreach in some way, whether it is the content of the outreach messages themselves or the kind of people to whom we are directing our efforts.

9. Guests Are Taken To The Next Stage.

We are working hard to cultivate connections with our customers’ visitors that will, in the long run, result in a great return on investment.

Whether this results in the visitor becoming a customer of the client or in the formation of a new relationship between the parties, both outcomes are positive.

There is often a straightforward next step that a visitor will complete in order to go farther down a particular funnel; typically, this will consist of another meeting to:

  • Discuss a partnership
  • Demo your software
  • Talk about your service

10. Guests’ Conversions

And now… the one that really makes a difference.

It’s important to us to keep tabs on any visitors who eventually become paying customers or business partners.

You need to have an idea of the number of visitors that will need to come through your doors before you can achieve the conversion rate that you desire. It is possible that one in every five visitors to your website will sign up for a software demonstration, and of those who sign up, one in every five will eventually become a paying client.

This implies that you are aware that roughly one client will be generated for every 25 visitors that visit your establishment. You may then make adjustments to your outreach and post-interview conversion processes in order to increase this number, assuming, of course, that you do so without negatively impacting the guest experience.

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Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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