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Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant from VA FLIX


What does an Administrative Assistant do by the way?

An Administrative Assistant from VA FLIX is someone who can help the office function smoothly by doing a little bit of everything. Given today’s digital environment (and the pandemic forcing everyone to work from home as an example), employing a virtual administrative assistant and getting just as much work done for your business is achievable. If you’re not sure how it works, VA FLIX has gathered together everything you’ll need to know about hiring your virtual assistant.


What Type of Tasks Can An Administrative Assistant do?

Why would you wait for the deadline if you could hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant to get the tasks done for you?

A good rule of thumb? Even if they are working from home on the other side of the world, a virtual administrative assistant from VA FLIX can accomplish just about anything that an administrative office assistant can do. In other words, they won’t be able to bring you coffee, but they will be able to perform pretty much anything that requires online remote access. 

Want to know more about the specific tasks? Let me provide you with more! Relax and Chill…


Managing your calendar, sorting your online files, managing your email inbox, or even your phone management system. 

These are just about all elements of running your daily life in your business and can be outsourced to one of our dedicated and professional virtual assistants from VA FLIX. 


Do you need to book an event or a conference in a few months? You can let your virtual administrative assistant do the job! Do you need to follow up on that meeting that your client/s missed? No worries! A virtual administrative assistant can always be on top of your calendar. Do you spend too much time digging through your calendars? Piece of cake! A virtual administrative assistant from VA FLIX can be an immediate boost to your productivity. 


 Although your administrative Virtual Assistant can’t be there to set up the conference room table or make sure the room is neat and clean, there are still plenty in your office that can be managed remotely. Your virtual assistant from VA FLIX includes handling bookkeeping, generating invoices, organizing or managing expenses, and even handling your employee’s payroll. ‍


A virtual administrative assistant who handles administrative activities can be your ears and voice when you’d rather be concentrating on productivity, tracking revenue, and doing distraction-free work. 


Where a Virtual Administrative Assistant Can Assist You in Completing Your Tasks

It’s one thing to make a list of the services an administrative virtual assistant can provide. What’s more important, though, is to show how this might work. Here are a few examples of how employing a virtual assistant from VA FLIX might help you picture doing your job easier:

  • No Work Distractions. 

Imagine working on an uninterrupted, distraction-free project for 3 hours early in the morning. If you rush to your workplace, you’ll have to answer phones, deal with any difficulties that arise, handle social media chores, and do other administrative tasks. If you want to avoid all of that, delegating these responsibilities to a VA FLIX administrative assistant can free up time for you to focus on the most productive work of the day and the things you enjoy!

  • Additional capacity. 

Let’s say you are not yet considering hiring an administrative assistant right now, but your current clients’ calls and demands are unbearable. You still want to give your customers a human touch to make them feel valued, right? But you’re still unsure how you’ll find time to make enough for them while also finishing your day’s tasks. A virtual administrative assistant can accept calls from anywhere and keep your clients in the loop.

  • Time off. 

It’s not just about giving yourself more time to work when you hire an administrative virtual assistant from VA FLIX; we want to make sure you have plenty of time to pamper yourself and spend time with your loved ones! These duties are ideal to outsource to an administrative virtual assistant rather than working over lunch to finish follow-up calls or a data entry activity for a project you’re working on.


How would you know if you need the service of a Virtual Assistant?

If the previous examples sound appealing, but you’re still unsure, the question you’re probably asking right now is: how can you know whether someone from another country will be productive enough to administer as an assistant? Is it worth it? We understand, so don’t worry. We’ve identified some indicators that you may already need one and were unaware of it.

  • The Restraining Costs of Hiring Employees

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve considered hiring extra staff because you have a lot on your plate and the company can’t meet the expectations. The biggest issue is that recruiting new staff is EXPENSIVE. Extremely costly.  

Hiring an administrative assistant is a great way to offset costs.   A virtual assistant, according to Best of Budgets (LINK), can save up to 78% on operating expenditures over the year. That’s right! If you’re not sure if you want your company to develop too quickly but know you need support, hiring a virtual assistant from VA FLIX is a terrific way to enhance your company’s capacity.

  • Productivity Loss

You may have observed how simple (or difficult) it was to focus all of your concentration on the task itself when you first started your own business. As your company grows, administration becomes an exponentially larger part of the overall picture. It’s no surprise that big corporations employ an army of accountants and administrators to help with the heavy workload.

You don’t have to be anxious; VA FLIX understands your distress. The good news is that it’s a simple remedy! The report reveals that remote workers from all over the world are more productive since they have more control over their schedule and spend less time dealing with traffic to get to the office, according to Small BizTrends (LINK). This allows your precious investment  to get back to its roots by focusing on the task at hand

You might even discover that hiring an administrative virtual assistant is more efficient than hiring someone to work in your local office, as 80–91 percent of remote workers think they’re more productive working from home.


How to Begin Working with Your Virtual Assistant

We’ve gone over several reasons why you would consider hiring an administrative assistant from a distance. To sum it all:


Convinced? Then it only helps to know how to take the next steps and start with a virtual assistant from VA FLIX today. Here are the key steps:

  1. Fill out the form or call us at +1 323 955 1001
  2. Connect with Karen and John. This will help ensure that the remainder of the steps goes smoothly.
    We don’t want you to hire just any virtual assistant because it’s a good idea to boost your team’s productivity. VA FLIX always ensures that you get the greatest fit possible! You must match your individual needs with the skills and knowledge of a virtual assistant who will be assisting you. That’s exactly what you’ll do if you contact Karen and John (or even one of the VA FLIX Managers).
  3. Get paired with a Virtual Assistant. Before you start training any executive Sales Virtual Assistant for your team, you want to make sure you choose someone who has the skills and knowledge to manage everything you throw at them.
  4. Lastly, plug the virtual assistant into your company. Make sure you have a document outlining the necessary steps for the Virtual Assistant to adapt to your business and let them know what kinds of processes they can expect to engage in.

Do it right the first time! VA FLIX will ensure that they hire an experienced new VA who is familiar with the procedure and can get started right away.

With VA FLIX, you begin building your business while reducing your expenditures.

  • Meet your amazing personal virtual assistant 
  • We’ll ask you a few questions so that we can match you with one of our virtual assistants as well as a backup assistant.
  • You Get All The Assistance You Need 
  • You will also have a VA FLIX Manager who will assist you in monitoring your Virtual Assistant and ensuring that they are productive enough. You won’t have to worry about paying the manager because you’ll only be paying your Virtual Assistant.
  • Create A Workflow 
    • VA FLIX empowers you to design a workflow that suits your needs. You’ll choose how to keep track of their time, communicate with them, monitor their productivity, and share files with your assistant. 
  • Start Working Your Game Plan
    • You can work with your Virtual Assistant from 8 PM to 5 PM in your local time. 

Are you ready to expand your company? Let’s start by calling VA FLIX right away!

“NOW is the perfect time to hire your professional Virtual Assistant and… CHILL.”


FAQs for Virtual Administrative Assistants

Do you have any other questions? I’m certain that you do. No worries, we got you! We’ve identified some of the most common ones and provided answers below:

  • What exactly does a virtual assistant accomplish during the day?

This is a common question we hear, and the answer would be that it depends entirely on your business or type of business. A virtual assistant might function as a part-time or full-time employee.   An Administrative Assistant from VA FLIX would typically have worked in big call center companies in the Philippines and is already familiar with office management, scheduling, data entry, massive phone calls, and other office tasks such as simple bookkeeping, generating invoices, and managing your expenses. Anything that has to do with the administration and management of an office that can be accomplished remotely is just up their alley. If you’re not sure what tasks can be done for your own business, just hit the CONTACT US button so we can get to know you better.

  • How do I train an administrative virtual assistant to get started with my business?

There is always a delicate balance to be found between depending on the virtual assistant’s vast experience and your own company’s needs. To assist a virtual assistant in learning the fundamentals of working at your company, we recommend creating an onboarding guide or a brief manual. You may, for example, grant them access to an existing personnel file or a handbook that outlines some of your most crucial responsibilities. You could even make something for your virtual assistant in some circumstances. A basic instructional video recording using Loom or a recorded Zoom conference would be beneficial — the recording will take only 5-30 minutes of your time for an 8-hour task. It’s best to record it so that the assistant can quickly go back and replay it to ensure that the assistant completes the task with ease.

  • How do I know which administrative virtual assistant I should hire? What are the traits to look for?

A virtual administrative assistant will have a basic understanding of basic office administration skills and tools for the majority of businesses. Managing your schedule, answering incoming phone calls, and dealing with data entry tasks are some of the most common administrative responsibilities.

The easiest way to choose a virtual administrative assistant is to seek someone who has a lot of experience in the areas that are most important to you. No worries, Karen and John will handle the recruiting for you – however, if you only need someone to answer the phone, an administrative assistant who has dealt with phone calls before will have a shorter learning curve. As previously said, all of our representatives have worked for big call center companies in the Philippines providing customer care to prominent companies in the United States, so you won’t have to worry about them taking your calls — they all speak with a NEUTRAL and AMERICAN accent. 

  • What are the limitations of a virtual administrative assistant?

Bring your coffee and set your conference room for meetings! 

  • What happens if the administrative virtual assistant is difficult to train?

This risk is inherent, it’s really like hiring someone on-site or anyone to your business. And yet we see how many business owners regularly add people to their team. That’s why it helps to be more patient, most especially if this is just your first time adding help. 

If you’re not comfortable delivering negative feedback to your staff, your dedicated Manager from VA FLIX will handle the coaching and pass the advice on to your assistant so that they know what not to do next time – they learn how things work at your company. 

  • What kind of experience will my virtual assistant have?

That will undoubtedly vary, as it will with any new hire. However, it is critical to find a virtual administrative assistant with sufficient experience who can support your business with daily admin tasks. (VA FLIX’s vetted Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, highly educated, easy to deal with, and have a good heart.) Karen and John will assist you in finding the BEST assistant/s for you. Professionalism is essential, which is why we work so hard to match you with someone who can accomplish all of the above. VA FLIX values culture and looks for you to have a pleasant, professional, and cheerful presence.

Do it right the first time! VA FLIX will ensure that they hire an experienced new VA who is familiar with the procedure and can get started right away.