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Outsource Telemarketing Services to VA FLIX


Find the best and trusted telemarketing services in the Philippines to provide an exceptional experience for your leads

When you outsource Telemarketing, it is very important to choose the right culture-fit so your customers have a seamless and outstanding customer service experience. Here’s what you need to know about outsourcing your telemarketing services to VA FLIX.

With VA FLIX’s friendly culture and excellent English skills, Our team of Philippine based Virtual Professionals are natural telemarketers. So much so, that the call center industry in the Philippines started with outbound sales roles and customer service voice call transactions.
These days, the Philippines is not just famous for being one of the best hubs for offshore call centers across a range of industries but also a cost effective way to hire outsource employees from your company based in the US, UK or Australia.

Here are some Industries well suited to telemarketing:

Financial services, credit cards and any kids of insurances (Auto insurance, Health Insurance, Medical Insurance etc)
Telecommunications and internet service providers
Satellite Television
FMCG and wine sales
Fundraising, non-profit and charities
Lead Generation and Market Research
Appointment Setters


Why do outsourcing telemarketing services in the Philippines work so well?

Truth be told, telemarketing skills are highly transferable to someone who loves working over the phones and sales. With some basic to extensive training about your products and services, any experienced telemarketer will hit the ground running because we have nailed the process of engaging the customer in a sales conversation.

Additionally, telemarketing has been focused on cold-call sales. Most businesses are choosing to focus their outbound calling campaigns to get warm leads, VA FLIX can provide a team of cold callers to call your cold leads and have another team of telemarketers (in which we call closers) to handle warm leads. As you know, telemarketers have significantly higher conversion rates when they connect to warm leads (about 30%) compared with cold calls (for about about 2%).

Cold Leads: These are leads who don’t know anything about your business and why they need your products or services (It is the telemarketers’ job to explain the what’s, why’s and how’s.

Warm Leads: These are leads who already knew about your business, they are in your targeted market, and they’ve probably bought or availed something from your business prior.

A 30% conversion rate for telemarketing increases your (ROI) Return of Investment, which only means more profit. After all, more profit is why you’re in business, right?

Outsourced Telemarketers should always need sales training about your business and your products in order to answer any possible questions about which product option fits. A basic script helps, as well as a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions they can refer to during the calls.

For best results, though, telemarketers should be encouraged to chat naturally with customers , build a good connection or rapport, rather than strictly following a script. You don’t want a telemarketer to sound like a robot. Leads or your customers can feel or see through a telemarketer who sticks to a rigid script. That’s right! Whether it is outsourced or have someone onshore/in-house who does telemarketing for your business), A telemarketing call with no personal connection is far less likely to close deals.

Just as importantly, you’ll need to provide a document to train your telemarketing team in your country’s regulations on telesales and cold-calling to comply with your offshore operations.


Telemarketing skills and experience

Great telemarketers have exceptionally fluent English skills from VA FLIX. After all, they have got a lot of speaking practice each and every day.

Generally speaking, a university qualification is not really necessary to provide good telemarketing services in the Philippines. As long as a telemarketer has solid English communication skills and a strong aptitude and persuasive skills for sales, they are definitely going to be successful in this role.


Telemarketers from VA FLIX have the following experience levels:

Junior Telemarketer: less than 1 year of relevant telesales experience.
Intermediate Telemarketer: 1-3 years of relevant telesales experience – often in one (1) or two (2) industries.
Senior Telemarketers : 3+ years of relevant telesales experience – often in several sorts of industries.


Telemarketing tools

The most important tool for telemarketers is to have access to your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software. The CRM is a storage that contains a wealth of data about existing and potential customers, and will allow your team to keep a record of every customer interaction. Yes, your team of telemarketers always leave notes to each and every call they place. This is especially important when you’re outsourcing telemarketing services – all the information your team needs (both offshore or inshore) is right at their fingertips and always make sure everything is kept up to date.

As most CRMs are custom-built for all businesses, don’t be concerned if the candidates haven’t used your specific CRM/s. Telemarketers from VA FLIX all work in roughly the same way, so your new telemarketers will pick it up in a flash.

Some companies use an outbound dialer or a predictive dialer to maximize productivity. This is a computer software or a cloud based tool that dials multiple numbers at once, and then connects the call to the telemarketer when one of the numbers picks up.

In the business outsourcing industry, an outbound dialer or a predictive dialer is normally used to maximize your team’s productivity, However, this may not be common for other common telemarketers who don’t work in the outsourcing industry.

Telemarketers from VA FLIX are expected to undergo training in your company’s specific tools and products. Training typically lasts between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on the number of tools you wanted your team to use, complexity of the product or service, and the range of transactions being involved.


VA FLIX Telemarketing Services

Cold Calling Service
VA FLIX has the required skills and expertise to provide you with a quality cold calling services team. Our team of telesales representatives help our clients acquire new clients and boost your revenue. We also help clients build a healthy long-term relationship with clients with our great communication skills.

B2B Cold Calling Service
We provide our clients with well-planned and strategic B2B cold calling services which will help companies acquire and attract new customers coming in with a quick time. We understand the target audiences thoroughly and our experienced virtual professionals ensure that we deliver not only the best quality B2B cold calling services but with a good heart.

Real Estate Cold Calling
Calling real estate leads require highly experienced and skilled professionals who are capable of carrying out very sensible conversations with the potential prospects of the properties. VA FLIX always ensures that your dedicated team of appointment setters leverage the latest tools and technologies along with the data provided by the client to ensure that they maximize sales of getting new listings.

B2C Cold Calling Sales
We have some of the best telesales and B2C cold calling virtual experts on board who can cater to any of your needs seamlessly. We create and follow a strategic sales script which will enable us to introduce the prospective client with your services, ask necessary questions, get feedback, and set up further contact.

B2B Telesales
Your dedicated team or telemarketers will call up your leads and conduct telephone campaigns to grow your brand and sales. Our proven calling strategy ensures complete coverage and successful conversion of cold leads by promoting your products and services where they are likely to buy.



Tips for employing telemarketers in the Philippines

A telemarketer’s sales skills from VA FLIX are transferable to any industry, so you don’t need to be concerned if your favorite candidate hasn’t worked in your particular industry yet. An experienced telemarketer can easily adapt to the sales processes of any other business. To get excellent results, all you have to do is get someone based on their personality , great mindset and great attitude – these are the important elements that you can’t teach – and then train them in the specifics of your industry and services. If you allocate time to properly train your virtual telesales professional/s about the details of your products and services, you will definitely expect excellent results.
If you specifically need a telemarketer who is an expert in your particular field, it may take time to find the right local person, and they might expect a higher rate.
A team of telemarketers typically report to a team leader. You get a dedicated Team Leader from your hired telemarketer/s from VA FLIX (no additional cost)


Save up to 70% – 78% on labor and occupancy costs

Because living in the Philippines is not that expensive, labor and occupancy costs are not a fortune too. We can employ and accommodate highly educated, fully qualified, very experienced customer service representatives and with a good heart for your team in the Philippines for up to 70% less than you’d pay someone in your country locally. That’s why it only makes sense to outsource customer service.It’s no difference!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get an offshore Telemarketer or a virtual telesales team up and running from VA FLIX?

Your outsourced Telemarketer/s can be up and running in as little as a week when you outsource through VA FLIX. From discussing the requirements and qualifications desired from your Telesales Professional to assigning a new member to your team to their very first task, VA FLIX can help meet the necessary requirements. Keep in mind, if you require a larger number of Telemarketers, then our Telemarketing Company Lead may require additional time for the extra recruitment, training and the necessary onboarding needed to establish your qualified, outsourced team.

How much would it cost to outsource in the Philippines?

Outsourcing to VA FLIX can result in significant cost savings of up to 70%. We offer a monthly fee package to help reduce overheads and allow you to focus on what’s most important, scaling and growing your business. Included in the monthly fee is the right and necessary infrastructure, which means: recruitment and training, security, staff benefits and top-notch management.

What are the necessary qualifications and skills of a great Telemarketing Professional?

Successful Telemarketer skills include:
Critical and Conflict resolution
Familiarity with your tools or computer software and your current telephoning systems
Remaining calm to handle pressure
Ability to multi-task while addressing customer inquiries and using CRM databases
Proper notations from all the calls they receive
Excellent top-notch communication and problem-solving skills
Proper usage of empathy pitches.

A massive majority of tasks are learned in the role itself and the role therefore requires more interpersonal skills, technical skills can be learned in no time.

How can I ensure quality when hiring an outsourced team from VA FLIX?
VA FLIX’s Human Resource Team or talent acquisition team works just as an in-house recruitment team would. They screen properly, interview the best applicants and test candidates to ensure all future customer service representatives for your business meet the needs and requirements as illustrated in your role briefs. With over 10 years of experience pioneering a new way of outsourcing, VA FLIX’s expertise is backed by being one of the largest and most experienced trusted offshoring providers in the Philippines – so quality will and never be a concern.

With a dedicated management team from VA fLIX or on the ground, working hand in hand with your employees in the Philippines, VA FLIX has vetted tons of professionals in operations who keep the communication between your business and your outsourced team streamlined. We also have operational departments to help your employees function very efficiently and productively.

“Now is the right time to Hire a Team of Customer Service Representatives and… Chill..”
How to Get Started With Your Own Customer Service Team from VA FLIX?
Business owners might be reserved about the process of outsourcing something as important as their Customer Service Roles to somebody else, we got that. But as it turns out, the process is really simple, safe, and secure. Here are the basic steps:

Fill-out the form or call +1 323 955 1001

Connect with Karen and John. This will help ensure that the reminder of the steps go smoothly.

Get paired with a VA. Before you think about training any executive Sales Virtual Assistant for your team, you will want to make sure you pair with one that has the skills and experience to handle everything you have for them..‍

Plug the team into your business. Let us know what kind/s of processes your team will be expecting to participate in, and make sure you have a document outlining some of the necessary steps for adapting to your company.

Do it the right way! VA FLIX will make sure they bring on an expert new Customer Service Representative who is familiar with your processes and able to get started with confidence on day one.

“Now is the right time to Hire a Team of Customer Service Representatives and… Chill..”