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Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?


Why You Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant / Telemarketer / Cold Caller from VA FLIX

Being involved in sales calls is never a passion for most business owners. Most business owners would rather focus their efforts on their existing customers than on attracting new ones. A virtual sales assistant or telemarketer can be a huge help to most of these entrepreneurs. A VA FLIX virtual sales assistant or telemarketer can work as a full-time employee in your sales process, assisting business owners with sales prospecting, administrative tasks, appointment setting, and lead generation.


What You Can Outsource to a Virtual Sales Assistant

 You might be wondering what tasks you can delegate to someone in this field. You’d be surprised and overwhelmed by how much you can delegate to a Telemarketer or Sales Virtual Assistant. Consider a Telemarketer or Sales Assistant to be a marketing assistant or someone working in your marketing department; they’re not only good at taking on tasks you’d rather not do, but they can do almost anything related to marketing and sales.

 Here are some specifics: 

  • CRM Skills.

Do you need to manage any customer relationship management software? You should absolutely outsource this to a knowledgeable Virtual Sales Assistant. You can delegate the responsibility to keep all customer entries up to date with the most recent information to the Virtual Assistant. You could also delegate the task of following up with clients you haven’t heard from in a while to your Virtual Assistant.

  • Telemarketing.

You might have a ton of leads that you’d like to contact! Sales calls require time and effort! This may not be something you enjoy doing, but it is often a necessary part of running a successful business. A Virtual Assistant can handle sales. You can hire a VA FLIX remote worker to make outgoing calls to businesses on your behalf. Telemarketers and sales callers are well-trained for any business-to-business or business-to-consumer calling campaign. We make certain that our professional remote callers have been thoroughly vetted. They even have a dedicated Remote Manager from VA FLIX to oversee their productivity (this is included in the VA FLIX package).

  • Outsourcing Marketing Strategy.

Is your marketing strategy disorganized? Business owners or Busy Entrepreneurs can outsource not only basic marketing duties or tasks but also strategic thought when it comes to running the sales team and making the sales process run smoothly. Virtual sales assistant services: If your current marketing team is in need of an assistant who can absorb the knowledge and basic processes of your most common marketing tasks, but also serve in an executive assistant or project management role, a virtual sales assistant can help.


How Do Virtual Sales Reps from VAFLIX Fit Into Your Organization?

Whether you want to hire a virtual assistant to join your sales team as a virtual sales representative or more of a virtual assistant, one question remains: what will it look like? What will your organization gain from working with a virtual sales assistant on a daily basis? In your spare time? Your ability to outperform others?

  • Sales Calls.

Calling a bunch of leads consumes a lot of effort and energy! Doing it yourself may cause you to overlook crucial aspects of your business. Hiring a salesperson to do it is a magical experience! A superstar telemarketer will not only save you time but will also bring in new customers for your company.

  • Streamlining of Standard or Basic Sales Duties.

Administrative tasks, such as social media management or data entry, do not need to be the sole responsibility of your sales team. A Virtual Assistant (VA) who provides adequate assistant services will handle these administrative tasks with a tiger eye on making them fit within the needs of your sales team. In other words, a good virtual assistant/telemarketer will handle administrative tasks in the manner required by a sales team.

  • Delegating CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

Tired of dealing with follow-ups? Are you contacting leads? Do you handle customer service yourself? There’s a reason you have CRM or customer relationship management software. If you’d rather focus on other aspects of your business, a virtual sales assistant can handle that for you.

  • Nurturing Leads While You Chill.

A VA FLIX virtual assistant provides all of the necessary sales support to ensure that your qualified leads make it through your sales funnel. You can delegate the nitty-gritty of sales to a fine virtual assistant from VA FLIX while you focus on the big picture for your business, from telemarketing / cold calling to follow up with these qualified leads.


Why Do You Need a Virtual Sales Assistant

Given all of these points above, I’m sure you’ve got questions in your head…  

  1. Why bother?
  2. Can’t you have all of the things mentioned above if you were to hire a full-time sales employee?
  3. Isn’t it better to have a full-time commitment of somebody who is physically present in the office?

We get it! Chill…

You’d be surprised at how VA FLIX works; it’s true that virtual assistants aren’t physically present, so they can’t bring you coffee! However, you may discover that the benefits of hiring one outweigh the needs and desires to have your assistant with you at the office.

Cost Wise. From a sales standpoint, it is definitely all about the bottom line. So how does hiring someone from VA FLIX can help you in the sales process and give a massive impact on that bottom line? It starts evaluating a virtual sales assistant in terms of cost. 

Ask yourself, how much are you paying your local employee? How much do you pay for taxes and benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is that you won’t have to commit to a virtual assistant like you would to a full-time local employee. You do not pay statutory benefits. You will not be charged anything to relocate them. You’re essentially hiring someone on an hourly basis. That’s all! That makes calculating the bottom line much easier as you assess the value of a virtual sales assistant who can assist you in closing deals much easier. These are excellent suggestions! If you can see a significant increase in the number of new clients coming in as a result of your Virtual Sales Assistant assistance, feel free to tip your VAs.

Flexibility. When you have a local full-time employee, do you know how much you’re committing to? If you’re not yet sure and you want to expand the number of people in your Slack channel, then skipping straight to a full-time employee hire can be a big step. A Sales Virtual Assistant gives you the flexibility to outsource your prospecting tasks without making a HUUUUGE commitment. Keep in mind that the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average cost of hire is about $30+ per hour— that includes unskilled workers who may know nothing about sales.

Some of the most complaints of anyone looking to add to their team — is one, the cost and number two, investment it takes to bring on a new employee— these are essentially washed away. When you factor in hidden costs like employee benefits, a virtual assistant hire is a very straightforward, simple way to add to your sales team.


How to Hire a Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX Today

Are you convinced? Then let’s get right into the process of adding a Virtual Sales Assistant who can help out and add a Rockstar to your sales department. Here are the easy steps to making sure you’ve got a great hire:

  1. Fill out the form or call us at +1 323 955 1001
  2. Connect with Karen and John. This will help ensure that the remainder of the steps goes smoothly.
    We don’t want you to hire just any virtual assistant because it’s a good idea to boost your team’s productivity. VA FLIX always ensures that you get the greatest fit possible! It’s critical that you match your individual needs with the skills and knowledge of a virtual assistant who will be assisting you. That’s exactly what you’ll do if you contact Karen and John (or even one of the VA FLIX Managers).
  3. Get paired with a Virtual Assistant. Before you start training any executive Sales Virtual Assistant for your team, you want to make sure you choose someone who has the skills and knowledge to manage everything you throw at them.
  4. Lastly, plug the virtual assistant into your company. Make sure you have a document outlining the necessary steps for the Virtual Assistant to adapt to your business and let them know what kinds of processes they can expect to engage in.

Do it the right way! VA FLIX will make sure they bring on an expert new VA who is familiar with your processes and able to get started with confidence on day one. 


With VA FLIX, you begin building your business while reducing your expenditures

  • Meet your amazing personal virtual assistant 
      • We’ll ask you a few questions so that we can match you with one of our virtual assistants as well as a backup assistant.
  • You Get All The Assistance You Need 
      • You will also have a VA FLIX Manager who will assist you in monitoring your Virtual Assistant and ensuring that they are productive enough. You won’t have to worry about paying the manager because you’ll only be paying your Virtual Assistant.
  • Create A Workflow 
        • VA FLIX empowers you to design a workflow that suits your needs. You’ll choose how to keep track of their time, communicate with them, monitor their productivity, and share files with your assistant. 
  • Start Working Your Game Plan
    • You can work with your personal Virtual Assistant from 8 PM to 5 PM in your local time. now!

“Now is the right  time to Hire an Assistant and… Chill..”

Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant from VA FLIX

VA FLIX understands that if you are hiring a virtual assistant for the first time, you may have additional questions. We understand! No need to worry, here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 

No need to worry, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:  You’ll be surprised to learn that the simple answer to that question is… a lot! But, since we don’t like to discuss these terms in general, let’s get specific. 

The majority of VA FLIX’s Virtual Assistants have extensive experience in the Call Center Industry in the Philippines. John and Karen have been working as sales assistants for decades and understand what it takes to be an effective telemarketer or sales assistant.

Your virtual sales assistant from VA FLIX can assist with: customer relationship management, customer support, prospecting, sales funnel management, leads management through social media, and believe me! There’s a lot more! The question is, what do you need your virtual sales assistant to do to add value to your sales team? When you know the answer to that question, you’re ready to move forward and meet a virtual assistant with that specific experience.


How do I get a Sales Virtual Assistant up and running? 

Look over our steps above to become acquainted with the VA FLIX process. If you already know you want to hire a virtual assistant, you can begin right away. All you need to do is create an onboarding document, which is essentially a simple overview of all the details and various types of tasks you expect virtual sales assistants to complete on a regular basis. In fact, as you work through these various processes with them, your first Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX may even assist you in creating the onboarding document. Following that, you may want to enter an evaluation period in which they take on.

What can’t a sales virtual assistant do? 

If you expect a virtual sales assistant to go around knocking on doors and selling for you, you will most likely be disappointed. A virtual sales assistant, on the other hand, can handle a wide range of tasks within your sales pipeline, including virtually anything you can do over the phone or via the Internet. Furthermore, your virtual sales assistant from VA FLIX can do this by devoting dedicated time to your project, no matter how big or small, whereas a full-time employee, would require breaks, lunch, and other perks. When a VA needs to log out, they can simply do so.

What tasks should I assign my Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX? 

Great Question! That really depends entirely on what your needs and wants are! Your VA FLIX Virtual Assistant can help you with routine sales tasks like customer service, customer relationship management, cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, and more. You can also delegate tasks that you would normally handle yourself, such as data entry, generating sales invoices, and updating your contacts. In short, your virtual assistant can do almost anything that you wouldn’t want to do yourself. Having more time for yourself while also dedicating time to others is magical, and you’ll find it rewarding.

What do I do if an assistant did something wrong? 

If you’re not comfortable giving negative feedback to your employees, your dedicated Manager from VA FLIX will do the coaching and pass the message on to your assistant so that your assistant will know what not to do next time — they learn how things work at your business.

Who should hire a VA? 

When you get to this point in the article, you may get the impression that a Virtual Assistant is only a luxury for businesses that are already growing and simply need to supplement their staff. To be honest, that’s only partially correct. However, you may be surprised to learn that a virtual assistant can be beneficial to C-level executives, freelancers, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs. There are no restrictions on who should hire a Virtual Assistant; it all depends on what you need to get done on a daily basis.

What traits work best for a sales virtual assistant?

Look for skills, experience, and adaptability; VA FLIX’s vetted Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, highly educated, easy to work with, and compassionate. Professionalism is essential, which is why we work so hard to match you with someone who can deliver all of the above. VA FLIX values culture and seeks a positive, professional, and upbeat presence for you.