Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant from VA FLIX

How cool is it to have an Executive Assistant? Having someone handling administrative duties, operating the phones, emails ,and making life easier for entrepreneurs running the business can easily be handled virtually! You don’t need to pay tons of dosh for taxes, benefits, and a high hourly rate for a local assistant. That’s right! You don’t have to worry about all this stuff! The only thing you need to worry about is WHERE you can hire an Executive Assistant. VAFLIX chooses the BEST Assistant for you, Our team from VAFLIX will not only focus on getting you a highly educated / skilled Virtual Assistant BUT also someone that you can work with easily or someone who understands your pain and has a good heart! (It can also be anywhere around the world) HOW COOL IS THAT! You don’t need to review piles of proposals, VAFLIX can do the trick!

What You Can Do with a Virtual Executive Assistant

The most accurate question might be: What are the things a Virtual Executive Assistant from VAFlix can’t do? If you hire a virtual executive assistant, you’ll be surprised how they can fulfill many of the same duties as an on-site executive assistant, including:
  • Administrative Tasks / Duties – Managing your calendar, organizing your files, trimming down your email inbox, answering all the calls coming in and directing phone calls – each of these are a few duties that no longer requires an on-site executive assistant! That’s right! Everything is done online, I mean, you don’t use a physical calendar and right stuff on the boxes to organize your schedule, all of us are using google calendar or any calendar connected online.\
  • Scheduling – Do you need an event planned? A personal or business Appointment scheduled on your behalf? You can delegate these small tasks to your Virtual Executive Assistant, your dedicated Virtual Assistant from VAFlix is always available whenever you need urgent appointments, let your Executive Assistant take that load off for you.
  • Specialized tasks – An Executive Virtual Assistant from VAFlix is trained and fully capable of handling the work your specific company needs. An example is virtual paralegal work that requires specialized certification.
  • Project management – A virtual executive assistant from VAFLIX can take on the work of a project manager, our clients always require specific experience with specific platforms and technical knowledge related to each project. VAFLIX can help coordinate team members via email/messaging platforms to guarantee that each notification, reminders, follow-ups, are being attended as necessary.
  • Writing and Editing – Need a once-over on a draft made? or an extra set of eyes for a presentation you’re going to show? A virtual executive assistant can work through these documents, there’s no need to worry about editing, your highly educated Virtual Assistant from VAFlix does the editing for you.
  • Office Management – A virtual executive assistant can carry out functions like bookkeeping, generating invoices, accounts payable/receivable, and even payroll.

Common Scenarios for the Virtual Executive Assistant

Let me guess, you’re still having troubles imagining how it will play out in your daily routine? Totally understandable, Here are a few scenarios that might help you provide a better picture.
  • Email & Calendar Management: Say you want to schedule a meeting with your team, but it also requires getting remote workers on the same page. Instead of you playing tag on your email inbox all day with multiple parties, you can delegate this work to a virtual executive assistant to get everyone on the same schedule! YES! That EASY, with an assistant managing your inbox and calendar, you’ll never have to worry about emails being not responded – all emails are attended in a timely manner, and if an email needs your urgent attention, no worries! Your Executive Virtual Assistant will notify you about it!
  • Phone Support: You want to minimize distractions, As business owners you don’t want to ignore any client calls! Having a phone system that directs incoming phone calls to your virtual executive assistant means you won’t have to step away from work to make a client feel valued. Your Virtual Assistant won’t miss any phone calls (whether it is a client call or a personal call)
  • Data Entry & Finance Tasks: We all know that year-end planning gets in the way of spending more time and energy for the holidays, and it includes some of the tasks that you don’t like to do: Tasks like data entry, expense reports, following up with tons of client calls and more. Outsourcing these types of work to a virtual assistant not only removes one of the major chores of running a business, but helps ensure that you have more available time for the things you’d love doing and get all the time you need for your family!
  • Signs you need a Virtual Executive Assistant from VAFLIX It is so difficult to argue that an Executive Virtual Assistant would not make your life running a business with no stress! How can you tell when you’re ready to hire an assistant from VAFLIX? What are the signs you’re sorely in need of a virtual executive assistant yourself?

Virtual vs. Hiring: The Advantages

For most businesses, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a super affordable alternative to hiring an employee locally. Not only does it mean avoiding the very expensive benefits of having a full-time employee on your payroll, but it also offers logistical advantages: truth be told! You do not have to rely on a virtual assistant anywhere near your office. Having a Virtual Assistant also means you can decouple your work from your location. Instead of relying on an assistant who’s tethered to a desk, you can easily delegate workload to a remote location, In some cases, that even means having a virtual assistant work on your projects while you enjoy your sleep!  

Saving Money

How much would it cost to keep an employee around? The average cost to business owners was $36.61 per hour in June of 2019. That $36.61 is a total cost of $25 in average hourly pay and $11.48 for employee benefits! In other words, having a LOCAL Full-time employee is a FORTUNE!! You can save money from hiring a FULL-TIME Virtual Assistant that can do exactly what a local assistant would do (except bringing you coffee!) – hiring a Virtual Assistant from VAFLIX can help you save as much as 70% on operating costs annually! AND With a virtual assistant from VAFLIX, you won’t be expected to pay the benefits! It comes down to a simple transaction, THE HOURS WORKED!  

Getting More Done

While your business is growing, you will eventually run into a wall: you only have limited hours in the day. No matter how hard you work, truth be told – you can’t get around this fact! Businesses only grow once they understand they can expand their productive capability by hiring someone to help you. Not only does hiring a Virtual Assistant add to the total package of your business, but it makes the hours you spend in the office more efficient! Being efficient is vague, I know. Some specific ways you can use a Virtual Assistant from VAFLIX to enhance the way you do business are the following –
  • IMPROVING COMMUNICATION – Having your very own Virtual Assistant from VAFLIX serve as a point of contact for multiple people will not only make it easier to get remote employees together but they can also improve communication even at large companies with plenty of on-site workers.
  • IMPROVING FOLLOW-UPS – When your business grows, the number of clients will also increase! One of the hardest things to do is to follow-up with potential clients and good leads! Not only is there too much to keep track of the calls coming in but your email inbox can become a maze of unfinished conversations. Having someone do it for you (*cough* from VAFLIX) will be a major boost to your productivity and ability to stay in touch.

How to Get Started with Your Virtual Executive Assistant from VAFLIX

I know what you’re thinking! I’m sure you understand that a virtual assistant is a great way to improve your efficiency and help your business grow — not to mention improving your day-to-day experience. The only question is, what’s next?
  1. Fill-out the form or Call us at +1 323 955 1001
  2. Connect with Karen and John. This will help ensure that the reminder of the steps go smoothly.We don’t want you to just hire any old virtual assistant, just because it’s a good idea to add some help to your team. VA FLIX Make sure you get the someone who they think is the best fit! It is really important that you precisely match your specific needs with the skills and experience of a virtual sales assistant to help. By getting in touch with Karen and John (or even with one of the VA FLIX Managers), that’s exactly what you’ll do.
  3. Get paired with a VA. Before you think about training any executive Sales Virtual Assistant for your team, you will want to make sure you pair with one that has the skills and experience to handle everything you have for them..‍
  4. Plug the VA into your business. Let the Virtual Assistant know what kinds of processes they’ll be expecting to participate, and make sure you have a document outlining some of the necessary steps for adapting to your company.

Do it the right way! VA FLIX will make sure they bring on an expert new VA who is familiar with your processes and able to get started with confidence on day one.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Virtual Executive Assistants from VAFLIX:

What separates a Virtual Executive Assistant from any other virtual assistant?

A Virtual Executive Assistant from VAFLIX needs to possess a high level of necessary communication skills to handle all the duties of an executive assistant remotely! Typically, like what a local Executive Assistant can do.

What does a Virtual Assistant can offer?

Virtual Executive Assistants come with a wide range of experiences and skill sets. An Executive Virtual Assistant should be able to handle management a normal office life. Our vetted Executive Virtual Assistants are proficient enough to handle bookkeeping tasks, data entry, email management , dealing with client phone calls and so much more! Moreover, an Executive Virtual Assistant should have Excellent Communication Skills and is able to adapt enough to adjust the way you manage your business seamlessly.

What does an Executive Virtual Assistant need to get started?

Virtual Assistants will need to know how to perform their most frequent daily tasks for you (in an efficient way). You can help out by giving instructions over a video conference meeting (zoom, google meet or any other platforms), have them get a copy of your employee handbook or even a brief document that explains some of the essential functionalities you’ll expect them to know. You will also need to make sure that your Virtual Assistant has all the appropriate log-ins and permissions to your files or current tools you need them to access. If you’re uncomfortable of sharing these access to your Virtual Assistant, you may want to compile all passwords into “LastPass” a password vault where all passwords are secured and encrypted (Virtual Assistants wouldn’t have to know what the password is but they need your shared passwords via LastPass to give them the ability to login)

What kinds of tasks should I delegate to my Virtual Executive Assistant?

The most common tasks are communicating with clients (via Phone Calls, Emails) , data entry, bookkeeping , daily reports , personal tasks e.g travel arrangements, personal appointments etc. The best question for you is… “What are some business activities that you don’t like doing?” – You should delegate tasks that are taking a lot of your time and energy, for example: e.g If you have tons of phone calls coming in, client emails that need your attention, or piles of encoding jobs that you don’t have time to do, you can easily give instructions to your Virtual Executive Assistant and have the assistant take over that aspect of your daily routine! This is a very important way to free up your time.

What if the Virtual Assistant gets something wrong?

Prior to having the Virtual Assistant start working with their daily duties, you have to make sure that your assistant understands all the instructions you’ve provided (whether the information was given via google meet or zoom) – it will also be good to have a recorded version of every zoom meetings so the assistant can easily go back and see what was missed. The more experienced they are in how your company works , the more efficient they’ll be. Keep in mind that your Executive Virtual Assistant/s from VAFLIX will continue to learn and adapt as long as you communicate and openly provide feedback. They’ll perform better over time as you give them the necessary feedback to use for growth.