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The Dos And Don’ts For Podcast Production Companies

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Creating a podcast from scratch is a challenging task that requires a significant time and financial commitment. However, if done correctly, it has the potential to bring in significant profits. Finding a reliable production firm is essential to the success of businesses that want to develop their own television series. They may serve as your partner for the whole of your podcasting adventure, preparing you for success and providing audio expertise as your show expands.

However, it might be challenging to determine what aspects are most important to consider when selecting a podcast production firm. Producing a high-quality podcast requires a lot of work, including planning, writing, acquiring the necessary equipment, recording, editing, publishing, marketing, and analysis of the finished product. Therefore, in this blog post, we will discuss the characteristics that should be included in an ideal partner.

Keep reading for our list of the top ten things you should and should not look for when choosing a firm to produce your podcast!

1. They DO prioritize strategy

It is important to have a well-thought-out plan in place before you commit resources, such as time and money, to your podcast. Any legitimate production business should be able to provide clients with a detailed strategic plan to ensure that all parties are on the same page about the company’s goals and the path forward.

The strategy needs to encompass many areas of your show, such as a list of the possible chances you may exploit with your podcast, a defined target audience, an awareness of brand and voice, a clear point of view, and so on.

2. They DON’T just take your word 

Your production firm needs to begin working on themes for podcasts as soon as a plan that has been carefully considered is put into action. Usually, a brand will come to the table with a specific idea in mind. However, if you’re working with a quality production company, their job is to make suggestions that would help you refine and improve your initial concept. If you’re working with a quality production company, you should expect them to do this.

To achieve their ultimate goal of producing the finest podcast possible, the proper partners will be prepared to criticize the client’s ideas.

3. They DO help source/train a host 

A podcast may be hosted by anybody, but it’s not easy to become a good one that people want to listen to again and again. Your production business should be aware of how important an outstanding host is. Frequently, corporations will want to employ a voice from inside their organization as their presenter in order to not only promote awareness but also display their level of knowledge of the subject matter.

Your podcast production company should assist in working with the host to ensure that they are both comfortable and captivating whenever they sit in front of that microphone. This is true regardless of whether you are bringing someone from within your company forward or whether you are sourcing an external host.

4. They DON’T expect you to record the audio 

Your firm should be aiding you in the process of audio recording regardless of what it is that you need specifically from a podcast production company in order to meet your needs. This is most certainly a service provision that you should be looking for when it comes to production businesses that provide a comprehensive range of services.

The location of the recording sessions might vary from business to business, with some taking place in physical studios while others taking place online using services like

5. They DO provide podcasting equipment  

If the podcast production firm that you choose to deal with already has a studio in your area or if they are able to bring a studio to you (yes, this is something that many people do!), then a significant amount of the strain will be alleviated. The recording studio will provide a wide variety of services and will provide all of the equipment necessary to record a high-quality podcast for its clients.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with an agency that is entirely remote, they will normally either offer you information on the equipment that you need to acquire or they will actually send you the appropriate microphones, headphones, and so on. This is the standard procedure.

6. They DON’T outsource project management 

In order to be considered competent, a podcast agency has to possess great project management abilities. They need to present you with detailed timeframes as well as budgets so that you are aware of what to anticipate. It is important to construct your budget according to the specific requirements of your podcast, which may include the use of original music, remote or in-studio recording, episode length, etc.

It is essential for a show to have a capable project manager since this not only helps to keep things on track but also enables you to maintain a regular release schedule for the show. In addition to this, it serves as a point of contact, which ensures that you are aware of who to speak to inside the agency at any given time should you have any questions or issues.

7. They DO have post-production capabilities  

Since post-production is where the magic occurs, it is a good idea to look for a podcast production firm that has strong talents in post-production. This includes everything from editing to recording intros and outros for the podcast. If you work with a reputable podcast firm, they will streamline the production process and take care of the details for you.

They will provide a full-spectrum crew that is equipped with all of the talents necessary to create a high-quality television series. Producing, writing, creative directing, engineering, and editing are all positions that should typically be filled on their team.

8. They DON’T expect you to distribute 

In order to have a successful podcast, you will also need to distribute it extensively throughout the many main podcast sites. Your podcast production firm needs to be able to provide a hand in ensuring that your program is appropriately structured and delivered in the appropriate manner. It is essential that your program is not only accessible on large platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google, but also on all of the other platforms, even the ones with less well-known names.

In most cases, agencies will have podcast hosting platforms that they suggest you use, or it will simply be a fee that is included in your total pricing structure. In any case, once the episode has been created, the process should be managed by your agency from that point on.

9. They DO help you market and promote the podcast  

A successful podcast relies heavily on its marketing efforts in addition to its distribution. Your production firm should be well-versed in all of the many marketing tactics that will help you get your podcast in front of your target audience. These strategies can be found in a variety of places on the internet. There is no denying the importance of social media to this. There are also a great deal of other methods of promotion, such as audiograms, search engine optimization (SEO), utilizing other podcasts, live events, collateral, public relations, paid media sales and buys, guest co-promotions, and relationships with major directories such as Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Before you choose a firm, you should make sure that they can provide a case study that shows all of the many ways that they will advertise your show so that it may reach a large number of people. This service is not as common among production businesses, but it is definitely a feature to look for if you are seeking aid with the expansion of your business.

In addition, you need to be on the lookout for characteristics in your podcast agency that demonstrate they are prepared to be innovative and experiment with different methods of marketing with you. Because the field of branded podcasts is still in its infancy, there is no tried-and-true method for achieving expansion. There are instances when the only thing that is required is to be inventive with your marketing and to get your podcast in front of the appropriate audience.

10. They DON’T skip over data analysis   

As soon as your podcast is available to the public, your organization needs to be able to make sense of performance data and use it so as to speed up development. Data and analytics give insightful information, which a good agency will utilize to guide creative or strategic moves that bring you one step closer to achieving the objectives of your show.

When looking to hire a firm that produces podcasts, the following are the top ten things that you should and should not look for. A branded podcast is a significant investment, and as such, it is not something you should approach flippantly.

Therefore, it is important to invest the time and effort required to choose a firm that not only shares your vision and is familiar with your brand but also has all of the talents necessary to ensure the success of your event.

It is important to keep in mind that a remarkable agency ought to act as your professional counselor, collaborator, and guide through each and every stage of this procedure. You should get in touch with the staff at VA FLIX if you are seeking one that will be on your side.

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Podcasting Made Simple with VA FLIX

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply press the record button, wait a few days (sometimes as little as 24 hours), and then publish and deliver a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to your audience? No worries!  You definitely can!

VA FLIX partners with professionals, busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and top brands to have professionally done podcasts in the most convenient way.

VA FLIX Podcast Productions’ dedicated team will not only take the hard work of post-production off your busy hands but will also relieve you of stress and help you grow your show and connect with your audiences. Our podcast editing service is operated by our own team of millennial audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers who handle every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode.

You literally only have to record your episode and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s the simplest way to explain the service. We do the real hard work while you chill.

Your team at VA FLIX is a group of skilled professionals that offers:


  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting.

We’ll first talk about what your podcasting challenges are, what you have tried so far, VA FLIX will discuss the things that you want to happen and how we can help you in leveraging your podcast to achieve your goals.

  • Quality Assurance Check Before we Publish.

Your dedicated team will ensure your audio, show notes, artwork and scheduling are ready to publish.

  • Audio editing and production.

Basic form editing or advanced multiple-track compilations, we’ve got you covered.

  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords for SEO.

Basic or advanced show notes writing services. Whether you need a new blog post or an essay. We write a brief summary and organize notes.

  • Video Editing.

Whether you need basic video editing or advanced editing with an effects-driven show, we can help.

  • Marketing Services.

We create or revamp your new or current podcast cover art for your podcast channel, we even personalize cover arts per episode, we’ll also include episodic artwork, media direction, marketing assets, or a new website. We’re happy to include Motion graphics for social media promotion

  • Audio Leveling & Proper ID3 Keyword Tagging.

Polished and mastered audio files that fit the podcast standards.

  • Transcribe your episode (for the all-in-one package).

Our services are intended to be as easy to use as PLUG-N-PLAY. You literally only need to record, and VA FLIX will do the rest. Podcast hosts are relieved that they now have more freedom to focus on the content and connect with their audiences, while we work on the other difficult aspects of podcasting.

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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