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4 Ways A Branded Podcast Boosts Corporate Culture

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Examine different approaches, methods, and points of view about the usage of branded podcasts by businesses to improve the culture of their organizations. Take some time right now to read our four suggestions.

If you work in marketing, you’ve definitely heard that the podcast business continues to expand from year to year, whether that growth is measured in listeners, advertising dollars, or the number of new podcasts that are being produced.

People are increasingly listening to podcasts as a source of entertainment, information, and education. Podcasts provide a platform for businesses to:

  • Boost awareness 
  • Educate audiences 
  • Drive engagement 
  • Increase loyalty
  • Shape brand perception 

In the modern day, it is common knowledge that a company must have a website, a social media presence, and maybe a blog. What we’ve begun to see is that podcasts are slowly but surely becoming a vital communication tool in the armory of modern-day marketing as well.

The immense value that a branded podcast delivers to a company, both on the outside and the inside, is beginning to sink in for an increasing number of businesses. It is one of the most efficient methods to present information, ideas, as well as the vision and values of your firm, to potential clients.

It is common for companies to just consider the external advantages of incorporating podcasts into their marketing department when thinking about how to do so. This includes how the podcast will affect their target audience, customers, and other suppliers. Podcasts, on the other hand, have the potential to have a significant effect on the internal culture of a company.

Continue reading to get an understanding of the four ways in which branded podcasts may directly contribute to boosting your company’s culture.

1. Create Connection Between Employees and the Brand 

It’s common knowledge that telling a tale is one of the most effective methods to communicate your point of view and provide substance to an idea, product, or service you’re trying to sell. Because of the more personal character of audio storytelling formats, like as podcasts, the messages conveyed by these types of narratives have the potential to have an even longer-lasting impact on both consumers and workers.

Podcasts with your business’s branding not only help workers connect more closely with the work of the firm, but they also assist employees better grasp the challenges the organization is attempting to overcome and provide insight into the vision.

When workers are able to connect with you and when everyone is clear on the objective and the goals as a group, this leads to a stronger corporate culture since everyone has a comparable North Star.

2. Attract Quality Talent 

Podcasts with a company brand may also be used to entice prospective employees. They provide potential workers with an understanding of the company’s personality, culture, missions, and values. They may investigate the reasons why they would be interested in working for your organization, and they can also learn more about the people who hold leadership positions there!

Podcasts not only provide listeners with the knowledge they want, but also create the impression that the firm is approachable, modern, and open. In addition to assisting in the recruitment of suitable candidates, recruiting high-quality personnel via podcasts contributes to the ongoing development of a robust internal corporate culture by bringing together individuals who share a same worldview in collaborative endeavors.

It’s possible that recruiting might be one of the goals of your branded podcast. You may generate quality material that is targeting job titles that you are wanting to employ, even if it may be difficult to assess its effectiveness.

3. Encourage Engagement Through a Private, Internal Podcast

Branded podcasts have the potential to be positioned in such a manner that they directly demonstrate your company’s knowledge. Typically, these podcasts take the shape of interviews or discussions with corporate executives, experts, and team members.

This may be accomplished via the use of an external podcast; but, if the culture of the company is your major concern, an internal podcast that is only accessible to staff is essential.

Some examples of internal podcast formats include the following:

  1. Focus on employee/company updates. Develop a show for your firm in which employees may provide significant updates, successes, and observations. It is possible to invite workers to submit in questions for leadership to address before to the episode in order to achieve an even higher level of employee involvement. Depending on the scale of the organization, this may be handled as either a single podcast for the whole brand or as podcasts specialized to certain departments.
  2. Focus on education. Education doesn’t only have to be a goal for people on the outside; it can also be a focus on the inside of an organization. Whether you are instructing workers on the industry that your business operates in or on topics particular to their area (such as marketing, sales, HR, operations, etc.), you should provide them with hints, suggestions, and advice on how they may increase their level of knowledge and skill. Bring subject matter experts from each department onto the podcast so they may provide their perspectives if you want to engage staff even further.
  3. Focus on life outside of work. It’s possible that some of your staff members are participating in a fundraising event for a cause that’s near and dear to them, giving their time at a local charity, or running a marathon this weekend. Your branded podcast may include a segment that focuses on work that workers have done outside of the scope of their normal responsibilities. The employees will be appreciative of the chance and will be eager to see the program once it is shown live. Because of this, they would also spread the news to their coworkers and urge them to listen to it as well. Keep in mind that humans are social creatures, and it’s important to recognize that showcasing unique abilities contributes to the creation of a healthy work atmosphere from the inside out.

4. Build Thought Leadership & Pride

Your branded podcast might be communicating with internal workers as well as the rest of the world to discuss current trends, insights, and recommendations pertaining to your field of expertise. Create content that is valuable to your audience and position yourself or your company as a thought leader by putting your attention on how you can give value to everyone who contributes to your project.

People feel a sense of pride in their employment at a firm when that company’s products or services, such as a podcast, are seen as being on the leading edge of their respective fields. The accumulation of these factors contributes to the formation of a vibrant, upbeat, connected, and invigorated corporate culture.

You’ll know you’ve struck the jackpot if your branded podcast is something that your workers are pleased to share with their networks and thrilled to share with others. This not only functions as a strategy for promoting your podcast but also generates virality around the material you produce, which is a nice additional plus.

The Importance of Creating Content for Corporate Culture

Since the outbreak, many businesses and their workers throughout the globe are finding it difficult to adapt to the new normal. Companies need to continue to think of innovative and creative methods to interact with their workforce, remain connected, and demonstrate empathy for their workers in light of the fact that working from home is increasingly leading to a hybrid working style.

Podcasts have the ability to do this in a manner that almost no other conventional media can. Your company’s culture may develop and flourish in a genuine manner with the assistance of branded podcasts, regardless of whether the podcast is aimed within or outwards.

Get in contact with the staff at VA FLIX if you are thinking about finding out more information or beginning your very own branded podcast.

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  • Marketing Services.

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Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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