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From a Professional Stewardess in a Cruise Ship and an Overseas Filipino Worker turned Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

005- Celeste Alcazar, From a Professional Stewardess in a Cruise Ship and an Overseas Filipino Worker turned Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

– Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast with Karen Po and John Marzan Episode 004 Celeste Alcazar

Celeste Alcazar , an advertising graduate who found her passion in the service/ hospitality industry. She started working abroad in the year 2007 working for a hotel in Doha, Qatar and launched her shipboard career for an international cruise ship in 2009. She also has working experience as a customer service representative for big call center companies in the Philippines handling product and services support.

Through the years she was able to work with different nationalities and made that as an advantage to work for international clients/ customers. Since the pandemic started she wanted to take each opportunity that comes her way and have always believed that learning doesn’t stop. She now works for a Real Estate Broker in the US as a Virtual assistant and makes each day count to learn new things from the people she works with and from this ever-challenging industry.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

1. Her life as of an OFW before the pandemic hits
2. How she adapt things in working outside country
3. How she started as a Virtual Assistant when the pandemic started
4. How she adjusted her lifestyle from being an OFW to a Virtual Assistant
5. Her challenges entering the VA industry.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assitant.

– They’re transcendental. They’ve overcome their humanity. So you can expect them to be ready at all times. No need to worry about employee welfare at all.

– They’re a master at being a jack of all trades. Everything and anything you need to boost your business while you relax and chill.

– They are Highy trained to fit to your specifics and business needs.

– They have unlimited headspace that you can assign tasks anytime you want. Surely, the reason why they have their task lists are getting smaller is because they are asking for more. They manage their time well to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

– The creative process becomes a myth to content creation and graphic design VAs.

– They definitely love being super productive every single day. So don’t hold yourself back from fully utilizing them to grow your business.

– They’re not bothered that the greatest advantage of hiring a VA is because they are a cheaper alternative to in-house personnel. They just think it’s the way capitalism works.

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