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How Virtual Assistants Can Help Build Virtual Sales Teams

How essential are sales? Some refer to the sales department as the “lifeblood” of an organization. Without sales money, your firm will be unable to invest in the other factors that contribute to its success. Without fresh sales to attract customers and new business, you are trapped in “prospecting” mode, with little time for anything other than maximizing profits.

However, you may not always have time to manage sales.

What should a company leader do, given the significance of sales yet the paucity of resources essential to engage in it? We suggest that you explore a virtual sales staff.

More on Virtual Sales Teams with Virtual Assistants

Using virtual assistants inside a sales team allows for more time to concentrate on business since remote employees are responsible for bringing in new customers.

Here are some reasons why you may need to transfer your sales responsibilities:

  • Cold calling. According to statistics, it may take up to eight calls to reach a prospect. Even if spending so much time on a prospect might eventually benefit the firm, the owner of a company simply does not have the time to commit to such a large amount of labor. You can only be in a limited number of locations at once.
  • Following up. According to another study, 30 to 50 percent of revenues often go to the company that reacts to demand first. This implies that even if you don’t have the greatest product or the lowest pricing, your ability to follow up with a lead or recognize a need is often decisive. And it is difficult to do the essential study and work for such a plan if you are occupied with other tasks.
  • Timing. Let’s imagine you don’t want to get up at 5 a.m. to send emails to prospects in your target time zone who may be checking their inboxes. Virtual team members may be able to assist you with this. For instance, many prospects, for instance, like to check emails in the wee hours of the morning; if you don’t want to get up at that hour, you have just two alternatives: email automation or delegation. Sometimes both simultaneously.

All sorts of business entrepreneurs must accept the reality that they cannot be in two locations at once. You must utilize your time so that your firm can manage both lead creation and the essential task of delivering on customer commitments.

It is possible to delegate your sales process to a virtual assistant. This is why.

Why a Virtual Sales Team Can Work with Virtual Assistants

Did you know that 92% of customer contacts now take place over the phone? In the 21st century, it is no longer necessary for the sales process to take place in person, contrary to common belief. Sales may occur via the telephone, the Internet, or even over email.

According to certain data, the higher up the corporate ladder you are, the more buyers prefer to converse over the phone. That implies that if you target the correct decision-makers in your sales funnel, your virtual sales may be more effective.

In this era of social alienation, your sales staff does not need to be comprised of individuals who are continuously on the road. While you focus on the company itself, a virtual sales crew may do the following tasks:

  • Writing impactful sales emails. The typical person deletes about half of the daily emails they receive. If someone believes that an email is extremely “sales,” you can rest certain that they will immediately delete it without even considering your goods.
  • Placing phone calls. Whether you need to follow up with a prospective lead who filled out a form on your website or you need someone to make cold calls on your behalf, phone calls will continue to play a vital role in doing business in the age of COVID and beyond. This does not require sales personnel to be physically present in your workplace.
  • Creating a sales funnel. Not all sales are conducted face-to-face. If you have an excellent sales funnel in place, you may continue to create fresh leads with inbound marketing. This is also an excellent method for investing in your remote sales crew. Before choosing to continue further, you might have them build a sales funnel and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Utilizing social selling tools. Did you realize that in certain businesses, social selling influences fifty percent of revenue?

To conclude, let’s consider what a salesperson’s typical day may look like. Too frequently, company owners believe that salespeople must be physically present in front of the customer to have any influence.

However, data indicates that this is not the case. Approximately one-third of a salesperson’s day may be spent communicating with prospects. 21 percent of the day is devoted to email, 17 percent to data entry, 17 percent to lead generation and research, and 12 percent to internal meetings.

Not only are these jobs suitable for the era of social distance, but a virtual sales assistant may easily do them from the comfort of their own home. It is not always necessary to engage a traveling sales staff to generate new business. We live in a digital world. If you want your firm to flourish, you must adapt to this new reality.

Why Not Hire Full-Time?

Certainly, it would be ideal if your full-time employees consistently generated new revenue. However, this is the twenty-first century. Employment is in flux. And so are the paradigms that not only make sales feasible but also facilitate them.

Consider all aspects of the full-time hiring process. Advantages packages Retirement. Payroll expenses. Expensive HR additions Even if none of these factors are considered, remember that giving someone a wage sometimes entails exorbitant sums of money for just two or three hours of meaningful labor every day.

That is not the approach to constructing a formidable sales force.

There are a few benefits to hiring full-time, including face-to-face meetings. Today, however, more and more businesses are transitioning to entirely remote operations. Even before the COVID outbreak, several businesses were completely isolated. They proved that not only is it feasible to develop a business culture in a completely remote setting, but it is also possible to do it successfully. Is it not worth researching whether you can save money and increase the quality of your virtual sales team without depending on a full-time hire?

The money saved may make it worthwhile. According to Best of Budgets, employing a virtual assistant may save annual operational expenses by over 80 percent. If you can produce high-quality leads and sales with a virtual sales crew while cutting expenses, you have a plan for achieving sustainable development.

It is not necessary to be a Fortune 500 firm with a substantial marketing budget to develop a successful sales team. You must simply know where to locate qualified virtual assistants.

But nothing occurs until action is taken. Therefore, we have simplified the procedure for hiring your first virtual salesman into a few critical phases. It need not be daunting, and it can be accomplished in a low-risk manner while you get your finances in order.

How to Get Started with VA FLIX Today

Are you prepared to start? We have broken down the procedure into the following steps:

  • Sign up to VA FLIX. That is all! Just dip your toes into the water by creating an account. You will then notice how simple it is to proceed to the following stages. But if you do nothing else today, you should consider registering for VA FLIX and initiating the procedure.
  • Succeed. This is a shorthand method of indicating that a staffing manager will contact you at the next stage in our procedure. They will aid you in considering everything necessary to choose the most qualified assistant for your virtual sales force.
  • Select. Now that your objectives for your first hire are established, make your pick. Who is the best candidate for the position, and what skills can they instantly contribute?
  • Onboard. The onboarding procedure may be as basic as giving your new assistant a paper outlining the company’s particular working conditions.

That is all. Scheduling many rounds of interviews and preparing offer letters to applicants is less onerous. Just sign up and get started.

With VA FLIX, You Can Start Growing Your Business and Cutting Costs.


1. Meet your assistant

We will ask you certain questions in order to pair you with a virtual assistant and a backup helper.

2. Create a workflow

Our platform empowers you to design a workflow that complements your lifestyle. You decide how to record time, interact with your helper, and exchange files.

3. Start delegating

You can talk to your virtual assistant from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your own time zone. Start giving tasks to other people and grow as you need to.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About a Virtual Sales Team

Still not convinced by the concept of a virtual sales team? Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about outsourcing your sales to a virtual assistant.

What if I already have a sales operation in place?

Good! If it’s functioning, you can simply plug in extra resources to increase your sales capacity. A virtual sales staff may immediately integrate into a current sales process, saving the team time and effort. For some businesses, understanding how to expand without hiring additional full-time staff makes a virtual workforce the best option.

Does a virtual sales team work for B2B sales?

There’s no reason it can’t. In fact, many of the processes with which a virtual sales team may be familiar are well-suited for B2B sales: prospecting, identifying leads, working with an inbound sales funnel, scheduling product demonstrations, and even pitching over the phone. A skilled virtual sales assistant can handle it all.

Why don’t I just hire salespeople who work on commission?

It is possible, and it frequently works. But if it were so simple, why haven’t you completed it yet? Consider that a virtual sales team is a simple method to recruit someone on an hourly basis. Thus, they will also be working on your existing systems. They are not just attempting to boost sales without concern for how it may affect your current company operations. A professional virtual sales assistant can manage and even enhance your sales environment via the procedures they bring to the table.

What if I don’t need a full-time virtual assistant?

Great! The advantage of working with a virtual sales crew is that you do not need to recruit full-time. People who are new to dealing with a virtual assistant are often advised to “dip their toes in the water.” If you are unfamiliar with the process of developing a sales team, this is an excellent starting point. You just pay for the hours of labor you get, which means you are not obligated to a full-time employee’s schedule.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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