The Best Reasons to Use Social Media to Promote Your Company

The Best Reasons to Use Social Media to Promote Your Company

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According to a report that was released not too long ago by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are currently more than 3 billion people using social networks all across the internet. And if you believe what Hootsuite has to say, a greater number of people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities. Just on Instagram, eighty percent of users are following at least one business account.

However, for some unknown reason, when owners of small businesses think about managing the social media accounts associated with their companies, they groan, they come up with reasons why they can’t, and sometimes they just don’t do it at all.

Marketing your business on social media need not be intimidating in any way. In addition, its significance to your company cannot be overstated.

The following is a list of some of the most significant advantages that can be gained by utilizing social media for your small business:

1. It’s a simple way to get your brand seen by everyone.

People in today’s world are wary of entering new establishments until they have all of the information they need to make an informed decision. These individuals will have a better understanding of your company and will be able to determine if it is a location they are interested in visiting as a result of having social media accounts that are kept up to date.

3. It’s inexpensive

The vast majority of marketing strategies require financial investment. However, marketing your business on social media can be done for very little to no cost at all while still producing significant results for your company. You can use social media to reach new potential customers on a daily basis if you have a plan, use hashtags that are relevant to your business, and a number of other things.

3. It keeps your company at the forefront of people’s minds

How often do you find that after viewing a post on social media, you end up making a purchase or going to a physical location as a direct result of what you saw? Probably more times than you realize.

Here’s an illustration of what I mean: when the menu at my neighborhood coffee shop updates with the specials for the day and I see that they are offering my all-time favorite grilled cheese sandwich (with every kind of cheese imaginable on it), I make a decision about whether or not I will get that sandwich for lunch that day.

Your ability to create top-of-mind awareness for your brand is directly proportional to the frequency with which you post on social media.

4. It can help you generate leads

This one is directed toward companies that provide a service. At the moment, the two social networks where service-based businesses generate the greatest number of new leads are Instagram and Linkedin. If you share your brand and expertise in a way that makes people think, “I could totally use this service,” then you’ll find that social media does half of the work for you. In other words, people will think, “I could totally use this service.”

5. It can help you generate more web traffic

Although this is no longer the case for every company, it is still the case for the majority of small businesses that having traffic to your website is an absolute requirement, particularly if you sell your goods or services through your website. If this is the case for your company, you should ensure that your social media platforms do not serve as a substitute for your website but rather add to the functionality of the latter.

Make sure your social media posts drive the users that read them back to your website so they have the opportunity to learn more about you and your business.

6. It’s a way to find new content

It’s a common complaint we hear from people who run their own companies: coming up with enough content to share on social media each day can be challenging. However, one of the most beneficial aspects of social media is that it enables customers to contribute content on their own.

Put up signs all over your establishment informing customers that you are interested in the photographs they take while they are there and would like to see them. Ask them to use a particular hashtag or tag you in the photos. After that, you can make use of the content that you didn’t have to spend the time producing in the majority of instances.

A useful piece of advice is to check that you are giving credit to the person who initially created the content that you use in every instance.

7. You can communicate quickly

Something will inevitably come up in the life of a small business owner that they have no control over. You can let your followers know that you might have to close up shop or that you might not be able to speak with them directly during their visit if you use social media to communicate this information to them. By using social media, you can let your followers know that you might need to close, or that you might not be able to speak with them directly during their visit.

8. You can keep an eye on the competition

It is essential to your success as a business owner to stay abreast of what your rivals are doing. Make use of social media to keep up with the activities of other companies operating in the same region or sector as your own.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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