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How to Use Your B2B Podcast to Generate Leads.

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Podcasts are an effective strategy for generating leads for B2B companies. Continue reading if you already own a show to discover how to make the most of it and get the most bang for your buck. Do you not yet own one? You’re missing out, and we’ll show you why that’s the case. You will gain the knowledge necessary to broaden your audience, solidify your position as a thought leader, and network with influential new contacts. Do not pass up the opportunity to create leads for your company via podcasting, as it has the potential to be an exceedingly efficient method.

Everyone is aware that a podcast needs a solid and strategic foundation, but very few are aware of what precisely that foundation should look like. A podcast is more than simply chatting into the void and crossing your fingers that your audience will discover them. It provides a chance to develop connections with your audience and engage with them on a more profound level than any other sort of material does.

Taking everything into consideration, a podcast is the most personal kind of content marketing there is. It is you, speaking unscripted and in your own voice, straight to the person who is listening to you. They can pick up on the intensity in your tone, and they are able to determine whether or not you are being sincere. This is a great chance for you to earn the confidence of your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in the sector in which you operate. However, the planning stage is when everything begins.

Your plan for developing a podcast for business-to-business should be based on these three pillars: value, community, and authority. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these options.


It is essential that each and every segment of your podcast provides something of value to the audience. This might take the shape of interviews with prominent figures in the field, hints and suggestions from subject matter experts, or case studies that demonstrate how your product or service has contributed to the success of other companies. Make sure that whatever it is, it is something that will assist the individual in question in expanding their company. Your audience will not tune in if you do not provide them with a compelling incentive to do so.


A successful podcast may foster the development of a community by bringing together people who have similar interests and can contribute to the growth and development of one another. This could take the shape of a chat between friends, an interview before a panel, or even a roundtable debate. Make sure that your visitors and, more importantly, your audience feel like they are a part of the event no matter what format you decide to use. A program that gives viewers the impression that they are participating in something that is more significant than themselves is the kind of entertainment that has enormous potential.


Because you sell to other businesses, you probably already have some degree of influence. Your prior experience will determine the specific level, but a possibility to advance to the next level may be found in the form of a podcast. You may establish yourself as the go-to source for information in your business if you share your knowledge and skills with others in a manner that is approachable. And when people believe you as an authoritative figure, the likelihood that they will conduct business with you significantly increases.

What do you do in situations when you are not the foremost expert on a subtopic that is vital to the interests of your audience? You could wing it and do your best, but you run the danger of your reputation suffering if the material you generate is of poor quality and is based on a lack of experience. These kinds of circumstances provide excellent opportunities to network and to bring in specialists in relevant fields for discussion. By doing so, you are giving more value to your listeners, demonstrating to them that you care about the material you provide for them, and further establishing both your show and brand as a reliable source of expert views.


You may have picked up on the fact that the three pillars revolve around a single common point of emphasis: the audience. This is because, at the end of the day, your podcast is intended for the audience that you have. It’s a chance to help people in a way that no other material can, so take advantage of it!


Here is where you have the chance to show off your creative side. Ensure that the fundamentals, such as sound quality and the absence of background noise, are covered by purchasing high-quality recording gear and doing the recording in an isolated location. After then, the only restriction is the one in your imagination. The post-production process gives you yet another chance to perfect your recording.


It is at this point that you take the fantastic content that you have developed with the audience in mind and distribute it into the digital realm so that it may be interacted with.

Following the publication of your show, you will have the ability to transform it into a variety of different types of material, including blog entries, video clips, social media postings, audiograms, and full-length YouTube videos. If you are curious about this topic, you can get more information here:

It is time to get started on your own show now that you have a fundamental understanding of how to utilize a B2B podcast for lead generation. You will be well on your way to transforming your podcast into a potent lead generating engine if you give priority to developing material that is centered on your audience, if you produce episodes of a high quality, and if you distribute your content in inventive ways.

Get in touch with us if you are thinking about starting your own branded podcast. We would be delighted to hear from you, and we are pleased to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have.

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Podcasting Made Simple with VA FLIX

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply press the record button, wait a few days (sometimes as little as 24 hours), and then publish and deliver a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to your audience? No worries!  You definitely can!

VA FLIX partners with professionals, busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and top brands to have professionally done podcasts in the most convenient way.

VA FLIX Podcast Productions’ dedicated team will not only take the hard work of post-production off your busy hands but will also relieve you of stress and help you grow your show and connect with your audiences. Our podcast editing service is operated by our own team of millennial audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers who handle every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode.

You literally only have to record your episode and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s the simplest way to explain the service. We do the real hard work while you chill.

Your team at VA FLIX is a group of skilled professionals that offers:


  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting.

We’ll first talk about what your podcasting challenges are, what you have tried so far, VA FLIX will discuss the things that you want to happen and how we can help you in leveraging your podcast to achieve your goals.

  • Quality Assurance Check Before we Publish.

Your dedicated team will ensure your audio, show notes, artwork and scheduling are ready to publish.

  • Audio editing and production.

Basic form editing or advanced multiple-track compilations, we’ve got you covered.

  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords for SEO.

Basic or advanced show notes writing services. Whether you need a new blog post or an essay. We write a brief summary and organize notes.

  • Video Editing.

Whether you need basic video editing or advanced editing with an effects-driven show, we can help.

  • Marketing Services.

We create or revamp your new or current podcast cover art for your podcast channel, we even personalize cover arts per episode, we’ll also include episodic artwork, media direction, marketing assets, or a new website. We’re happy to include Motion graphics for social media promotion

  • Audio Leveling & Proper ID3 Keyword Tagging.

Polished and mastered audio files that fit the podcast standards.

  • Transcribe your episode (for the all-in-one package).

Our services are intended to be as easy to use as PLUG-N-PLAY. You literally only need to record, and VA FLIX will do the rest. Podcast hosts are relieved that they now have more freedom to focus on the content and connect with their audiences, while we work on the other difficult aspects of podcasting.

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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