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Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant

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It is common for an executive assistant to be one of the people who people see the most in the office. But these days, administrative tasks, operating the phones and making life easier for the people who run the business can all be done from home.

What You Can Do with a Virtual Executive Assistant

What can’t they do? if you hire a virtual executive assistant, you’ll find that they can do a lot of the same things as an on-site executive assistant.

  • Administrative work. These tasks used to require an on-site executive assistant to do them, but now they don’t. They can now be done by anyone.
  • Scheduling. Need to plan an event? We can help. An appointment was set up for you by someone else. These tasks can be done by a virtual executive assistant, so you can delegate them.
  • Those who do certain things well. A virtual executive assistant should be able to do the work that your company needs. For example, there is virtual paralegal work that needs a certain level of certification.
  • The project manager. A virtual executive assistant can act as a project manager, which means that they need to know how to work with specific platforms and the technology needed for each project. They can use email and other communication tools to make sure notifications, reminders, follow-ups, and other things happen as they should.
  • Travel arrangements. 
  • Writing and putting things together. Need a second set of eyes to look over a rough draft or a presentation you’re giving? A virtual executive assistant can go over these documents and make changes. ‍
  • Remote office management. A virtual executive assistant can do things like bookkeeping, invoices, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, and more, all from the comfort of your own home.

Common Scenarios for the Virtual Executive Assistant

You still can’t picture how it will work out in real-life. Here are a few scenarios that might help you get a better picture:

  • Email & Calendar Management: You want to set up a meeting with your team, but it also needs to make sure that people who work from home are on the same page. Instead of playing “inbox tag” with multiple people all day, you can hire a virtual executive assistant who will do this work for you. Her job is to make sure everyone is on the same page. With the help of the assistant, you’ll never have to see an email again.
  • Phone Support: Your main goal isn’t to be distracted by other things, but you also don’t want to forget to answer your client’s calls. A phone system that sends incoming calls to a virtual executive assistant means that you won’t have to leave work to make a client feel important, and you won’t have to pay for time off.
  • Data Entry & Finance Tasks: Planning for the end of the year gets in the way of spending more time with your family for the holidays, and it includes some of the things you don’t like to do: data entry, expense reporting, and so on. Making this work for a virtual assistant not only frees up your time but also makes sure that you have more time when it’s most important.

Signs You Need a Virtual Executive Assistant

I think it’s hard to argue that having an executive assistant would not make your life as a business owner much easier. How can you tell when you’re ready for a job like this? Signs that you’re in need of help from a virtual assistant:

Virtual vs. Hiring: The Advantages

It can be cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than hire a full-time employee for your business. Not only does it save money by not having a full-time employee on the payroll, but it also saves time: you don’t have to rely on a virtual assistant living near your office.

Using a virtual assistant also means that you can separate your work from where you are. Instead of relying on an assistant who is tied down to a desk, you can outsource work to a different place. Even having a virtual assistant work on your projects while you sleep can be a good idea at times.

The Growing Trend of Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are no longer just for people who like them. They play an important role in getting business done for more and more people. 80% of big businesses plan to hire more flexible workers, like contract workers like virtual assistants.

Saving Money

How much does it cost to keep a person at work? There was an average cost to employers for each hour of work in June of 2019: $36.61 per hour. Average hourly wages are over $25, and benefits costs average out to about $11.48.

In other words, a full-time employee is expensive.

You can save money if you buy time from a virtual assistant on your own.According to BestOfBudgets.com. If you hire a virtual assistant, you can cut operating costs by up to 78 percent over the course of the year. And with a virtual assistant service, you won’t have to pay benefits, so you won’t have to. Simple: Hours worked.

Getting More Done

As your business grows, you’ll hit a wall: there are only so many hours in the day. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change this fact. Businesses only grow when they realize that they can hire more people to help them be more productive. So, not only does hiring a virtual assistant help your business be more powerful, but it also makes the time that goes by while you’re at work even better.

I don’t know how to say that being more efficient would be better. There are a lot of ways you can use a virtual assistant in your business that will make it better.


  • Improving your performance. Suppose that you have too many potential clients to follow up with when it comes to giving them the personal touch that your company takes so much pride in. A virtual assistant can bring the human touch back to your business without you having to give up more of your time.
  • Communication can be better. If you have a virtual assistant who acts as a point of contact for a lot of people, it can be easier to bring together people who work from home and people who work for a big company with a lot of people who work there. ‍
  • Improvements to follow-ups. When your business is growing, one of the hardest things to do is to keep in touch with people who might be clients or leads. Keep in mind that not only is there too much to keep track of, but your email inbox can become a maze of unfinished emails. To be more productive and keep in touch with people, you should hire a virtual assistant to do this work for you.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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