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Administrative assistants are people who can do a little bit of everything to make an office work well. In the modern world, it’s possible to hire a virtual administrative assistant and get just as much done.

It’s not clear to you how it works. Everything you need to know about hiring a virtual assistant of your own has been put together for you. You can read it here.

The Types of Tasks You Can Handle with a Virtual Administrative Assistant

A good rule of thumb is that a virtual administrative assistant can do just about everything an administrative assistant could do if they were working from home on the other side of the country. They can’t come and pick up your dry cleaning, but they can do just about anything that needs to be done from afar.

Want specifics? Let’s talk specifics:

  • Daily office tasks. It’s possible to hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your calendar, files, email, and phone. As long as you don’t need to do the office work in person, a virtual assistant can help you with some of the work.
  • Scheduling and travel arrangements. In a few months, do you need to book a meeting? Virtual assistants can help you with this. Check in with that client who didn’t show up for the meeting. If you hire a virtual assistant, she or he can keep track of your calendar. Having a virtual administrative assistant can help you get more done quickly if you spend a lot of time looking through your own calendars to find things.
  • Remote office management. Even though your virtual administrative assistant can’t be there to set up the conference room table, there’s still a lot you can do from home, like handle bookkeeping, invoices, managing expenses, and payroll. ‍
  • Phone calls. A virtual assistant who does administrative work can be your ears and voice when you’d rather be working on productive and distraction-free work. They can handle incoming phone calls and make phone calls on your behalf.

Where a Virtual Administrative Assistant Helps You Get Work Done

One thing is to list some of the things that a virtual administrative assistant can do for you. Another thing is to talk about how they can help you. It’s even more important to show how this might work. Here are a few scenarios that might help you think about what life would be like if you hired a virtual assistant:

  • Distraction-free work. I want to work on this project for three clear, uninterrupted hours in the morning. Running a business means you’ll have to answer phone calls, deal with problems that arise and social media, or do other things that aren’t fun. Want to stay away from all that? There are many tasks that can be done by your administrative assistant, so you can focus on the most important work of each day.
  • Additional capacity. A client is starting to call too much. Let’s say you have no need for an administrative assistant right now, but the calls from them are starting to bother you. You still want your clients to feel important with a personal touch, but you don’t know how to make enough time for them and still finish your work for the day. It’s easy for a virtual administrative assistant to take calls from anywhere and keep your clients up to date. ‍
  • Time off. The reason you hire a virtual administrative assistant isn’t just to give yourself more time to work. It’s also to help your business run smoothly. It’s also about taking more time off. Instead of working over lunch to finish data entry for a project you’re working on, you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you instead.

How to Tell When You Need a Virtual Assistant

Maybe you like the ideas above, but you’re still not sure. There are a lot of ways to tell if a virtual administrative assistant is going to be worth the money that you spend on her. Signs that you might already need one but didn’t know it:

The Prohibitive Costs of Hiring Employees

If you’ve been pulling your hair out because you’ve been too busy and your company can’t keep up with the demand, then you’ve probably thought about hiring more people to help. The problem is that it costs a lot to hire new people. A lot of money.

According to BestOfBudgets, It is a good idea to hire a virtual administrative assistant to cut down on some of the costs. There are some people who say that having a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on your operating costs this year, BestOfBudgets says. It’s also a good idea to hire a virtual assistant as a “first step” if you’re not sure if you want your business to grow too quickly.

Loss of Productivity

In the beginning, you may have found that it was easy to put all of your energy into the work itself. But when a business grows, administration takes up a bigger and bigger part of the business. Having a lot of accountants and administrators to help out isn’t a surprise.

According to SmallBizTrends, People are happy because it’s easy to fix. This is good news. Remote workers are more productive because they can better manage their time and spend less time driving to work, this is according to a report from SmallBizTrends. That lets your business get back to what it was meant to do: work.

Most people are more productive at home. You might even find that hiring a virtual executive assistant is more efficient than hiring someone to work in the office.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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