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Email Marketing Hacks Every Podcaster Should Know

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Podcasting is rapidly gaining popularity. Marketing is now the only thing standing between a podcaster and success, in addition to superb material and presentation, of course.

Email marketing is one of the podcast marketing tactics that might propel you to the stars. It is a treasure trove of opportunities that can help your podcast develop immensely.

However, when it comes to email marketing, certain things perform better than others, and success depends on recognizing what does and does not work.

This post will discuss the email marketing tricks that will propel the growth of your podcast.

Keep your marketing plan organized.

The belief that having a strategy for their email marketing campaign would only slow them down is one of the largest errors made by marketers. That is false.

In actuality, the absence of a process or approach is what slows you down.

When you have a well-defined process that can be turned into a technique, you have even more time to experiment with new ideas and be creative, since you are no longer spending the majority of your time putting out fires and rectifying mistakes.

Most email marketing errors are preventable.

Utilize many platforms to read your email.

There are several email testing systems available.

Many of these will display you precisely how your email will seem to customers, regardless of whether they are viewing it on a desktop or mobile device, in HTML or text format.

Persistence is crucial

It makes no difference how nice your email is. If the receiver has not opened the message, you may as well not have sent it.

So, what should one do in such a circumstance? Why do you resend it?

You may resend the email to all recipients who have not yet accessed it. It may appear like you’re bothering them, but they may not have opened the email for a variety of reasons, such as it ending up in their spam folder or being lost among the numerous emails they get daily.

When you resend it, you place it at the top so that the recipient may readily detect it and open it. In addition, there is no danger in sending an email many times. If they do not open it two or three times in a row, you may be certain they do not want to.

Maintain concise topic lines

Emails are not intended to be blog posts, nor are their names intended to resemble those of highly scholarly research papers. If you want the receiver to open the email, make the subject line succinct and engaging.

There are several other little adjustments you may make to boost the clickthrough rate of your emails.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a subject line is to alert the recipient so that they will open the email.

You want it to be engaging, but not so thorough that it gives away too much information at the beginning. When you do so, the receiver will lose interest in learning more. Your subject line should ideally elicit the response, “Tell me more!”

You may use the same methods to generate titles for your podcasts as you use for your podcast titles.

Integrate sales and marketing efforts

Email marketers are very fixated on two metrics: open rates and clicks. They want to know who opened the email and what links they visited while there. This perspective is too restricted, though.

The purpose of this kind of marketing strategy is to produce high-quality leads so that the sales team has customers to sell to.

However, email marketing should not finish with delivering a message to a recipient and moving on.

From the standpoint of a podcast, you should devote some effort to organizing it. The emails sent by the sales and marketing divisions are all part of the same overarching strategy. They all facilitate the recipient’s transition from being a lead to being a podcast listener.

This is how they should be seen. Adjust the ones that do not fit into this flow once they have been synchronized.

Subject lines may include “replies” and “forwards.”

This is often an issue that causes misunderstanding. What occurs when recipients of an email see “RE:” or “FWD:”? Most of them will sense that they are delving further down the rabbit hole and learning more about something crucial.

This only works if the forwarded messages and answers are authentic.

“If someone receives your email and discovers that you have lied to them, they will lose interest in what you have to say because they will get furious,” explains Najib Tahir of SuperiorPapers.

Conversely, if they see that the information you are giving is authentic and that it is a genuine follow-up, they will be interested in learning more.

Employ someone to edit your work

It should preferably be an individual who is not a member of your internal team and is thus not involved in your campaign.

What you need is a second set of eyes to review your email and catch the little errors that you would never have seen on your own.

You might use a low-cost writing service to do this task. It pays out handsomely in the end.

Content delivery emails are your buddy

Someone has just visited your podcast and filled out a form to get material, such as a white paper or a freebie.

Then, you email them the link and thank them for downloading the information.

Should you conclude with that? Wouldn’t it be a tremendous missed opportunity?

Typically, these emails are not issued by your marketing department. Typically, another group is unaware of the kind of user experience the marketing department is attempting to create for listeners.

You must bring it back into the fold and provide it to marketing so that more effective email content can be created. After receiving the promised material, the receivers should be offered additional alternatives for what to do next.

You should never permit dead ends in marketing.

Give your topic lines consideration

This post has focused extensively on subject lines since they are one of the most essential, but undervalued aspects of an email.

The majority of individuals will laboriously craft the best email text and then slap on the first subject line that comes to mind. That shouldn’t be the case.

It should be the other way around. Spend the majority of your work on the subject line and just a little amount on the email’s text. The most crucial aspect is convincing the receiver to open your email with the desire to read it. If nobody does it, there is no purpose in having a superior replica.

In fact, it is possible to go much farther. Perform A/B testing on subject lines to ensure that you are selecting the optimal ones.

This exam is very simple to complete and provides a plethora of information. The subject line you use for your email may essentially set the tone for the whole message.

Therefore, you should engage a writer and urge him or her to be as creative as possible while composing blurbs, as well as determine what impression the receiver receives from the blurb.

Ensure that your emails are consistent with all buyer-facing communications.

You will likely communicate with your consumers across numerous channels as a podcaster.

It is essential to maintain consistency so that your subscribers are not confused by the communications they get across multiple platforms.

You must be aware of the message you want to convey in your podcast, blog, tweets, emails, etc., and adhere to that message at all times.

Measure a broad spectrum of metrics

You may believe that the only metrics that count for your email marketing campaign as a podcaster are open rates and clicks. Nonetheless, there is much more to it.

Ultimately, you want a greater number of podcast listeners, which will improve your income. You must thus find a means to link your email marketing efforts to the prospects that become subscribers or consumers of what you’re selling, as well as to the income you’re generating.

It is not guaranteed to be simple, but it is essential to the success of your podcast.

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Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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