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Best Podcast Editing & Production Services (For Every Budget)

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just record your podcast, wait a couple of days, and then have an episode of your podcast that has been edited to perfection and is ready to be sent to your audience?

There are several podcast editing firms that are able to carry out your specific request. But that’s not the end of it. A good number of these organizations will even upload the episode for you, as well as integrate ID3 tags, produce show notes, and link to relevant content.

They are able to assist you with selecting podcast equipment, designing cover art, submitting to podcast directories, consulting with you on program ideas, starting a podcast, and just about anything else you can think of.

Because the services and rates offered by different businesses are different, I will emphasize what is included and what you may need to pay extra for whenever it is practicable to do so.

Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings offers a straightforward method for producing high-quality edited podcasts, which is used by a significant number of the most popular podcasts.

They provide a comprehensive selection of podcast production services as well as a variety of packages that are designed to perfectly meet your requirements, including the following:

The first option is their Standard Package, which costs $59 each episode and includes ID3 tagging, mixing and mastering, adding intros, outros, and sponsors, reducing background noise, and uploading to your host, among other things.

The next step up is their Premium Package, which includes professional editing, mixing, and mastering for an additional cost of $139 each episode. When you reach this level, they will edit out any dead air, umms, and repeated sentences, thus making you sound flawless. Choosing this level would be my recommendation if you want to make podcasting a significant aspect of your company or brand (which it absolutely should be!).

They guarantee a turnaround time of three days and one night for both of these levels.

Those who are producing more tales in the “NPR-style,” audio dramas, true crime programs, or those who want to enhance their production value to the next level may take advantage of the new Enhanced level, which is available in addition to the Standard and Premium Packages. This comprises individualized production, sound design and effects, musical composition, and more services.

A turnaround time of one week is included in the price of $199 per episode for the Enhanced package.

In addition, they provide Enterprise Services, which provide businesses and other organizations with the complete podcast production services they need. The beginning price for enterprise audio production is $349, and it comes with a dedicated account representative, dedicated production team, and priority turnaround time.

Their Custom Services begin at $625 and include limitless sound design for podcasters who are building a high-quality audio experience such as a narrative true-crime podcast. This service is ideal for podcasters who are looking to expand their audience.

There are pre-paid choices available via Resonate, which will save you a little amount of money. The greater the number of episodes, the deeper the price cut.

With all of the aforementioned, and if you are getting ready to start a new podcast, they offer an outstanding deal with a few different Show Launch Packages that may contain a variety of things, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hosting and RSS feed setup
  • Submission to iTunes and other directories
  • Custom cover art creation
  • Intro, outro, and ad music creation
  • Intro, outro, and ad voiceover recording
  • Training and consulting

In addition to that, they provide show notes, teasers for social sharing, transcription, consulting, and plenty more.

This little video provides an excellent description of the various product levels offered by the company, complete with examples (opens in a new tab):

Lower Street

There is a wide variety of quality seen in podcasts. To create an amazing program, you need to have some forethought, be flexible, and work in partnership with a podcast production firm that is concerned about a lot more than just the audio.

The process of producing a useful podcast goes well beyond deciding which microphone to use or how to edit out “ums” and “uhs.” It is about developing content that is one of a kind, motivating, and engaging, with the end purpose of supporting larger corporate goals. That’s where Lower Street comes in handy, by the way.

Reach out to the knowledgeable staff at Lower Street if you want to start a standout program for your business, develop a narrative style podcast (think NPR or BBC), or market your current show in order to expand your audience. They can help you do all of these things.

Podcast Motor

I have recognized Podcast Motor in the past as being one of the best podcasting blogs; however, the primary emphasis of their business is providing full-service podcast editing and publication.

Show note writing and ID3 tagging are included in each and every one of their packages, but the packages starting at $699 provide the most bang for your buck since they will also upload the episode to your host and publish it together with the show notes on your website. The most expensive option also comes with a transcription that is annotated with timestamps.

All that is required of you is to put your attention on producing excellent content.


Podigy gives you the option to modify your podcast and provides show notes in addition to uploading it.

Editing is included in the base price of $499 per month, and adding pre-written show notes as well as uploading would only raise the price to $599 per month. There are no commitments involved, but if you join up for a period of three months, you will get a discount of fifteen percent.

Additionally, if you agree to allow them add an advertisement for their service in your product, you will get a discount of one hundred dollars. It all makes sense to me.

If you are interested in learning how to edit audio as they do, they also provide incredibly extensive guidelines to help you do it. It’s likely going to be necessary for me to jot down some notes.

Podcast FastTrack

Podcast Fast Track is another another company that offers production services for podcasts. These services encompass a great deal more than simply audio editing.

The crew here at Podcast Fast Track is comprised of highly trained and experienced experts that provide the following services:

  • Audio editing and production
  • Show note creation that’s optimized for SEO
  • Podcast cover art
  • Episodic artwork
  • Lead magnets
  • Motion graphics for social media promotion
  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting
  • Voice over and custom music

Carey Green, who is also known as the Client Happiness Guy, launched the company in 2013, and ever since then, things have been going really well for it. He has thoughtfully positioned the company such that it is values-driven and oriented at supporting his team, his clients, and the podcasting community via the production of high-quality material that really alters the course of history.

Additionally, Carey publishes a weekly podcast titled “Podcastification” that focuses on podcasting.

On the website, you’ll discover additional information about all that the PFT crew has to offer.

I also suggest reading this page in its entirety and looking at the comments area below it to see whether or not you are a good match.


Podcasts may be edited on a per-episode or a monthly subscription basis at Sonics. You will get a fully edited version of the show, in addition to show notes and any resources that were discussed.

Paddle Productions

Podcasts may be edited on a per-episode or a monthly subscription basis at Sonics. You will get a fully edited version of the show, in addition to show notes and any resources that were discussed.

  • Recording service (UK only)
  • Equipment and recording training
  • Professional editing, mixing, and mastering
  • Professional noise reduction and audio repair
  • Podcast branding including intro, outro, and music
  • Uploading to your host and directory submission
  • Show notes
  • Startup packages including hosting and RSS feed setup

They provide a personalized and customized service to ensure that you have the finest results possible for your requirements by providing customised daily, weekly, and monthly packages with prices beginning at $120.

Pro Podcast Solutions

There are two different podcast editing packages available from Pro Podcast Solutions: Starter, which costs $224 per month, and MVP, which costs $497 per month. You also have the option to include show notes, transcription, or consultation according on your need.

With the MVP package, you will get a response time of two days (in contrast to the Starter package’s turnaround time of three days), expert editing, and a half-hour of consulting each month.

Additionally, they have a substantial roster of illustrious customers.

The Podcast Creative

Show notes and transcriptions are included in several of The Podcast Creative’s podcast editing packages. Other podcast editing services offered by The Podcast Creative include audio editing and mastering.

The cost of editing shows that are between 30 and 60 minutes long is $349 per month, while the cost of editing plus show notes is $449 per month, and the cost of editing, show notes, and transcribing is $799.

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting is a service that offers comprehensive editing and shownotes for podcasts. This is the option for you if you would like a procedure that requires no participation from you other than the production of the podcast episode itself.

A few examples of what you will get are as follows:

  • Audio editing (removing mistakes, umms, etc.)
  • Add intros, outros, ads, etc.
  • Uploading to your podcast host.
  • Written show notes
  • Transcribe your episode (in premium package)
  • Schedule episode on your site

They have 2 packages starting at $899/month. If your time is at a premium, this is the way to go, hands down.

Freedom Podcasting

Podcast editing is only one of the many services that Freedom Podcasting provides.

They provide a launch package that will guide you through the process of creating your show from the very beginning to the very end. This package will assist you with finding music, scripting intros and outros, and other things along the way.

They not only provide excellent audio editing for interview-style programs as well as narrative-style shows, but they also write show notes and blog articles for you, meaning that you receive twice as much information as you would without. The following is a list of all that they are capable of doing:

  • Audio editing and mixing
  • MP3 tagging
  • Uploading to host and distributing to listening platforms
  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords
  • Blog post creation on your website
  • Show art and episode art creation
  • Tech and recording help

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts gives you a wide variety of various alternatives to choose from, all of which are sure to be within your price range. They promise delivery within the next 48 hours, regardless of whether you only want podcast editing or if you also want show notes and a transcription included.

Their ‘5 episodes per month’ package begins at a price of $249 per month for editing and may reach a maximum price of $549 per month for show notes and transcription. These are really reasonable costs, and they provide you with everything you want to effortlessly upload and schedule your episode.

Podcast Monster

Podcast Monster is able to assist you with (almost) everything that is associated with the creation and editing of podcasts. Simply contact them if you need assistance in the creation of show notes, publishing to iTunes or Stitcher, the design of the program itself, or consultancy services.


ScrubCast will edit your podcasts on an episode-by-episode or monthly basis, whatever you like. The cost of a single episode is $149, while the monthly subscription that includes four episodes is $549. They will upload the files for you if that is required, in addition to tagging, editing, leveling, correcting typos, and performing other services. Pricing is based on podcasts that are up to 35 minutes in length; however, if you need pricing for lengthier episodes, do get in contact with us. In the event that transcription is required, ScrubCast can provide it.

They will edit your first episode for free in order to demonstrate how the editing process works; don’t be afraid to give it a go!

Podcast Press

Podcast Press is dedicated to providing you with high-quality audio editing for your podcast at a price that won’t break the bank. Their podcast editing options begin at $97 per month and include 4 episodes per month as standard. A plan that includes 12 episodes per month can be purchased for $247, while a bundle that includes daily episodes can be purchased for $500. Killer bargain if you ask me. There is an additional charge for show notes and transcribing services.

Podcast Engineers

Dave, over at Podcast Engineers, is quite knowledgeable. They concentrate on making sure that your message is conveyed correctly while also correcting any errors that may be there.

They provide a variety of options, each of which is determined by the length of your podcast episodes. You may check out their different editing options, but the price for up to an hour each episode is $249 per month for a package of four episodes. In addition to that, they provide add-ons like as show notes, transcriptions, and even websites.

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Podcasting Made Simple with VA FLIX

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply press the record button, wait a few days (sometimes as little as 24 hours), and then publish and deliver a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to your audience? No worries!  You definitely can! VA FLIX partners with professionals, busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and top brands to have professionally done podcasts in the most convenient way. VA FLIX Podcast Productions’ dedicated team will not only take the hard work of post-production off your busy hands but will also relieve you of stress and help you grow your show and connect with your audiences. Our podcast editing service is operated by our own team of millennial audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers who handle every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode. You literally only have to record your episode and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s the simplest way to explain the service. We do the real hard work while you chill. Your team at VA FLIX is a group of skilled professionals that offers:


  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting.
We’ll first talk about what your podcasting challenges are, what you have tried so far, VA FLIX will discuss the things that you want to happen and how we can help you in leveraging your podcast to achieve your goals.
  • Quality Assurance Check Before we Publish.
Your dedicated team will ensure your audio, show notes, artwork and scheduling are ready to publish.
  • Audio editing and production.
Basic form editing or advanced multiple-track compilations, we’ve got you covered.
  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords for SEO.
Basic or advanced show notes writing services. Whether you need a new blog post or an essay. We write a brief summary and organize notes.
  • Video Editing.
Whether you need basic video editing or advanced editing with an effects-driven show, we can help.
  • Marketing Services.
We create or revamp your new or current podcast cover art for your podcast channel, we even personalize cover arts per episode, we’ll also include episodic artwork, media direction, marketing assets, or a new website. We’re happy to include Motion graphics for social media promotion
  • Audio Leveling & Proper ID3 Keyword Tagging.
Polished and mastered audio files that fit the podcast standards.
  • Transcribe your episode (for the all-in-one package).
Our services are intended to be as easy to use as PLUG-N-PLAY. You literally only need to record, and VA FLIX will do the rest. Podcast hosts are relieved that they now have more freedom to focus on the content and connect with their audiences, while we work on the other difficult aspects of podcasting.

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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