8 Ways To Stay Busy While Working From Home virtual assistant hire philippines va flix vaflix VA FLIX

8 Ways To Stay Busy While Working From Home

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

In this bizarre moment in all of our lives, when many of us don’t even know what day of the week it is anymore, it may be difficult to keep our wits sharp and ourselves sane when we isolate ourselves. You may make the most of the time you have to yourself by engaging in these eight constructive activities that will keep your mind occupied.

Listen to a Podcast

This is the perfect time to give podcasts a try if you’ve never done so before. Today, one may download an unlimited quantity of podcasts completely free of charge. Regardless of whether you are interested in humor, real crime, business and technology, news and politics, or lifestyle and health, you will definitely be able to discover a podcast that caters to your specific interests. Everyone will find something to their liking.

Take an Online Course

If you want to learn some new skills or subjects, or just brush up on some old ones, one of the most productive ways to use your time is to keep your skill set sharp by immersing yourself in new topics and fields. This is true whether you want to learn some new skills or subjects, or just brush up on some old ones. Who knows, expanding your skill set can even allow you to explore new avenues in your profession or lead you to discover new interests and activities that you like doing in your spare time.

Visit an Online Museum

There are hundreds of museums located all around the globe that are now making their galleries and exhibitions accessible online and free of charge to visitors. Travel to the Louvre without leaving the comfort of your own home and take a guided tour that brings you up close and personal with each of the museum’s great pieces of art. It’s possible that this will be the last time you get to see the Mona Lisa without a crowd of people holding selfie sticks in front of you.

Cook a New Meal Every Day

It’s time to grab those old cookbooks out of the attic, give them a good cleaning, and get creative in the kitchen! It doesn’t matter whether you think you have what it takes to be the next Top Chef or if you’re still reading the instructions off the back of a package of mac and cheese: now is a fantastic time to improve your cooking abilities or learn how to keep your kitchen from catching fire.

Cooking something new each day gives you the opportunity to exercise your creativity and may even instill a fresh feeling of pride and satisfaction in you. Because we are often kept so busy, many of us have simply given up cooking in favor of ordering food to be delivered to our homes. This is a fantastic opportunity to try out some new talents and get the knowledge necessary to prepare some mouthwatering dishes that you can then flaunt in front of your loved ones, although digitally.

Plant a Garden

Do you have any extra room in your garden or on your balcony that you might use? Start cultivating that green thumb of yours and grow some of the herbs, fruits, and vegetables that you like the most in a garden all to yourself. Have you absolutely no clue what you’re doing? There is a wealth of information available online that may guide you in developing a garden that is successful in the environment in which you live. Having your own garden will not only reduce the number of times you go to the supermarket, but it will also make social isolation a more efficient strategy. The time to start planting will be before you know it, so start making your plans now and place your seed orders.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is now as easy as checking Instagram or Twitter on a daily basis, thanks to the convenience of our smartphones. Duolingo is, without a doubt, our favorite software for learning new languages, despite the fact that there are many such applications available. The language-learning platform Duolingo provides users with short, daily activities for more than 30 different languages, including French, Spanish, and Chinese. It places an emphasis on word construction, developing various phrase patterns, and fundamental communication skills. It is very user-friendly, the curriculum is efficient and well-organized, and the short classes are made for those who have a lot of other things going on in their lives.

Watch Documentaries

Why not take use of your time while watching anything on Netflix whilst enhancing your knowledge at the same time? Therefore, for your next movie night or day (who’s judging anymore? ), choose anything from the documentary genre rather than a fictional feature film. There are a large number of intriguing films and short television programs that explore a wide range of topics, including but not limited to climate change, World War II, consuming street cuisine in other countries, and controversial real crime tales. Netflix makes absolutely certain that there is something that will appeal to each and every customer.


Even taking just five minutes out of your day to sit in total silence and focus on your breathing has been shown to have significant positive effects on people’s mental health. At the moment, all of us are confronted with a significant amount of both change and pressure. Meditation is an excellent method for relieving stress and bringing control back to anxious thoughts. During this time, we all need a bit more self-love and care, so make sure you give yourself a few minutes out of your day to focus on relaxing your mind.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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