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How to Grow Your Brand’s B2B Podcast

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several years, you are aware that podcasting is now at the forefront of the minds of marketers and is continuing to gain prominence as a branded content channel.

The popularity of podcasts has prompted a conversation over the kinds of brands that should be producing audio content. It is impossible to deny the exponential rise that podcasts have seen in the business-to-business industry over the last several years.

If you want your show to connect with target audiences, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, regardless of whether you are a B2B company thinking about launching a podcast or a B2B brand searching for strategies to develop your show.

If you want your show to be a hit with target listeners as well as increase your conversions and sales in the process, follow these seven best practices for B2B podcasting that are listed below.

Let’s plunge in!

1.Publish Frequently and At the Same Time 

When it comes to promoting your podcast, consistency is the most important factor to keep in mind. Make sure that you inform your audience when they should anticipate the next time they will hear from you. You should begin by creating a podcast content schedule that you and your team are confident in your ability to maintain. It’s possible that this happens once a week, twice a week, or once a month. Whatever path you choose, make sure that you still find time to produce at least one episode. You want to keep your audience engaged and consistent with your brand while also earning their trust in the frequency with which they may anticipate hearing from you.

If you are just getting started with your podcast, one piece of advice that might be helpful is to look at what other programs in your category and industry are doing, and then model the time of day that you publish your show to match the times that others in the field post their shows. Podcasts that have been around longer than you probably base their release schedule on statistics and trends that optimize listenership in order to get the most listeners possible.

We’ve discovered that a weekly or bi-weekly cadence for our client’s B2B podcasts seems to provide the best results in terms of listener engagement.

In the end, the frequency of your posts is going to be determined by two factors: the capacity of your staff to handle the workload, and the preferences of your audience. Begin with once per week or twice per week, if possible, and increase the frequency from there. You might also roll out surveys to your target audience in order to get a better understanding of the sort of publishing schedule they like.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

Developing a subscriber list is one of the most reliable strategies to maintain re-engagement with a committed audience outside of the podcast. Be sure to let your audience know when a new episode is out, and if you have a larger CRM list, think about ways to keep them informed about your podcast on a consistent basis, such as providing a link to the most recent episode in your monthly email.

There are several approaches that may be used to advance the situation further. For instance, in the main body of your email, you should be sure to provide the following information about what’s in it for the listeners: important points from the episode, the duration of the episode, and, if applicable, the name of the guest on the podcast should all be included in the summary.

Another helpful hint is to include a link to the program you host on your B2B podcast in your email signature. This is standard practice. The trick is to never miss an opportunity to advertise your program without making it seem as if you are trying too hard to do so. All of these very small enhancements or adjustments are important motivators for a rising audience over the course of time.

3. Think About Strategic Guesting

Being a guest on someone else’s podcast is similar to having that person on your own podcast in that it is a creative partnership that results in reciprocal advantages. Your audience will grow as a result of your participation in a different show that caters to a different demographic of listeners, and the podcast on which you make an appearance will enjoy the crossover benefit of your audience tuning in to hear what you have to say because you are participating in the show.

4. Develop Blog Content

Creating new material is one of the most critical areas you need to concentrate on if you want your B2B podcast to develop. Your audio material may be used in a variety of ways, and you can utilize your blog to provide further support for your podcast.

Theme-based posts

Once you have a respectable number of podcast episodes under your belt, it is time to go over them all again and look for recurring themes or fascinating topics that may be the subject of a blog post. You could also publish a behind-the-scenes piece on what it’s like to create a season. Or you could devote theme-based blogs to the end-of-season main takeaways. Other options include: The most important thing is to exercise your creativity in thinking of new uses for the stuff you currently have.

Episode recap posts

Including episode recaps on your blog is another way to draw attention to and promote your podcast. Recaps of episodes are a terrific way to break down episodes even further and present your audience with extra morsels and useful nuggets that they won’t find anywhere else. Episodes may be broken down in a number of different ways.

Extended guest interviews

You may want to think about having lengthy interviews with guests; this provides a distinct benefit for your audience and provides them with an additional method to interact with the information you provide. You have the option of either embedding the audio clips that were left out of the episode of your podcast into your blog post or formatting the post in the manner of a question-and-answer format if you have a large amount of material that was not used in the episode.

5. Encourage Ratings & Reviews  

Reviews are a potent instrument that may be used by you in order to increase your fame. You should make a request to your audience at the beginning or conclusion of each episode, asking them to subscribe, share, and review your podcasts.

Be genuine and explain how these activities can help you improve both your growth and the quality of the material you generate. Additionally, it is important to constantly reply to reviews and communicate with them in order to develop deeper ties with the audience, particularly if the audience is located on platforms such as YouTube or social media channels.

6. Create Paid Marketing Campaigns

Creating paid advertising campaigns that are distributed across several channels is one of the most effective strategies to attract listeners. You have the option of running campaigns for the whole of your show or for certain episodes that stand out as being particularly successful.

Audio Platforms

When it comes to advertising podcasts on audio-specific sites like Player FM, Castbox, Podcast Addict, and Overcast, we have had a lot of success. Typically, these ad platforms will display an advertisement for your podcast in the form of a banner, either on the homepage or on pages that are unique to a category. When people already have the intention of listening to a podcast, it is a fantastic opportunity to put your show in front of new prospective listeners since it is more likely that they will subscribe to your program.

Social Media 

In general, social media has the potential to be an excellent medium for publicizing your podcast. According to our findings, audio-specific platforms perform the best when it comes to conversions, whereas social media and other platforms that are not focused on audio do the best when it comes to reach and awareness.

Facebook and LinkedIn are both effective platforms for reaching business-to-business (B2B) audiences. Marketing on these platforms is also relatively straightforward because of the numerous ways in which you can segment your target audience, including by age group, geographic location, target industry, interests, and so on.

If you want to communicate with a larger number of people, one thing you can’t overlook is the potential of Google Ads. You may appear at the top of the first search page by purchasing advertisements on Google targeted towards terms that people are likely to use while looking for your event. Always send visitors who click on these advertisements to the landing pages associated with your podcast for the best possible outcomes.

The most effective strategy for Instagram would be to use influencer marketing. If you want this strategy to be successful, you will need to choose an influential figure in your field and work with them to promote your program. If you don’t have the funds to pay them directly, you will need to think of other methods to demonstrate the value they will get from working with you.

7. Cross Promote Regularly 

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that listeners aren’t restricted to just one program for each category of business. In point of fact, when individuals hear the phrase “excellent content,” they are likely to search for further information on the topic in question. Therefore, it is a strategic move to cross-promote your event with other programs competing for the same audience. They promote your program, and if you promote theirs, both of your shows get an audience.

Establish connections with other podcasters whose shows aren’t in direct competition with your own. Whenever we search for podcasts to promote our business, we try to find ones that were not produced by any other company. Instead, we hunt for independent artists who are interested in working together.

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Podcasting Made Simple with VA FLIX

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply press the record button, wait a few days (sometimes as little as 24 hours), and then publish and deliver a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to your audience? No worries!  You definitely can!

VA FLIX partners with professionals, busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and top brands to have professionally done podcasts in the most convenient way.

VA FLIX Podcast Productions’ dedicated team will not only take the hard work of post-production off your busy hands but will also relieve you of stress and help you grow your show and connect with your audiences. Our podcast editing service is operated by our own team of millennial audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers who handle every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode.

You literally only have to record your episode and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s the simplest way to explain the service. We do the real hard work while you chill.

Your team at VA FLIX is a group of skilled professionals that offers:


  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting.

We’ll first talk about what your podcasting challenges are, what you have tried so far, VA FLIX will discuss the things that you want to happen and how we can help you in leveraging your podcast to achieve your goals.

  • Quality Assurance Check Before we Publish.

Your dedicated team will ensure your audio, show notes, artwork and scheduling are ready to publish.

  • Audio editing and production.

Basic form editing or advanced multiple-track compilations, we’ve got you covered.

  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords for SEO.

Basic or advanced show notes writing services. Whether you need a new blog post or an essay. We write a brief summary and organize notes.

  • Video Editing.

Whether you need basic video editing or advanced editing with an effects-driven show, we can help.

  • Marketing Services.

We create or revamp your new or current podcast cover art for your podcast channel, we even personalize cover arts per episode, we’ll also include episodic artwork, media direction, marketing assets, or a new website. We’re happy to include Motion graphics for social media promotion

  • Audio Leveling & Proper ID3 Keyword Tagging.

Polished and mastered audio files that fit the podcast standards.

  • Transcribe your episode (for the all-in-one package).

Our services are intended to be as easy to use as PLUG-N-PLAY. You literally only need to record, and VA FLIX will do the rest. Podcast hosts are relieved that they now have more freedom to focus on the content and connect with their audiences, while we work on the other difficult aspects of podcasting.

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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