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How to Generate Leads in Sales

On this episode of Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast, John talks about how to generate leads in sales. Without leads, you can’t make sales and without sales, you get no revenue. John also states that It’s really important to generate leads to kickstart your sales funnel and nurture them into customers or even ambassadors for your brand sales lead generation asks an important question, “What does your potential customer want?”

In this episode, John talks about how generating leads provides the information you need to fail the sales pipeline with leads and tweak your strategies over time. At the same time, generating sales leads doesn’t have to be an expensive process. 

John also mentions that one cannot reach and sell to your ideal customers. If you are targeting the wrong audience for lead generation, that’s why you need to know exactly who your target audience are by conducting market research and analyzing industry trends and competitors. It’s also helpful to create personas to identify specific segments of your target audience.

Here are some topics John shared on this episode: 

  •  Determine Your Target Audience
  •  Use Email Marketing
  •  Improve SEO

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00:00 – Introduction on How to Generate Leads in Sales
01:17 – Tip # 1: Determine Your Target Audience
02:38 -Tip # 2: Use Email Marketing
03:14 -Tip # 3: Improve SEO
04:16 -Tip # 4: Take Advantage Of Social Media
07:43 – Tip #5: Utilize Chat Technology
08:44 – Tip #6: Build Your Personal Network
11:08 – Have a Virtual Assistant to Generate Lead Sales 
11:56 – Connect With Us!

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Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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