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Having A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Is NOT A Reflection Of Your Negotiating Skills

Make sure you know that having a virtual assistant for real estate is not a reflection of your negotiation skills!

FUN FACT:  hiring a virtual assistant for real estate can help your business grow.

If you work in real estate and want to make your business run more smoothly and make more money at the same time, you might want to hire a virtual assistant. In order for you to make money, you need to hire a virtual assistant to take care of the little things that make your business run smoothly.

That said, there are still some real estate agents who aren’t sure about hiring a virtual assistant for their business.

There are a lot of reasons why some real estate agents don’t hire virtual assistants, such as:

Agents are right to think that the process of hiring can take a long time. When you have to meet with clients, update listings, keep track of office paperwork, keep an eye on finances, and make marketing materials, who has time to train a new employee?

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to work for someone, there are freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr  that can help you find someone who fits your needs. If you use these sites, you won’t have to check their credentials because they already do that for you.

Another option is to hire a virtual assistant company. These agencies provide full service, from screening to training. They make sure that each candidate is qualified for the job they’re applying for, and they do it all for a flat fee.

Payroll costs more because there is an extra charge for it

When your company hires a new person, that person will add to the cost of paying their employees. But if you look at the numbers, having a well-trained virtual assistant could help your business make more money. I don’t know.

As an owner of a real estate agency, you can use virtual assistants to help your business grow by streamlining office processes. Imagine having more time to close deals and follow up on income-producing leads. There are many things you can do while your virtual assistant takes care of things like administrative work and lead generation. They can also manage your client database and cold call.

Payroll costs can be cut down on because there are low-cost alternatives to hiring locally. Many agents hire a virtual assistant from outsourcing companies that hire people from all over the world. In some countries, labor costs are lower than in the United States, which helps you save money on operating costs.

Having a virtual assistant can affect how well they do as a real estate agent.

One reason that isn’t talked about as much is that some agents don’t hire a virtual assistant because they don’t want to look bad when they negotiate.

For sure, a virtual assistant should be very good at talking to other people. As part of their work for your company, they’ll be cold calling clients, responding to emails, organizing your calendar, and running social media ads for your business. You’ll need someone who is good at talking both in person and at work.

…but that isn’t a reflection of how well you’re able to talk to people. It’s done. Why? Because:

  • Still, you have to make sure that deals get done.
  • A well-trained virtual assistant with good communication skills is a good way to grow your business. As the owner of the agency, you have to make sure that the client agrees to your plans.
  • Your negotiation and marketing skills are still more important than a virtual assistant when it comes to making a good sale.
  • Some agents make the virtual assistant role their own and don’t have direct talks with the client. It all comes down to how you make the job fit into your office.
  • The strategies for the company come from you.

Hiring a great virtual assistant is a way to boost your agency and make your team better, but the most important part of your company’s growth comes from your plans and goals for the agency.

As far as you let him go in his job, a virtual assistant can only go as far as you do. There are things you won’t have to think about when you have a virtual assistant on your team. When you need to free up more time and opportunities as an agency owner, having a virtual assistant on your team is a huge help! Set the direction for your business and build better relationships with your clients.

Your virtual assistant is a person who isn’t you, but they work for you.

In an ideal world, you would like to have a virtual assistant who can perfectly represent your agency. This is what you want. However, there will be times when your virtual assistant doesn’t interact with your clients as well as you’d like. This can happen, especially when you hire someone for the first time.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that this isn’t about how well you communicate or negotiate with your clients. You have two options: You can keep training your virtual assistant, or you can look for a new one. There’s a chance that when you hire a new person, you’ll run into the same problem again. On the other hand, if your virtual assistant has a lot of potential, extra training can help your business.

It can be good for your business to have a real estate virtual assistant if you think about it, He can help your business grow in many ways if you manage him well, but he can only go so far. It’s still your business.

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