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Rhealyn Rigodon, A Fulltime Mom and a 6-Digit Earner As A Virtual Assistant

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

002 – Rhealyn Rigodon, A Fulltime Mom and a 6-Digit Earner As A Virtual Assistant

– Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast with Karen Po and John Marzan Episode 002 Rhealyn Rigodon

Rhealyn Rigodon is a Mompreneur who used to work in a corporate world, her favorite thing about being a mompreneur (or a Virtual Assistant) is all of the inspiration she gathers from her toddler and her husband. While being a Virtual Assistant and a Full-time Mom has its own set of stresses, it has been the healthiest part of living life! She has learned so many things in regards to communication, business, leadership, and going for pursuing something she believes in.

She used to work as a Business Development Manager in a corporate world and turned Telemarketer to start her Virtual Assistant Career – she started her Virtual Assistant Business in 2012 and honed different digital marketing skills and administrative to be successful in this field.

Listen to this inspiring episode with Rhealyn Rigodon about her Journey from being a full-time mother to earning a 6-digit income a month as a virtual assistant.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● Why Rhealyn Left the Corporate World and chose to become a Virtual Assistant.
● How she became successful in the field of the Virtual Assistant Industry
● Why being a Virtual Assistant helps a lot of clients save time and money.
● How Rhealyn Changed her life in being a successful Virtual Assistant.
● Tips and Tricks to start your Virtual Assistant Journey

Virtual Assistant Work is Flexible

If you’re looking to make a decent income as a stay-at-home mom, becoming a virtual assistant may be the perfect solution for you.

Unlike most job opportunities available to stay-at-home moms, working as a virtual assistant is completely flexible, legitimate, and lucrative.

One of the best aspects of working as a Virtual Assistant is how flexible the work can be. The reason for this is you choose which services you offer and what sort of clients you take on.

A busy stay-at-home mom like you needs to be available and present for your children so that places certain restrictions on when you can perform your work.

As a self-employed Virtual Assistant, you can turn naptime or early morning before your children wake up into your office hours.

Busy solopreneurs, bloggers, small businesses, and executives are always in need of a capable and dependable Virtual Assistant.

If you need proof of the dire need for great Virtual Assistants, all you have to do is enter any one of the Facebook networking groups targeted at these professionals. You’ll discover message after message of cries for help from business owners who are overwhelmed with managing all their operational duties.

These smart business owners know there is wisdom in outsourcing to a skilled Virtual Assistant, but they often have no idea how to find the right person for the job. You can hook client after client in these networking groups by positioning yourself as the solution to their problems. You can accomplish this feat with strategic, well-timed, and useful offers of help.

When this is done with relationship building in mind, this tactic is an easy way to demonstrate your authority and build trust with potential clients. It won’t be long before they’re sending you a private message or requesting a link to your booking page.

A Smart Choice for Moms Who Want Real Income
Whether your goal is to bring in a bit of side income, become a booked-out freelancer, or the head of your own agency, choosing to start a work-at-home Virtual Assistance business is a smart choice for stay-at-home moms!

You can waste hours of your precious time plugging away at surveys for pennies or stretching yourself thin as a nanny for minimal pay.

Or you can make the wise move and begin a legitimate and profitable business that you can grow as large as you need it to be, at your own pace.

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