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5 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant skills for 2022.

Take notice whether you are either a virtual assistant who is thinking about increasing your skill set or an enterprise that is curious about how other businesses are using virtual assistants as a talent solution. We forecast the top five most in-demand talents for veterans’ assistants (VAs) for the year 2022 and provide resources for VAs who wish to develop their abilities in each of these categories.

1. Virtual Executive Assistants

A fantastic group of people and an unsung superhero executive assistant are always there supporting a fantastic boss. In addition, an increasing number of businesses are moving toward remote or hybrid work arrangements, which is driving a rapid increase in the need for virtual executive assistants.

What exactly is an executive assistant that is virtual? The primary focus of virtual executive assistants, who are often assigned to one or two top executives within a company, is to ensure that their managers are able to function at the highest possible levels. The role of a virtual executive assistant is to keep their boss productive by making sure they have everything they need to function at their highest level of capability. In most cases, virtual executive assistants are five steps ahead of the bosses they serve.

The position of virtual executive assistant is not for those who are easily discouraged; after all, EAs are responsible for the most difficult supervisors of anybody. The most effective virtual executive assistants are resourceful and quick to make decisions, possess a high degree of emotional intelligence, sound judgment, and exceptional prioritizing abilities. They maintain their composure in high-stakes situations and successfully carry out particular tasks while still keeping the bigger picture in mind. They develop into a reliable collaborator in the accomplishment of their leader’s goals.

2. Content creation

One of the service categories that is being sought by VA FLIX customers at an increasing rate is content production for websites and social media platforms. Design

Because to programs like Crello and Canva that are both free and reasonably priced, fundamental graphic design has become much more accessible to the general public. These platforms allow you to upload corporate logos, fonts, colors, and other visual assets, which can then be used in customisable templates for a variety of purposes, including the creation of pictures for social media platforms, digital advertisements, postcards, and t-shirt designs.

Of all, a tool is just one element of the equation; there is an art to making high-quality images that are successful, and there is also a discipline involved. In order to be successful in this sector, aspiring creators need to educate themselves on design concepts and put those ideas into practice.

The two platforms for creating content that have been discussed up to this point each feature learning parts on their own websites. These learning sections contain design advice. Copywriting

In addition to content producers that work with visual media, our customers are increasingly interested in hiring skilled marketers who can write. This encompasses both shorter forms of copywriting, such as those used for advertisements and social media, and lengthier forms, such as those used for email marketing campaigns, ebooks, and blog entries.

We are great admirers of the articles and training given by Copyhackers for building persuasive writing abilities with an emphasis on generating outcomes in marketing. There are free as well as premium choices available. ‍

‍3. Social Media Management

Naturally, content for social media platforms should always be considered within the context of a bigger social media strategy. Someone has to be responsible for creating the calendar, posting the material, monitoring the outcomes, and engaging with those who follow the account. Managing all of this effectively is no easy task, particularly for firms that participate in many social media platforms and take into account the volume of information that these organizations are required to provide in order to generate interaction. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that the need for virtual assistants who handle social media is expanding in line with the demand for content providers.
The following are recommended resources for training on social media:
  • These days, our Instagram Strategy course is selling like hotcakes due to the popularity of Instagram as a social platform for companies. Instagram is one of the most prevalent social networks utilized by businesses.
  • The social media certification offered by Hubspot is highly acclaimed, and the company also provides high-quality training on social media for free.

4. Email Marketing

Keeping with the general idea of providing assistance for marketing efforts, we anticipate a continuing strong demand for expertise in email marketing this year. In spite of forecasts to the contrary, email has continued to thrive as a viable medium for marketing communications, despite earlier predictions to the contrary. In addition, intelligent email automation solutions are making it more simpler than ever before to generate an amazing ROI via the use of campaigns that are intelligently targeted.

Find a relevant course, such as this one on ConvertKit or the 101 course offered by MailChimp, if you are a virtual assistant getting ready to work with a new client who will be utilizing an email platform that you are not familiar with.

5. Bookkeeping

Finally, but certainly not least, virtual accounting assistants will be in high demand this year. With particular, those with experience working in Quickbooks Online (also known as QBO) will be in demand. Despite the fact that they are aware of its significance, many owners of businesses recoil in horror at the mere concept of handling their own accounting and financial records. Come to the rescue, bookkeeping virtual assistants!

It can be simpler than you think to add accounting to your repertoire if you’re currently working as a virtual assistant and want to expand your services. Beginning with “How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant” is a good place to start. Then, take advantage of the free webinars, videos, and lessons offered by Quickbooks to develop a higher level of expertise in the program.

The Future Is Virtual

As a result of the fact that it is anticipated that the gig economy would increase to $455 billion by the year 2023, the need for professional virtual freelancers will continue to climb. The epidemic served to hasten the tendency, and our projections indicate that it will continue. Everyone in the globe is certain that flexible and remote talent solutions are the way to go now that they have seen their advantages.

However, the downside of this is that competition is very tough, and only the most competent individuals will be able to get the finest assignments. Continue to invest in your ‘product,’ which is your skill set, since this is the finest piece of advise that we can provide to both established and prospective virtual assistants. We hope that your studies go well!

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