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Hire a Virtual Assistant in The Philippines | Trusted and Reliable Virtual Assistants | Outsource

Hire a Virtual Assistant in The Philippines | Trusted and Reliable Virtual Assistants | Outsource


VA FLIX is a new startup that recruits Philippines-based Millennial Virtual Assistants. Our tagline is “Hire a Virtual Assistant Now, and Chill”. In other words, we match a Virtual Assistant to help busy CEOs, founders, executives, real estate professionals, Podcast hosts etc get more leverage, more impact and more success, we take the load off your plate so you can have time not only for yourself but also for your family AND chill….

VA FLIX takes care of all the administrative work (contract, tracking, payroll, coaching etc) but our clients and their Virtual Assistant have a direct, personal relationship just like how clients would treat an on-site employee. That means clients and their Virtual Assistants are both responsible for communicating well and building a trusted, positive, long-term relationship.

VA FLIX started out as a vision from Karen and John, prior to building a community of virtual assistants in the Philippines. Karen and John have worked as a Virtual Assistant themselves helping clients in different sorts of industries based in the US, UK and AU specifically. They are passionate in helping clients, it only makes sense to grow their network and help their co-filipino virtual assistants to showcase their skills and their passion globally.

VA FLIX offers remote staffing and virtual assistant services, they provide high-functioning Virtual Assistants to help you not only grow your business and keep things organized but also to make sure we help you free up your time from the things you don’t necessarily need to do yourself.

Bottom line is: We help you focus on what’s important, your business, we take the load off your plate so you can have time not only for yourself but also for your family.

After a few months, Karen and John saw a great value of having a great virtual assistant that could do more than just one role. Karen and John have realized they wanted to share that experience with other professionals.

They believe in the saying… “If you dream, make it bigger!”

Karen and John’s Dream for VA FLIX is to have their services reach the global market, where the services reach not only to just one or two countries. They want to showcase the skills of the Filipino people globally so clients know the extent of our fellow Filipinos’ capacities in the world of the Virtual Assistant Industry.


VA FLIX’s mission is to improve the work-life balance of small to medium business owners from different industries and inspire other companies to constantly innovate effective and practical ways to make a positive and good intention for our clients. We want to develop a secure, positive and comprehensive network through collaborative planning, taking action and policy advocacy.

We connect our clients with top-level, highly educated, skilled and with a good heart virtual assistants to be a crucial member of our clients’ team. We are made by professionals, for professionals. We remain as human as possible where clients can Do more and Work less.


VA FLIX’s vision is to become the first choice of affordable and premiere Virtual Assistants for entrepreneurs and business owners. It is our passion to help businesses to level up by providing an array of professional services and well trained experienced virtual assistants. We provide a programmed set of packages tailored to fit the company’s needs to increase productivity and produce positive impact for additional revenue opportunities. We envision entrepreneurs and/or business owners to have the freedom and have a sustainable and thriving business.

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