9 Valuable Cold Calling Techniques for Telesales Success in 2022 virtual assistant hire philippines va flix vaflix VA FLIX

9 Valuable Cold Calling Techniques For Telesales Success in 2022

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It’s possible that they don’t realize how effective it is, or that they don’t have a firm handle on the winning strategies of cold calling, but a lot of salesmen attempt to pitch cold calling as an outdated strategy. This was the case even before the epidemic and the decrease in the frequency of face-to-face encounters. But the salesmen couldn’t have been more off base.

According to data conducted before the epidemic, an astounding 92 percent of all consumer transactions take place by telephone. Because each of these possibilities hinges on making the first contact, it is much more vital that you brush up on your tactics for making cold calls. Considering the sheer volume of potential openings involved here.

We get it. The process of prospecting might be difficult. It is estimated that forty percent of salespeople find prospecting to be the most challenging aspect of their professions. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a large number of salespeople dislike making cold calls. Despite that, this is quite positive news. If you go at it in the proper way, you’ll have a better chance of breaking through the door than your rivals will.

In light of this fact, have a look at the following advice on best practices for cold calling in order to improve your outcomes and cultivate a more positive connection with the process.

Start using these cold calling techniques today and watch your sales numbers soar

  1. Learn to love it

If you don’t love anything, it will probably come through in your tone, words, or general excitement, and people aren’t inclined to give their money to someone who doesn’t have a lot of passion for what they’re doing. The ability to make a living via telesales comes more naturally to certain individuals than to others. If making cold calls makes you cringe, then stop doing it. It’s not hard to say that, but if you can discover aspects of it that you find enjoyable (like producing money! ), your presentation will come off as much more compelling. Think of it as a contest you’re having with yourself. You should push yourself. We should focus on the victories and overlook the defeats. Get thrilled about the people you will meet and the connections you will establish, regardless of whether or not it will go somewhere. Enjoy the event and try not to worry about the tension.

  1. Scripts save

One of the most effective strategies for making cold calls is to read from a call script that has been prepared in advance. At first, you may perhaps get the impression that it is strange or even that it is phony. Perform drills whenever you have a free moment. Examine how well your scripts work with the help of your loved ones and close friends. After some time has passed, you will realize that using a script assists you in staying on course, remembering all of the important elements, and maintaining a consistent length of time for each conversation.

  1. Thrive on rejection

To thrive in the face of rejection may seem counterintuitive, yet doing so may be beneficial since it enables you to conquer the most difficult aspect of telesales. Nobody like hearing the word “no,” but in the world of sales, more than in any other, the rejection isn’t personal. Put each failure behind you as motivation to succeed in the next call you make. The more negative feedback you get, the closer you most likely are to achieving your goal of success. (However, you should still review your performance to verify that you are making use of the most effective cold calling strategies.)

  1. Timing counts

Although you won’t be able to complete all of your calls at once, it could be good to organize them in order of priority according to the best periods for cold calling. It is widely agreed that the optimum time to make a cold call is between the hours of four and five in the afternoon, followed by the hours of eight and nine in the morning. However, opinions on this topic are not unanimous. Thursday is often the best day to give them a call. When you do call, try to avoid calling on Mondays, at lunchtime, or in the evening.

  1. Start smart

The next tactic on our rundown of methods for making cold calls is to get off to a solid start. Instead of jumping immediately into your sales pitch once you’ve introduced yourself, try beginning with an interesting joke or tale to grab the attention of the person you’re speaking with. It is true that you only have a small amount of time (between 10 and 15 seconds) to spark someone’s attention, but that does not imply that you have to do so with the product or service that you are selling. Employ your charm. Make use of your wit and charm. People will be interested in you if you are intriguing to them.

  1. Mind your tone

The majority of us don’t devote a significant amount of time to actively listening to our own voices. That can be a critical mistake in telesales, where body language is non-existent. Be sure that your tone is upbeat and full of enthusiasm. It is important that you pay attention during the conversation to avoid speaking in a monotone without realizing it. Utilize auto-dialing software such as Call Logic to record your phone calls, and afterward play them back to get an idea of how you come across to other people as well as any areas in which you may stand to improve.

  1. Get personal

If you come out as unoriginal, potential customers are less inclined to interact with you. Modify your call scripts so that they are more personalized and specific to each individual prospect. Find something you both have an interest in, whether it be your family, a sport, entertainment, or anything else. (However, stay away from political discussions just in case.) Address their particular need and explain how your product or service will satisfy that requirement. Personalization leads to the development of empathy, which is one of the most effective strategies for using cold calling to form connections.

  1. Stand and smile

If you make all of your calls from a desk, you run the danger of becoming monotonous and robotic. Although this may seem ridiculous at first, it’s true. Make use of a hands-free set so that you may move about freely, gesture with your hands (if it is something that comes easily to you), and generally behave as if you are talking to someone in person. That also implies to put on a happy face! It is true that no one will see you smile, but it will automatically brighten your tone and make you seem more alive than you may be feeling. Additionally, it will be beneficial preparation for when you really do meet one another in person.

  1. Summarize and follow up

Finally, as the conversation is drawing to a close, you should review the topics that have been covered, the next actions that you intend to take, and the next steps that you want your prospect to do. Keep in mind that first calls seldom result in sales, so while practicing your cold calling tactics, concentrate on accomplishing more manageable objectives instead, such as scheduling the next meeting, gathering or disseminating further information, delving deeper into a prospect’s demands, and so on. After you have completed your summary of the conversation, use your autodialer to remind yourself to follow up with the person a few days or a week later. Sending follow-up emails may also be quite beneficial, and it is easy to automate this process using software such as Call Logic. It is possible that the remainder of the process will seem lot more natural and pleasurable to you if you are successful in bringing a prospect past the finish line and onto the next milestone.

There has never been a better moment to brush up on your phone sales abilities than right now. Increasing your sales may be accomplished with as little as a small amount of effort each day.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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