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Who we are

Who We Are?

VA FLIX is a new startup that recruits Philippines-based Millennial Virtual Assistants. Our tagline is “Hire a Virtual Assistant Now, and Chill”. In other words, we match a Virtual Assistant to help busy CEOs, founders, executives, real estate professionals, Podcast hosts etc. get more leverage, more impact and more success, we take the load off your plate so you can have time not only for yourself but also for your family AND chill…. 


VA FLIX takes care of all the administrative work (contract, tracking, payroll, coaching etc.) but our clients and their Virtual Assistant have a direct, personal relationship just like how clients would treat an on-site employee. That means clients and their Virtual Assistants are both responsible for communicating well and building a trusted, positive, long-term relationship.


VA FLIX started out as a vision from Karen and John, prior to building a community of virtual assistants in the Philippines. Karen and John have worked as a Virtual Assistant themselves helping clients in different sorts of industries based in the US, UK and AU specifically. They are passionate in helping clients, it only makes sense to grow their network and help their co-filipino virtual assistants to showcase their skills and their passion globally.


VA FLIX offers remote staffing and virtual assistant services, they provide high-functioning Virtual Assistants to help you not only grow your business and keep things organized but also to make sure we help you free up your time from the things you don’t necessarily need to do yourself.

Bottom line is: We help you focus on what’s important, your business, we take the load off your plate so you can have time not only for yourself but also for your famil

After a few months, Karen and John saw a great value of having a great virtual assistant that could do more than just one role. Karen and John have realized they wanted to share that experience with other professionals.


They believe in the saying… “If you dream, make it bigger!”


Karen and John’s Dream for VA FLIX is to have their services reach the global market, where the services reach not only to just one or two countries. They want to showcase the skills of the Filipino people globally so clients know the extent of our fellow Filipinos’ capacities in the world of the Virtual Assistant Industry.


  • Our clients are happy that they get to spend more time on what they need most in their company, no need to waste energy and time on things that can be outsourced.

  • Our clients are surprised where they have a new-found peace of mind and life balance (they’ve got time getting to the gym, spending more time with their children; ending the workday at a reasonable time; attending more family events; having sufficient time to do critical thinking on their business; etc.)

  • Our clients will find it convenient and economical to only pay less in comparison to hiring an assistant locally or on-shore (Our clients are not paying for benefits, office space, equipment, payroll tax, etc.) – They even have a dedicated Manager from VA FLIX to help you hand in hand to check their assistant’s productivity

  • Our clients feel that they have a partner who has their back, we only not treat our clients as our valued customers but we treat everyone (including our assistants as Family)
  • VA FLIX Assistants are experienced being on virtual or remote teams and how to perform well in that environment.We make sure our assistants are properly vetted, highly skilled, good communicators, highly educated and someone who has a good heart.
  • We work with our clients to establish effective communication structures to make sure you are clear about what work is being done and what has been accomplished on a day-to-day basis.
  • Our Clients also have access to all the departments in the company to get all the support that you need, you will be working with a dedicated Manager working with you hand in hand to make sure your assistant/s is/are being productive and efficient for you.
  • Your dedicated VA FLIX Assistant is available anywhere from 20 to 40 hours/week. It’s amazing the difference that just 20 hours/week of support can make in the life of a business executive. 
  • The Founder and the Co-Founder of VA FLIX provides coaching at no additional charge for clients who may have never had an assistant before or want support on how to work most effectively with their assigned assistant.
  • All our Assistants are independent contractors who work from home in the Philippines, with their own equipment. Our dedicated Managers always make sure they are fully-equipped (this is part of our hiring process) – Our lovely clients save money, they don’t need to provide office space, equipment, benefits, etc. You’ll just have to pay the package you’d like to avail.
Our Team

Meet The Team

Karen Po

Owner | Founder

John Laurence Marzan

Owner | Co-Founder
Jan Ryan Moulic

Jan Ryan Moulic

Operations Manager

Nica Fangonil

Project Manager
Trizzia Nicole Velasco

Trizzia Nicole Velasco

Project Manager

Anette Marie

Account Manager
Kristine Mapili

Kristine Mapili

Human Resource Manager

Billy Joe Benitez

Marketing Coordinator

John Rey De Guzman

Creative Writer and Marketing Analyst
Vanessa Medalla

Vanessa Medalla

Executive Assistant

John Alexis Haban

Creative Audio and Visual Editor

Matthew Marzan

Creative Audio and Visual Editor
Clarence Mayo

Clarence Mayo

Creative Audio and Visual Editor
Brylle Tadeja

Brylle Tadeja

Graphic Designer
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