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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant Receptionist

If you don’t have the money or space to hire a full-time receptionist, you might think the only option is to answer the phones yourself. This isn’t always the best option. However, if your business gets more than a few calls a day, this strategy won’t work long. The next time your phone rings, you’ll have to decide if you’ll let the call interrupt your work or let it go to voice mail. If you choose the first option, you’ll be less productive. The second option will make your customers unhappy, which can have a long-term effect on your business. There is also the option of hiring a virtual assistant receptionist.

The job of a virtual assistant and receptionist is to answer phones and send emails.

A virtual receptionist and assistant takes care of your phones from afar. The service is live and includes all of the things you would get if you had a receptionist who came to your front door.There are live calls coming in from the outside.

The main thing a virtual receptionist does is answer live calls. In the future, your virtual assistant will be able to give people information about your company as well as your products and services, as well as answer questions about them.

People will send you messages.

Sometimes, your VA won’t be able to solve a caller’s problem, or the caller might need to talk to you. Your virtual receptionist can take a message for you if you aren’t there. She can also get the person’s phone number and email address for you. Call back at a time that works for you.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use a virtual receptionist to answer calls and send them to the right person. This lets you have one receptionist for the whole team. A call transfer service is very useful when clients need an answer quickly or when the receptionist can’t handle the situation alone.

Making Phone Calls

Your virtual receptionist can also make calls outside of your company. Orders with suppliers, follow-ups with clients, maintenance requests, and subscription renewals and cancellations are some of the things you might do.

Make Appointments

One of the most time-consuming things you can do with the phone is set up appointments. You have to show up at a time that works for everyone. There’s always the chance that someone will have to change their plans. These things will be done for you by a virtual receptionist, and they will make sure your calendar is manageable, realistic, and tailored to your needs.

Score the leads

If you hire virtual receptionists who know a lot about sales and marketing, they can even help you keep leads coming back. This way, the VA can give leads a score and add them to your CRM when they call. You’ll then know what to do with each lead.

When it comes to virtual receptionist help, how do they work?

As if all of this sounds complicated, I can tell you this: It isn’t at all. To start, there are three things you need to do.

  1. Set Up Call Forwarding. This is the first thing you need to do. Customers will still be able to call you from the same number that they have always used. As long as you set up call forwarding, your receptionist will be able to answer the phone calls on his or her own.
  1. Write a Script: To make sure the virtual receptionist looks and sounds like you want, you’ll give your VA a script. Here, you should answer any questions that callers usually have. You should also give clients step-by-step instructions on how to go about their business, as well as general information about your company and policies. In addition to the script, it’s a good idea to give your VA a document that tells them what your brand voice is like, including what words to use and what words to avoid.

Your virtual receptionist will need to be able to see your calendar to be able to set up appointments with you. In addition to setting up appointments over the phone, your VA may use software to let clients, partners, and other people book a time that is still open. It will be easy for the virtual assistant to block out time on your calendar when you can’t be there for any reason. It will also make sure you have extra time around appointments in case they take a little longer than you expected.

The benefits of having a virtual assistant receptionist

When you use virtual assistant services, you get a lot more than you get when you keep your phone in your own hands or hire a receptionist in person.

Free up your time.

There is less to think about when you don’t have to think about phone calls. This means you’ll be more productive, and you’ll also be doing work that you like to do, which means you’ll be more productive.

During Non-Business Hours: Take Calls

As long as you have a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to answer your phones during business hours. During the evenings and on the weekends, you can have someone answer your phone. This could be good for your business.

Boost Customer Loyalty

A virtual receptionist will give your customers great service. As soon as you call, the VA will be there to answer your questions or help you solve a problem. People who work as virtual assistants are also trained in good customer service habits. This is very important because good customer service leads to more repeat business and higher-value sales.

To get a Competitive Edge:

Giving professional customer service will make your business look better, which will help you keep up with the competition. If your closest competitors have receptionists who answer their phones, this is even more important.

Save a lot of money.

Most businesses find a virtual receptionist to be cheap, especially when they consider the better customer service and more efficient work. As long as you only pay for the hours you use, it is much cheaper than having a full-time receptionist at your business. In addition, you won’t have to pay for training or office space.


Virtual assistants can work more hours and do more work as your business grows. You can hire them to work more hours and do more. Plus, you’ll have a plan in place if the situation at your business changes temporarily and you get more calls. For example, the release of a new product or service might make more people call for help or make more appointments. It’s also possible that you’d just like to take a week off and need someone to answer your phone calls.

How much does it cost to hire a virtual receptionist for your office?

In general, the price of a virtual receptionist is between $10 and $25 an hour. VAs are paid in one of three ways.

Hour by Hour

There are some virtual assistants who only charge you for the time they spend working for you. In this case, it will include time spent answering calls and doing other administrative work.

As a service

Pay for each phone call if you just want someone to answer your calls. You can also choose to call. Make sure to find out what a call is before you do this. Even if the connection goes down, will your phone bill go up because you made a mistake or had to call back?

The same VA may also be able to do other things for the same or a different price. To give an example, more specialized services may cost more money.

Pay-As-You-Go Subscriber

In order to have more control over how much money you spend on VA services and more flexibility in the types of services you get, you might want to buy a subscription service instead. This will give you a certain number of hours that you can use as you want. If you buy a prepaid package from the best agencies, you can either get it for a set amount of time or be able to keep the hours you don’t use.

As a business owner, you need a virtual receptionist who knows how to give great customer service to your clients. The virtual assistants at VA FLIX are good at answering phones and can help you with a lot of other things, too. You’ll only pay for the time your VA works, and you can choose how many hours per month you want. To get a 10% discount on our live receptionist and virtual assistant services, set up a meeting.

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