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What To Prepare Before You Begin Working With Your Virtual Assistant.

If you have never used a virtual assistant before, you may find that in the beginning there is a bit of a learning curve involved in learning how to properly interact with your virtual assistant and how to delegate responsibilities. This is particularly important to keep in mind if this would be your first time collaborating with a virtual assistant. Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you and your organization in making the transition to giving support remotely in the most seamless manner possible.

It is crucial to choose the most suitable virtual assistant for your business and the many responsibilities you need to do in order to realize your objectives. It is possible to find an assistant who is an excellent fit for each and every one of the various businesses that are currently available because our marketplace contains hundreds of professional and skilled assistants who have a wide range of experience in fields ranging from real estate administration to graphic design. As soon as you have concluded that a remote employee, such as a virtual assistant, is the most suitable choice for your business, it is necessary to organize your operations and be ready to work closely with your newly recruited remote worker.

These are the preparations you need to do before beginning to work with your virtual assistant, so make sure you check them all off.

Determine where you need support 

Make a list of all of the activities and things that you need assistance with before you talk to your virtual assistant for the first time.

Are you finding it difficult to stay afloat among the never-ending stream of fresh emails and demands for your calendar? Are you falling behind on the monthly reconciliation reports that you need to complete? Do you urgently need the services of a creative person to develop advertisements and graphics for social media? Do you need the assistance of a community manager to manage the apparently endless interactions and comments that you get on social media? Or maybe a someone who specializes in grammar to proofread the client’s work.

When you are able to be more particular with your list, it will be much simpler for you to assign jobs and communicate with your virtual assistant exactly what it is that you want them to do for you.

Prioritize your task list

Rearrange your jobs according to their level of importance after you have completed your final work list and it is ready to go.

Are there any projects that you’d want your virtual assistant to begin working on right away? Which of your current projects are you having trouble meeting their deadlines?

In the beginning, it is really helpful to have a crystal clear knowledge of what needs to be the top priority. In addition to assisting your new VA with time management, this will prevent both you and your new VA from feeling overwhelmed during the transition phase that is now taking place. If there are any chores or projects that have specific due dates, jot them down so that you may have them on hand when you speak with your assistant for the first time.

Set a frequency for recurring tasks 

If you have continuous duties that need to be handled on a regular basis, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, you should communicate your expectations to your virtual assistant (VA) about how often you need these things accomplished and when. Your VA will be able to better grasp what is required of them and better organize their schedules as a result of this.

Create a contact list for your team

When working with your virtual assistant, communication is of the utmost importance. Virtual assistants have access to a wide array of messaging applications and tools, as well as laptops, phones, and cameras, all of which may help enhance the flow of your communications. Make a decision about the mode of communication that you choose to use with your virtual assistant, such as email, direct calls and text messaging, or video conferencing.

Make a list of important members of your team who may need to communicate with your virtual assistant and include their names on the list. Please provide their preferred form of contact as well as the many ways in which they may be contacted. 

Gather your login information and passwords 

Get your login credentials available in case your virtual assistant needs access to any of your accounts, whether it be your email, social media channels, or accounting software. If this is the case, your virtual assistant will be able to access any account that you specify. Be ready to provide assistance to your VA when the time comes to get them through the process of verifying their account using a two-step verification process, as many accounts will demand this the first time your VA uses them.

Get ready for your first call and training

Once you have all of this material prepared and ready to go for your first contact, you should think about setting off some time in your calendar for any necessary follow-up training sessions that may be needed. It’s possible that your virtual assistant may require training on the internal procedures your company utilizes, as well as the software and other applications that your staff works with. This may be done on the first call, or it can be done over the course of a series of video calls in which you share your screen and demonstrate the steps that need to be taken.

It is a given that there will be a steep learning curve for any new member of the team at the beginning of their tenure. As soon as you and your assistant start to generate momentum in your communication and job delegation, the work that you and the other members of your team do together will become second nature to both of you and to the other members of your team.

Getting yourself organized and being well-prepared for your first meeting with your new virtual assistant will put both of you in a position to have the most success possible with your company right from the beginning.

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