What Is The Average Rate For A Virtual Assistant? What Is The Average Rate For A Virtual Assistant?

What Is The Average Rate For A Virtual Assistant?

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?


The following factors will determine how much you will be charged for a virtual assistant:

  • the characteristics of the work to be done
  • the quantity of time that will be required
  • the capabilities, credentials, and practical experience of the virtual assistant

The following are the three typical payment models accepted by the VA:

Hourly Rate

You can negotiate a price per hour with your virtual assistant for the work that they do on your behalf. This is the mode of payment that is utilized by VAs the majority of the time. This means that you only pay your VA once they begin working, and you are not charged for any hours that they do not use.

If you have a set number of hours that you are able to work each week and if your workload varies from week to week, the hourly rate may be a good option for you to consider. After that, the remaining hours can be used however is necessary, or they can be saved for later use.

Fixed Rate

There is also the option of settling on a predetermined price for individual projects or benchmarks. You could, for instance, pay a one-time flat fee to have someone design your website or write ten blog posts on your behalf.

Retainer Fee

You can negotiate a retainer agreement with a VA if you anticipate needing their services on a regular basis. In this scenario, you would be required to pay a recurring fee in exchange for a predetermined amount of work or hours.

The majority of the time, the VA company is the one to handle remitting the compensation and benefits due to the veteran. When you hire through a virtual assistant (VA) company, there is also increased accountability because the company screens, trains, and monitors the VAs working for you.

In addition, there are virtual assistants who function as self-employed independent contractors. When working with freelance virtual assistants, you will need to spend some time negotiating their rates as well as the amount of time they will put in. 

Keep in mind that the rates for freelance VAs will vary. Others may charge on a per-project basis, while others may charge an hourly rate for their services.


Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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