What Every Business Owner Should Know About Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing va flix virtual assistants in the philippines

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing

When it comes to your business, should you consider hiring a virtual assistant or outsourcing some of your work to a third party? What does outsourcing mean?

A business method known as outsourcing involves enlisting the help of a third party to carry out tasks, manage processes, or supply resources to a company. An example of this would be a business that wants to create an app for their company.

A company can outsource the work to a third-party agency to save money on IT staffing and software purchases. Recruiting, accounting, payroll, and legal advice are all services that can be outsourced.

Using a third party to complete a project or task is known as outsourcing, which is a more general term. A service, a task, or even a professional, can be outsourced by a business of any size.

A virtual assistant is just what it sounds like.

An administrative, technical, and creative virtual assistant helps a company achieve a specific business goal. Depending on the project, a virtual assistant may work full time, part time, or only when needed.

They’re usually hired by smaller businesses as an alternative to full-time employees because of the lower costs and higher quality of work they provide.

True or False information

Facts about outsourcing and virtual assistants that you should be aware of

Using Capitol Counselor’s facts as a source.

  1. It was estimated that the global outsourcing market amounted to $92.5 billion in 2019.
  2. Because outsourcing saves money and reduces costs, this is the most common reason for outsourcing (59 percent).
  3. In 2015, the United States hired -14.3 million workers from its overseas affiliates.
  4. – The United States accounted for an astounding
    -84.2% of all outsourcing contracts in 2017.
  5. According to IT outsourcing statistics, 60 percent of the work is related to the IT industry.
  6. 20% of small businesses outsource to improve their productivity.”
  7. More than two-thirds of those who outsource do so in order to benefit from the expertise of others, while sixteen percent do so in order to be more adaptable.
  8. Each year, the United States outsources about 300,000 jobs.
  9. Outsourcing budgets are expected to rise by 85% in 2020, say logistics executives around the world (and beyond).
  10. Maintaining positive working relationships with one’s outsourcing partners appears to be essential in today’s competitive outsourcing environment in the United States (for both businesses involved).
  11. Over a third of small businesses (37%) outsource at least one of their business functions.

All of us have gotten caught up in the benefits of outsourcing, and its more specific counterpart is also catching up. If you’re still skeptical, the following facts may change your mind about virtual assistants.

Check out the following list of stats on virtual assistants and remote workers compiled from various studies and surveys if you’re still on the fence about hiring one for your company.

  1. Using virtual assistants instead of full-time employees can save companies as much as -78% in operational costs, according to the most recent data.
  2. 90% of remote workers choose to work from home for the rest of their lives…
  3. India and the Philippines are the most popular places to find virtual assistants.
  4. Office workers are more likely to suffer from depression than those who work from home because of the stress of their jobs.
  5. Over half of all virtual assistants work full-time.
  6. The vast majority of remote workers believe that working from home improves their productivity.

There is a significant age gap between virtual assistants and their clients, with the average age being around 35. Virtual assistants come from all over the world, which increases the variety of the working environment.

There has been a significant increase in productivity among workers who work from home, according to the most recent work from home statistics.

An estimated $1.3 billion in additional value to the United States economy is generated each year by workers who switch to a work-from-home arrangement.Hiring virtual assistants for your business can also free up your time to spend with your
loved ones and devote it to more important things.

In terms of your company, what does this mean?

Both remote workers and business leaders appear to benefit from outsourcing and virtual assistants. Outsourcing and virtual assistants have a promising future, as shown by the numbers above, even after COVID-19 is implemented.

If your company is planning on expanding and reaching out to a global audience, outsourcing virtual assistants is a viable option. There are many advantages to using virtual assistants, including lower costs, greater efficiency than traditional office staff, and the ability to balance work and personal life more easily.

VA FLIX Virtual Assistants can assist you in finding a professional to support your business, run digital marketing, handle your social media accounts, and other tasks.

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