Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant for Personal Development Coaches

Coaching may be the most rewarding occupation in the world. It will not only require continual attention and effort, but it will also take you through the highs and lows of the many people you’re coaching. It takes a lot of energy to be in someone’s corner.

Those who work in personal or business counseling know how important it is to have someone on their side. VA FLIX’s Virtual Assistant for Coaches is available to assist you.

What Personal Development Coaches Can Do with a Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX

You’ve probably heard of a virtual assistant—someone who can perform the duties of an assistant but does everything virtually or in a remote location. So, what do you think separates virtual assistants for business and life coaches from any other virtual assistants?

It all boils down to the type of work you do. As a coach, you face unique challenges that a simple brick-and-mortar business may not. Here are a few examples of these challenges:

  • Managing both inbox and a calendar.

Personal and business coaching are difficult because they need constant balancing of a calendar and a diverse group of customers, who have their own set of requirements. How do you remain on top of things while focusing 100 percent of your attention on each client’s unique needs? To guarantee that there are no overlaps, VA FLIX,  who works with coaches, is able to manage your schedule—and your calendar software.

  • Handling the business aspects of your company so you can concentrate on your clients.

Most likely, you chose to coach as a vocation because you wanted to work directly with people. You wished to assist them. And the only way to do that is to give them the one-on-one attention they deserve. If you spend all of your time on data entry, bookkeeping, and communications, you won’t be able to run the business you desire. VA FLIX  can fill in those gaps, allowing you to concentrate on your task.

  • Advertising your company.

When you’re focused on your clients, how will you ever have time to advertise your business? How can you move aside from the day-to-day needs of your business to tackle the logistics of producing these promotional tools, say, if you want to produce a webinar? You hire a virtual assistant who has worked with them in the past, VA FLIX  is the suitable one.


What Tasks Coaches Can Assign to Virtual Assistants

Consider a day in the life of a business or personal coach, and how that day may differ if you hire VA FLIX to assist you with your work. Let’s look at some of the tasks that will make your life as a coach a little easier:

  • Scheduling follow-ups. 

A coach’s ability to provide a personal touch is one of the most crucial aspects of their job. After all, that is what your customers are paying for. Even if you’re not in the office, VA FLIX will ensure that your clients receive updates on scheduling changes and approvals. For example, if a customer wants to cancel a session while you’re on vacation, VA FLIX  can still handle the task while you’re away. VA FLIX  can also handle follow-up appointments and integrate them into your schedule.

  • Marketing management.

As a business or life coach with a full client roster, it’s reasonable to expect that you won’t always have time to manage your marketing activities. Whether it’s managing an email list full of potential leads or not being able to update your social media profiles on a regular basis, it’s critical that you continue to do these things in order to have a steady stream of client leads coming in. Without you having to lift a finger, outsourcing this labor to a VA FLIX can make your Internet marketing presence much more consistent.

  • Bookkeeping and expense tracking.

Let’s imagine you’re utilizing a business card to purchase new technology to help you keep in touch with your clients. Is it possible to keep track of those expenses? When it’s time to file your taxes, how will you get them? VA FLIX can relieve you of some of your least favorite responsibilities, allowing you to focus on the growth and quality of your company.

  • Travel arrangements.

Do you need to plan a flight to meet with a client? Attending a conference but don’t want to deal with all the details of making all the essential reservations? VA FLIX   can easily handle your travel reservations, allowing you to create a timetable that is far more manageable than if you handled every element yourself. This includes the following:

  • Other general responsibilities. 

Do you require testimonials to be written? What are your thoughts on online reviews? Someone to go through social media and respond professionally to what people are saying? Creating new client onboarding documentation? Anything that has to be done around the office and that can be done on a computer can be included by the VA FLIX services. 

Why Coaches Need a Virtual Assistant

What are the tangible benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, even if you take it at face value that having one will make your life as a coach much easier?

There are quite a few, as it turns out:

  • ​​Spending Less.

One of the most tangible advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is that you will save money compared to hiring a full-time employee. “Hiring a virtual assistant is three times cheaper than hiring a full-time employee,” according to Benefits, a full-time wage, and other financial obligations come with being a full-time employee. A virtual assistant is more adaptable, allowing you to hire them for as many hours as you need during the day. When performing contract work, virtual assistants can either take care of their own benefits or the benefits might be provided by the organization that employs them. Everything on your end is not only cheaper, but it’s also more convenient.

  • Good Communication.

Because business and personal coaches work one-on-one with their clients, personal service is essential. The issue is that you don’t always have the time or energy to keep up with all of the personal communications that your clients should expect from you. A virtual assistant from VA flix can smooth out the rough edges and ensure that your email inbox never becomes so clogged that you don’t know who to respond to next.

  • Increased Communication.

As a personal development coach, you’re probably used to communicating through a single channel—with clients, leads, and everyone else. However, hiring a virtual assistant from VA FLIX means you’ll be able to handle communications across multiple media channels. While you focus on one-on-one conversations with clients, VA FLIX is here to help other clients and leads feel heard.

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