From A Call Center Agent In The Philippines To A Virtual Assistant In Canada

From a Call Center Agent in The Philippines to a Virtual Assistant in Canada

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

008- Roanne Garcia From a Call Center Agent To a Successful Virtual Team Leader Living in Canada.

Roanne Garcia
Virtual Team Leader, Canada OT

– Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast with Karen Po and John Marzan Episode 008

Roanne Garcia has graduated as a Hotel and Restaurant Management here in the Philippines. She started working in the corporate world at the age of 18. She works in different big companies as a Call Center Agent. From that experience, Roanne was able to learn how to enjoy work and being in a team, As an experienced Customer Service Representative and a Team Leader, Roanne became an expert on Handling any kind of Situation dealing with any clients from different industries. Roanne Garcia has 10 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing. she started working from home in 2016 and even worked as a business development manager in the previous company she worked for. At present, Roanne is Living in Canada with her family and still working at home as a Team Leader for a Real Estate Company in the US.

In this episode, Roanne shared how she struggled a lot when she was just starting as a Virtual Assistant – from not having the means to pay for the internet and getting her own laptop, which didn’t stop her to pursue her career. Being a Virtual Assistant for nearly a decade, she has been really successful with her career – has a listen to Roanne’s story.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

1. How Roanne started her career as a Virtual Assistant
2. What has changed when she started her career as a virtual assistant
3. Struggles she faced to becoming a Virtual Assistant
4. Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant
5. Best advice to all aspiring Virtual Assistants

Facts about Virtual Leadership

The worldwide workplace is becoming more and more reliant on virtual teams. A lot of businesses around the world have more flexible workplaces. Increasing amounts of teams are seeing the benefits of remote work and are leaving the office, They are communicating through virtual platforms such as video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and many more. Some companies are even starting virtual teams from the get-go, with people that they have never met in person.

Every virtual team needs virtual leadership, and this can be a somewhat intimidating job. Being a good leader in the workplace is one thing, but managing people that you can’t even physically see is a whole different experience.

A virtual team leader is running a team who doesn’t work in an office. So, all of the management is done online, through communication and collaboration software.

There are issues that can come from this, especially because it is such a new style of working. These could include technological problems, communication issues, cultural differences, a change in attitude, and motivation struggles.

The strongest pillar of any successful virtual team is communication, as it compasses all. Virtual team leadership should very involve in knowing team member’s needs, wishes, and abilities. Effective communication in the virtual sphere is therefore really important.

Open communication should always be paramount about all sorts of topics, for example, a team member’s background, their goals in line with the company, their ambitions, beliefs, and their history. If they are working from another country, it should be a leader’s goal to get to know their country more – both to show interest, and to work out if there may be any cultural differences that should be addressed.

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