Top Reasons To hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant VA FLIX vaflix

Top Reasons To hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

The Filipino Virtual Assistant is a good example of the high-quality work that the Philippines’ skilled workers can do. Since 2003, the Philippines’ outsourcing industry has grown at a rate of 20% each year. This is mostly because Filipinos can consistently produce world-class products and services

According to which survey you read, the Philippines and India are the two most popular places to outsource work around the world. Even though the Indian rupee has a big advantage over the Philippine peso, a study by research engine Knowledgefaber in September 2013 found that the Philippines’ outsourcing services sector outgrew the National Capital Region of India, Bangalore, and Mumbai by 16 percent to 9 percent even though the Indian rupee has a big advantage over the Philippine peso. The survey found two important changes in outsourcing. First, outsourcing has changed from a way to cut costs to a way to improve processes. Second, multinational companies have a lot of faith in the Philippines’ ability to provide great service.

On a smaller scale, the Philippines has also made a lot of progress in the field of virtual help. People in the Philippines are becoming more and more likely to work as virtual assistants because there is a lot of demand, the work hours are flexible, and it gives them a chance to make a good living. In fact, a lot of Filipinos who work as virtual assistants already have jobs that pay a lot of money every week. According to the most recent data on family spending in the Philippines, a typical family of four needs to earn Php 60,000 a year to live a decent life. There is a minimum wage in the Philippines, which is Php 800 per day, which is about $20 USD per day. A registered Filipino worker must be paid at least Php 28,600 a month, or $500 USD. With a college degree and two years of work experience, most office workers start out at Php 25,000 (USD $500) per month, which is way cheaper than in the United States.

There is no way that even if both parents have full-time jobs, their combined income won’t be enough to keep their family happy. The virtual assistance industry gives people the chance to make extra money.

Thus, the Philippines has a lot of people who can work as virtual assistants for businesses. Even though there are a lot of virtual assistants, the quality of their work will not be diluted. You should hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant for these three main reasons.


1. A high level of English skills.

Even though Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines, English is the main language of instruction. This is a lot because of how American culture and education have shaped the world. In a study by California-based Global Education Corporation, they found that out of 76 countries, the Philippines came in fifth place with a score of 7.11. This put it in the same group as Norway, Estonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Our English skills were rated at 85 percent, which is one of the best in Asia.

2. A lot of people are literate.

The Philippines has a literacy rate of 97%, which is one of the best in the world. The figure looks even more impressive when you think about how the Philippines’ economy is still growing. People in the Philippines will be able to read even better when they switch to the K-12 system, which adds two more years of formal schooling. After adopting K-12, the Philippines no longer has a place as one of three other countries that still used the traditional 10-year schooling plan. Preparation for the ASEAN integration in 2015 is also why K-12 is being used now.

3. The Cultural Fit Is Just Right.

When people first came to the Philippines, they took it over. The Dutch, Spain, the United States, and Japan all came to the country and took it. As a result, its culture is made up of social norms and values that have been passed down through the generations. The Philippines has become a cultural melting pot because people there have the ability to adapt to social nuances from different places.

The Filipino Virtual Assistant will be an important part of your business right away because he or she can speak and write English at a good level, has good technical and fundamental skills, and can work with people from different religions. Most of all, people say that they are hard-working people who always try to do their best at their jobs.

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