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Top 9 Freelance Tech Skills In Demand

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Freelancing requires technical skills, and the time to develop them is now. The technology of the internet has given us the ability to work from any location we choose, which has contributed to the growth of the gig economy. The proliferation of technology has also resulted in a significant increase in the demand for a variety of technical skills. Because of this, the market for freelance work is growing at a rate that has never been seen before.

The supply of freelance workers with technical skills is increasing, but not at the same rate as the demand. Freelancers are enticed to go the extra mile in this environment so that they can acquire marketable skills and differentiate themselves from the other freelancers in the industry. In point of fact, studies have shown that they are twice as likely to retrain themselves on their own as traditional employees are.

If you’re a freelancer in the modern world, you probably find yourself wondering which technical skills are worth investing your limited time, effort, and money in. The following are some of the most important ones that will give you the ability to get ahead of the competition.

1.  Augmented Reality (AR)

The phenomenal success of augmented reality (AR) applications such as Pokémon Go has shown what is possible with AR, and this is just the beginning. It is going to become popular in additional markets, such as the home improvement and retail industries. Moreover, it will profoundly affect professions like journalists, producers, and teachers. Lastly, within the next few years, this trend will cause an increase in the demand for the development of mobile applications that make use of technologies associated with Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR).

2.  Mobile & App Development

The number of people using smartphones is climbing to previously unimaginable heights, and the market for mobile apps is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. Developers are certainly in a good position to build lucrative careers because there is currently a strong demand for their services, and their average salaries are close to $100,000. Those experienced professionals who are fluent in multiple programming languages, including Java, C++, Python, C#, and Swift, stand the best chance of making the most profit. Gaining experience in user experience design and user interface design will give you an advantage in the gig economy.

3.  Blockchain Technology

Spectacular twists and turns of the cryptocurrency market have pushed the blockchain technology right into the spotlight. What many are not aware of is that this decentralized, A frameworks that are based on public ledgers have the potential to be used for significantly more than just the transactions associated with Bitcoin. Technology industry behemoths of the same calibre as IBM have already started experimenting with and discovering new applications for this technology. According to Upwork, blockchain is the skill that is growing at the fastest rate out of 5,000 other skills. sides.

4.  Web Design

There are approximately 14,000 new websites launched every single day, according to some estimates. Web designers are the most qualified professionals to take on the challenge of establishing a strong online presence for a company, which is a goal shared by businesses operating in all market segments.

In order to succeed, designers need to pay attention to current trends, such as designing for mobile devices and prioritizing user experience. There are many wonderful online places such as 99designs, Awwwards, and DesignRush where they can view the most recent trends and find inspiration to use in their work. When it comes to fleshing out site layouts, capturing the visual identity of a brand, and creating animations and effects, having this knowledge is extremely helpful.

5.  Cybersecurity

One of those industries in which it is anticipated that demand will exceed supply is the sector of cybersecurity. After all, the digital revolution has changed how we live our lives as well as how we conduct our business. The majority of people today transfer data using a number of different online services. This results in brand new security concerns, which are regularly reported on in the news. As a consequence of this, an increasing number of cybersecurity professionals will be tasked with the elimination of network infiltration, the identification of trackers, the evaluation of vulnerability, and the prevention of hacker attacks.

6.  SEO Marketing

Every company on the internet wants to direct some of the traffic that is generated by search engines towards their own website because search engines are like the busy highways of the internet. Optimizing web pages and increasing their visibility online are tasks that fall under the purview of SEO marketers.

Additionally, search engine optimization specialists are coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate how their work contributes to increased revenue and conversions. This is only attainable through ongoing testing, measuring, and experimentation based on key performance indicators (KPIs). The fact that you can use these SEO skills to optimize your own profiles on social media and freelance hubs is a very positive aspect of having these skills.

7.  Data Science

The field of business intelligence is creating an enormous demand for data scientists as a result of the significant support it is receiving from the industries that surround it. These technological savants are adept at a wide range of tasks, from preparing raw data for analysis to visualizing that data in order to assist in the formation of sound business decisions. In order to be successful in a career, having excellent skills in mathematics and analysis is absolutely necessary, and specialization is the name of the game. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn the ropes, you may be well rewarded with an income of more than 115,000 dollars.

8.  AI & Machine Learning

The general public is becoming more familiar with emerging technologies such as chatbots, digital assistants, and self-driving cars as various industries are being disrupted by a new wave of innovation that seems to have been lifted straight from a science fiction film. All of these products are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which paves the way for a plethora of new opportunities for industry professionals. It is anticipated that demand will rise by a staggering sixty percent this year. In addition, if you are successful in finding work as a machine learning engineer, you can anticipate receiving approximately $135,000 each and every month as a salary.

9.  Graphic Design

Another design ability that made the list, and this one shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The design of logos, business cards, social profiles, and a variety of other things are experiencing a surge in demand. In light of the aforementioned, creative individuals who count themselves among the ranks of freelance graphic designers will need to exert more effort in order to find work that pays well. In addition to this, they will have to give some serious consideration to the weapon that they decide to use. Tools such as Adobe InDesign are currently experiencing some of the most rapid expansion, so do yourself a favor and keep a close eye on the development of tools such as these.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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