Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Everything you need to know about VA FLIX’s Vetting Process and how we continue to provide the top 1% of remote talent worldwide

The VA FLIX Success Team prides itself on our unique vetting process for new freelancers and clients. This process helps us get the best of the best onto the platform. In this guide, we will dive into VA FLIX’s vetting process for both freelancers and clients alike. 

We went through the ticket matching process. Before a ticket can get onto the job board for your scrolling pleasure, it goes through our verification process. Before a freelancer can apply to a client’s ticket, they go through a rigorous vetting process. 

Let’s get down to it!

Who Gets Vetted & How Does It Work?

Both new freelancers and new clients go through a vetting process. Our Success Team has also been vetted to serve you. New freelancers are vetted through an extensive hiring process, a hoop everyone this reading had to jump through! 

Once we have received the Freelancer’s application. They send us their beautiful resume and fill out our recruitment questionnaire. While the freelancer stares at their laptop refreshing their Gmail, our Success Team gets to work! Each resume and questionnaire is carefully evaluated by our team before being moved onto the next stage: The final interview with Karen and John.

The goal of this Final interview is to empower freelancers interested in joining VA FLIX with knowledge about who we are, what we do, and whether we’re a good fit before moving forward with an interview. Once the freelancer passes the final interview, they are moved onto the best part – scheduling an interview with one of our clients.

Since we strive to provide the top 1% of freelancers for our clients, we want to make sure our clients are up to par! So, how do we do this?

During the client consultations, we go over their business and their hiring experience. We want them to understand how to leverage our platform and create a job ad for them. After the consultation, the client is set up for a successful project and ensures that they are putting their freelancers in the best position to help their project. 

This process allows us to look out for any scams or fraudulent clients at our gates before freelancers are introduced to them. All job ads are reviewed by the VA FLIX Core team. We are vetting both the client and the ticket through the following ways:

The Job Ad

– How “informative” is the request?

– Is the hourly rate or fixed price in line with our freelancer community?

The New Client

– Does their phone number match the other information given?

– Is the company valid? 

– Do they have an existing website?

– Does their business have a social media presence?

Fraud Verification

– Does the contact information work?

– Speak with the client and discuss their project

– Does their business have a good reputation on GlassDoor or TrustPilot?

Set Them Up For Success

– Best project management practices

– Discuss the scope of the project 

– Go over expectations – rate, workload, experience required, and timeframe


Why Do We Do This?

Well, here’s the short answer. We wanted to be better for the sake of our community. Long answer — We treat both our clients and freelancers with the same respect. That means making sure both groups are reviewed before joining the platform. 

How does this make us different?

We are the only platform that requires an interview before allowing freelancers to join. This makes us stand out. 

Well There You Have It Y’all

Thank you fam for taking the time to read this week’s blog! Now you know the ins and outs of our hiring and vetting process.

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