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The Complete Rundown On Link In Bio Tools

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Did you know that Instagram now has more than 1 billion users? It is anticipated that this number will continue to rise over the next few years. Instagram is, without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal platform on which to connect with other people and market either yourself or your brand. 

However, despite the fact that Instagram is a great platform for interacting with your audience, it may be somewhat challenging to direct them from Instagram to your website. This is because Instagram does not have a direct link to websites. This is different from other platforms in that you cannot really include links that users can click on in your posts.

Putting a link in one’s Instagram bio is a typical workaround utilized by marketing professionals. However, this does come with its own set of constraints. Because there is only room for one link at a time, it is likely that you will need to frequently modify this link depending on what it is that you are trying to accomplish right now.

Because of this, the “link in bio” may come off as a bit restrictive to some people. The good news is that Instagram provides its users with a number of different tools that can be utilized in order to make the most of the prime real estate that is available on their accounts.

What Is A Link In Bio Tool?

You can expand the number of links to pages and content that are included in your Instagram bio by using a third-party tool known as a link in bio tool. In most cases, you will have one link that, when clicked, takes users to a pop-up page that contains a list of all of your other links. Users can select a link to follow from this page, and once they do so, they will be taken directly to that particular link.

The vast majority of links in bio tools are highly customizable, which means that you have full control over the links that are included in your profile. You can, for instance, promote products, links to the content of your blog, a campaign, or a landing page all from within the same link.

In addition to this, you have the ability to select the color of the background, change the text that is displayed in the buttons, change the appearance of the buttons, and even change the color of the text. This is extremely helpful, especially if you want to maintain a particular aesthetic for your brand. 

The Benefits of Link in Bio Tools

You Can Include More Links

You are not limited to just a single link in your profile if you make use of a tool that adds links to your bio. Your current marketing objectives will determine the optimal number of links to include, but you are free to include as few or as many as you like.

You Do Not Need to Constantly Alter the Link That Is Listed in Your Bio.

Utilizing a tool that places a link in your bio is an excellent method for directing your followers to the appropriate location, particularly if you are continually publishing new content or if you are conducting multiple campaigns at the same time. Because everything is already present, you won’t need to worry about constantly updating the links.

You Can Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

One of the most effective ways to personalize your digital marketing campaigns is by using a link in bio tool. You can use a variety of buttons for a variety of purposes, including driving more traffic to your website, improving your SEO, and encouraging people to sign up for your mailing list.

You Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Although Instagram is wonderful for engagement, your website will continue to be the primary source of revenue for your business. You can easily drive traffic from social media platforms to your website by utilizing a tool that includes a link in your bio. And because you can use multiple links, you can direct people to various landing pages that are tailored specifically to the stage in the sales funnel that they currently occupy.

You Can Redirect Users to the Right Page Easily

Users of your website will have a much simpler time navigating to the correct page if you have buttons on your site that are specific to individual pages. Users are able to get to the page they need much more quickly because certain tools enable pages to load much more quickly.

The Top 10 Link In Bio Tools


The Zaccaria brothers, Alex and Anthony, along with their partner in business, Nick Humphrey, developed a link in bio tool that they called Linktree. Users are given the ability to optimize landing pages by utilizing social sites, their logs, their online stores, or any other page they desire users to visit. 

Every social media platform, including Facebook and Twitch, enables users to easily share links generated by Linktree.

It has a free version that you can start using immediately. The paid version is $6 per month and has premium features including:

  • Adding unlimited links
  • Mailchimp or Google Sheets integration for mailing list sign ups
  • Using your own logo
  • Getting a Breakdown of link traffic
  • Customizing colors, fonts, and button styles
  • Ability to use icons to link to all of your websites and social platforms
  • Scheduled posts
  • Access priority support


The influence marketing firm FamePick is responsible for the development of the Linkfolio link in bio tool. It is marketed toward influential people who want to broaden the scope of their brand’s reach. It offers features such as:

  • Unlimited URLs
  • A customizable interface
  • Folio-lytics, an analytics tool that identifies your most used URLs
  • Cross-linking to other social media platform accounts
  • A built-in contact form for lead generation
  • Influencer marketing industry reports on top Instagram brands and posts, along with historical data

It has a free version as well as paid plans with three tiers ranging from $5 per month to $50 per month.


EmbedSocial is the company that developed the link in bio tool known as Feedlink. It is a landing page that is optimized for both the web and mobile devices, and it gives users the ability to compile a clickable Instagram feed. The following are some of its attributes and advantages:

  • A mobile-optimized landing page
  • A fast-loading Instagram bio link
  • A shoppable landing page that leads users to product pages where they can buy a product
  • Cross-platform sharing through a reusable link
  • Option to transform the feed page without the need to change the link in bio
  • Boost traffic, conversions, and revenue

The EmbedAlbum platform includes the FeedLink application. The price per month can range anywhere from $19 to $99, and it is based on the number of sources that you want to use as well as the features that you require.

Sked Link

Sked Link is a tool for including a link in your bio that gives you the ability to connect your followers to anything and everything in your online ecosystem, such as blog posts, signups for your mailing list, your website, products, and more. The following are some of its most notable characteristics:

  • Ability to customize the appearance of your Sked Link page or choose from existing themes
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google analytics
  • UTM parameters included
  • Ability to change links as needed
  • Access to link analytics

There are three distinct packages to choose from: the Fundamentals plan (which costs $25 per month), the Essentials package (which costs $75 per month), and the Professional package (which costs $135 per month). They also offer a free trial period of seven days, during which you can test out the software to see if it meets your needs.


You are able to create micro landing pages with Shorby, and those pages can include links to your website, blog, social networks, online store, and affiliate links, among other links. Some of its features include:

  • Adding videos, backgrounds, animated avatars, and icons to your micro landing pages
  • Adding rich links text blocks, GIFs, and headlines
  • Swapping, adding, or changing links as needed
  • Access to analytics that track traffic
  • Cross link to other social profiles
  • Retargeting on third-party websites including Amazon and Clickbank

Shorby provides a free trial that lasts for 5 days. Plans range in price from $1 per month all the way up to $82 per month depending on the features you require.

Milkshake App

Using the Milkshake app on your mobile device, you can easily create a website using Milkshake’s drag-and-drop editor. If you have a Milkshake website, you can use the ‘link in bio’ feature to connect your followers to everything you have to offer. The following is a list of some of its features:

  • Share your Milkshake website to your Instagram Stories
  • Customizing cards (pages on your milkshake website) and themes depending on your needs
  • Access to analytics and insights
  • Invite followers to send you emails using a link
  • Invite followers to call or message you using a link
  • Add a Buy button that directs customers to a purchase page on PayPal

Link in Profile

You are able to add links to your Instagram images through the use of the Link in Profile feature, which allows you to direct your followers to the locations of your choosing. It will pull content from your feed and then use a photo that you choose to redirect users to the content that you have linked. Its notable features include:

  • A dedicated landing page
  • Zero effort management
  • A branded landing page where you can have your Instagram name and profile picture
  • Enabled commerce links for Etsy, shop pages, or affiliate links
  • Stats and analytics

You can try it free for 30 days at no risk. It goes for $9.99 per month.


Another tool that enables you to create a micro landing page that includes all of your relevant links is called Lnk.Bio. You have the ability to add as many links and images as you like to the free plan, and you can customize it however you like.

The premium features listed below are only available in the paid versions, which cost $0.99 per month or $9.99 for a lifetime subscription.

  • A custom URL
  • Link stats and analytics
  • Email support
  • Unlimited links

You can also get all of the features mentioned above by making a one-time payment of $24.99, and in addition, you will have the ability to remove the header and footer from your landing page.


Campsite is a landing page tool that will assist you in growing your audience on Instagram and converting that audience into traffic for your website. It lets you:

  • Add unlimited links
  • Change the title and add a brief introduction
  • Customize fonts and colors on the landing page
  • Access analytics
  • Add social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others
  • Archive and restore links
  • Schedule when links should go live or stop appearing
  • Integrate with Google Sheets or Mailchimp
  • Retarget visitors with Google AdWords or Facebook Pixel

There is a version of the tool that is free to use, but for an additional $7 per month, you can get access to even more features.

Tap Bio

Tab Bio is a link in bio tool that provides you with an intuitive user interface and gives you the ability to build landing pages for your mobile followers. It uses cards to highlight multiple links for individual calls to action. 

You can access one profile through their free account, as well as a card that lets you add one unique link. Their paid plans include the Silver plan (which costs $5 per month) and the Gold plan (which costs $12 per month). The Silver plan allows you to have three additional cards, while the Gold plan gives you access to an infinite number of cards and allows you to use up to three Instagram accounts.


Your brand’s mission can be communicated to your audience through the bio section of your Instagram account, which is also an excellent location from which to optimize your digital marketing efforts. You can make the most of this prime real estate on your profile by taking advantage of the link in bio tools that are available. Give these tools a shot to simplify the process of guiding your followers to the location you want them to visit.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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