The Benefits of Working with Workers Offering Virtual Assistant Services

The Benefits of Working with Workers Offering Virtual Assistant Services

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?


The Philippines is often considered the greatest place in the world from which to build an outsourcing team, and this perception is supported by a variety of compelling arguments. If you recruit people from the Philippines to work virtually, you will significantly reduce your operating expenses. On the other hand, there are a number of other advantages that make outsourcing to the Philippines a smart choice for a firm.

Filipino virtual workers offer the following five benefits when outsourcing to the country:

  1. Cost – You’ll Save Thousands Of Dollars!

The primary benefit of outsourcing to the Philippines and working with a virtual assistant is the dramatic salary cost savings compared to hiring local workers.

In the US, hiring a general in-house administrative assistant will cost you $16.19 per hour on average ($2590/month), which would be $31k/year + benefits and other costs.

You could hire a full-time virtual assistant in the Philippines to do the same job for anywhere between $3hr-$6/hr, which would save you thousands of dollars a year, compared to hiring a local employee in the USA or UK for example. 

Additionally, you can look through the millions of live profiles of Filipino virtual assistants on the Virtual Staff marketplace.
2. Talented People With Qualifications

The availability of qualified and talented job seekers is another benefit of hiring virtual staff in the Philippines.

Because the whole point of outsourcing to the Philippines is to replace local staff without sacrificing quality, this is crucial.

Yes, it’s important to save money, and that’s probably the main factor driving your decision to hire contractors in the first place. 

However, the secret to outsourcing success in the Philippines is to hire high-quality employees or VAs and avoid compromising on quality. 

Let me say that once more. The secret is to substitute Filipino remote workers or virtual assistants for local employees without sacrificing quality! 

Thousands of college graduates in the Philippines look eagerly for jobs each year after they graduate.

There are many different majors and areas of expertise among these Filipino graduates, so you are not limited to just hiring virtual assistants. 

Almost any position you would typically fill locally can be replaced by directly hiring an equally talented person from the Philippines.

  1. English Fluency – The Philippines’ Second Official Language Is English.

Did you know that one of the Philippines’ two official languages is English?

The real benefit of outsourcing to the Philippines is that English is one of the two legal and official national languages, so you can hire excellent virtual staff who are skilled and qualified because there are so many qualified and talented people looking for work there.

The Philippines is the fourth-largest English-speaking nation in the world by population, if that weren’t enough.

This would imply that regardless of the industry, hiring Filipinos is appropriate for your company or workplace.

For jobs in customer service, technical support, administration, graphic design, video editing, content writing, social media assistant, bookkeeping, accounting, and other related fields, Filipinos are particularly attractive.

Whatever your business requires, you can be sure to find a Filipino virtual employee who is fluent in both speaking and reading English.

Check out our step-by-step guide to hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines for more details on why companies outsource to the Philippines. It covers almost everything you need to know about to hire the best virtual staff.

  1. Cultural Compatibility – Did you know the Philippines was a USA territory?

Let me give you a brief history lesson. So now you understand how the USA came to control the Philippines and why, despite being in Asia, it speaks and uses English as its official language.

King Philip II of Spain is honored with the name of the Philippines. (It was a Spanish colony from 1521-1898). Spanish is no longer an official language in the Philippines, though, so almost no one can speak it.

One of the few nations in the world that had been an American colony was the Philippines. (1898-1946), this came about because the USA bought the Philippines from Spain. (Fun the fact that a lot of people don’t know about. The same sum of money was actually offered to the US government by the American/British steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to purchase Philippine independence.

Following the USA’s decision to make English the legal language, the Philippines kept English as their official and legal language after gaining independence from the USA in 1946.

Degrees in the Philippines are tested in English. All written exams are in English.

English is the joint official language. This means all road signs, official documents, and even the constitution itself are written in English.

If you go to the cinema in the Philippines, virtually every movie is in English, and there are no subtitles.

  1. Values and Traits of Filipinos

Although this may sound cliched or a little stereotypical, it is based on my experience working with hundreds of virtual employees in the Philippines, so consider it “my observation or opinion.”

No matter the industry, Filipinos are diligent workers, and hiring Filipino virtual assistants for your company’s needs is no exception.

Hiring Filipinos as virtual employees would entail putting in a lot of effort to deliver the right work for whatever your company requires.

Additionally, Filipino employees are adept at comprehending instructions and tasks given to them. They are capable of working unsupervised or with minimal guidance. Most importantly, Filipinos are capable of adapting to their environment and value hard work.

It all comes down to conducting effective interviews and selecting the best candidate for the position. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you read the article about how to avoid hiring a subpar virtual assistant in the Philippines.


Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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