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Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services Provider

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

New technologies are always being developed in this age of information and computing. The issue that arises, therefore, is this: how can you put these technological advances to work for the advantage of your company?

One of the most financially prudent decisions you can make for your company is to delegate some responsibilities to a virtual assistant. You have the ability to delegate the following ten responsibilities to a virtual assistant, as indicated below (VA).

What is outsourcing?

The practice of contracting out the execution of duties to a third-party organization or entity, whether by an individual, a corporation, or both, is known as outsourcing.

Outsourcing is done to a significant degree in the digital age. However, it is regrettable that the majority of company owners in today’s world want more support owing to the strain they are under or because they lack the necessary abilities to complete the job.

A person who works as a freelancer on a contract, per-project, or hourly basis and also has the option to work on a monthly retainer basis is known as a Virtual Assistant (VA). A virtual assistant has the option of working full-time, part-time, or on the side as a side job, depending on the requirements of the client.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing to a VA?

There are various amazing benefits of outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Some major benefits are:

  • You will have more spare time at your disposal, which you can put to use in other facets of your company.
  • It contributes to the expansion of your firm in general as well as your internet presence.
  • You always have the option of delegating responsibilities to someone else who is more suited to carry them out than you are.
  • You will only be responsible for paying for the actual hours worked rather than additional amounts for vacation time, sick leave, or welfare.
  • Because a VA already has extensive knowledge and expertise pertinent to the responsibilities you have delegated to them, you won’t need to provide any training for them.

Depending on what you need, a virtual assistant (VA) may do several activities across a wide variety of platforms and specializations.

Major tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It is referred to as “recruitment process outsourcing” when a corporation or other kind of enterprise transfers all or a portion of its ongoing recruiting process to an external source or to a virtual assistant (RPO). RPO makes the recruiting process more efficient by shortlisting applicants and arranging interviews in a cost-effective manner. As a result, HR employees are free to focus on other important responsibilities.

2. eCommerce Virtual Assistant Support Services

In order for an eCommerce firm to see growth, it is necessary to sustain a consistent amount of sales. However, if you do not have reliable back-office assistance, it will be difficult to achieve success. It is much simpler for companies to increase their sales with the help of eCommerce virtual support services such as managing inventory, product listing, order processing, and many others. This frees them from the need to worry about other obstacles.

3. Merchant Cash Advance Services

Merchant cash advance service is a back-end process that consists of document processing, drafting agreements, database management, accounting, and more. On the other hand, it might have difficulties because of a lack of available in-house workers or an excessive amount of work. The waiting paperwork work may be finished off by outsourcing merchant cash solutions, which will help speed up the process of getting a loan.

4. Accounting & Bookkeeping Support Services

Because of the time, accuracy, and attention that it requires, businesses revolve on financial matters. Staff members that provide bookkeeping or accounting support services assist with the processing of invoices, monitoring loan activity, entering transactions, and providing quality services. You may make things simpler for your organization by contracting out these tasks to a firm that provides virtual assistant services.

5. Data processing services

Data management is an essential function for every company. When handling data, it is important to pay attention to both quality requirements and security protocols at all times. By contracting out for data processing services, you may make significant financial and time savings while guaranteeing that your data is accurate.

6. Health care management

In order to properly care for patients, hospitals and anyone working in healthcare must provide their whole focus. On the other hand, the additional workload of administrative services might be a significant obstacle for them. Outsourcing your complicated back-office activities, such as medical billing and coding, as well as other administrative tasks, to a healthcare BPO support provider can offer you with guaranteed advantages if you struggle to manage these kinds of tasks.

7. Real estate support services

The construction and real estate industries are always expanding. In order to comprehend its requirements, such as managing contracts, making appointments, and maintaining client relationships, among other things, it requires an IT infrastructure that is efficient and a workforce that provides real estate support services. If you outsource employees to handle the day-to-day operations of your real estate firm, you will have more time to focus on expanding your enterprise and pursuing other marketing opportunities.

8. Insurance management services

As a result of the challenges that the insurance industry faces with their day-to-day tasks, such as processing endorsements and claims, as well as other tasks, while adhering to a vast number of rules and regulations, insurance companies are required to outsource insurance management services in order to function effectively.

9. Pre-Sales Support Services

It does not make a difference what kind of business you are running; if you want your company to expand, you need pre-sales. Many actions that take place before a sale, such as qualifying, bidding, and winning a contract. When you outsource pre-sales services like SEO, lead generation, and product listing, it lets you concentrate on the overall goal of increasing your sales rather than having to worry about individual aspects of that goal.

10. Omni Channel Customer Service

You need to outsource omnichannel customer services such as phone support, support on social media platforms, administration of customer reviews, and other similar services so that your customers are satisfied and your company may expand as a direct result of their happiness.


To promote the expansion of your company, you may outsource the provision of our Virtual Assistant services at any moment. For guaranteed expansion of your company, use VA FLIX as your outsourced virtual assistant provider.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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