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Business Coach for Aspiring Entepreneurs

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011 Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast 011 – First time Business owners of a Philippine Based Virtual Assistant Company VA FLIX, An Interview with a Business Coach Podcast 011

–Hire A Millennial Virtual Assistant Podcast 011 – An Inside the Business Interview of a Manhattan California based Business with a First Time Business Owners of VA FLIX a Philippine Based Virtual Company Podcast 011.

VA FLIX is a new startup that recruits Philippine based Millennial Virtual Assistants. Our tagline is “Hire a Virtual Assistant Now, and Chill”. In other words, we match a Virtual Assistant to help busy CEOs, founders, executives, real estate professionals, Podcast hosts etc. get more leverage, more impact, and more success. We take the load off your plate so you can have time not only for yourself but also for your family AND chill.

Chris Weals, is Business coach from Rebel With a Purpose based in Manhattan California had an interview with first time business owners Karen Po, John Marzan, and Catherine Artates Founders, CEO and Operations Manager of VA FLIX a Philippine based virtual assistant Company. Business coach Chris, Karen, John, and Catherine, Talked about how the philippine based virtual assistant company VA Flix started, the concept behind it, its purpose, and the advantage of hiring Philippine Based virtual assistants.

In this interview business coach Chris also asked first time business owners Karen, John, and Catherine about their struggles and fears while building the philippine based virtual assistant company VA FLIX and how they are coping up with it. Business coach Chris asked first time business owners Karen, John, and Catherine what tips they can give to the listeners who are first time business owners like them on how to cope up with their fears.

Business coach Chris also asked first time business owners Karen, John, and Catherine in this interview, what Philippine based virtual assistant company VA FLIX can do to help those small businesses or first time business owners in the process of escalating their business.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:
1. First Time Business Owners.
2. What Is VA FLIX
3. Fears and Struggles
4. Tips For First Time Business Owners
Philippine Based Virtual Assistant Company
Helping Small Businesses

Things To Consider When Starting A Business

Being an entrepreneur is a dream to which many people aspire, and a worthwhile financial goal. Still, many first-time business owners, and even experienced pros, can sabotage their best efforts through typical mistakes. When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start your own business, keep your eyes open for these four issues. Though they might sound simple, these have been make-or-break issues for the fortunes of countless aspiring entrepreneurs.

Not creating a business plan is perhaps one of the most common mistakes so before you start engaging on a new venture, take time to draft a simple business plan that identifies your product or service, the costs involved, your funding needs, your competitors, potential customers, and market opportunity. Also, detail realistic challenges your business can expect to face

Do your best to estimate the actual costs of funding your venture through launch and the first year. Using your business plan in hand it will be a big help you avoid over-or underspending. Some entrepreneurs misjudge costs and end up spending more than they budgeted, while others spend too little to give their business a realistic chance, in the mistaken belief that being careful and frugal is always the right way to proceed.

Get to know your prospects. Many businesses stumble because they fail to understand their target market. And when you’re ready to expand, don’t assume new customers in different areas will have the same tastes and priorities. Take time to establish a good relationship with your customers.

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