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Hire a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX

Every single person on the planet now has access to the internet! Nowadays, the majority of us live entirely online. What’s the big deal? Nothing! Digital marketing is not a passing fad or a passing trend; it is a way of life that is here to stay.

If you want your business website to produce results, what should you do? Surprising outcomes? Investing in your digital marketing makes perfect sense.

The investments have the potential to pay off. Life is a risk, it’s a gamble! Email marketing, for example, consistently provides professionals with a 4,400 percent ROI. Statistics show that people who use social media sell more than those who do not. Whether you run a B2C or B2B company, the digital marketing trends all point to one thing. What is it? If you want your business/es to stand out from the crowd, you must have a remarkable digital presence.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or energy to devote to digital marketing full-time or even part-time. We’re all very busy! We get it; we have businesses to build.

Do you want to know a little secret that will help you get through this? (drum roll…) This is where a VA FLIX digital marketing virtual assistant comes in.

With the right virtual assistant on your side, you’ll have access to a completely new way of thinking about your digital marketing strategy. You can not only outsource more work to someone with digital marketing expertise, but you can also have the Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX create campaigns, sales funnels, and web content that naturally draws in more business on your terms. Isn’t that cool? 

Here’s more…

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s get clear about the basic definitions first. Digital marketing is a wide range of services that can include the following below:

  • Email marketing and marketing automation
  • SEO, or search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • WordPress publishing
  • Affiliate marketing

…and so much more. In fact, most people use the words “digital” and “marketing” as a catch-all term to refer to everything under the web umbrella that might’ve been involved with your marketing efforts. So if you were to outsource that digital marketing to a dedicated administrative assistant from VA FLIX, you would want someone with the specific digital marketing skills and experience to take care of your marketing needs specifically.


How to Work with a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about what a digital marketing virtual assistant might be able to do to assist you with your digital marketing needs, let’s get a little more specific about what they might be able to bring to the table. It’s your table!

  • Social Media Marketing. 

Have you ever struggled to come up with effective and eye-catching social media posts? The last thing you want to do after a long day of exhausting work is come up with something really cool for Instagram or Twitter. Outsourcing your social media outreach is an excellent way to have someone else consider what your target audiences want. While you focus on growing your business, your social media accounts can be kept up to date as if you were on them all day. Isn’t that cool? Having someone monitor your social media will also help you stay on top of any messages that come in.

Your assistant will say “Hey boss, there’s a message that came in from XYZ, I told him you’re away – let me know how you’d want me to sort that” – it goes in two ways! You’ll have someone for customer service and marketing! How cool is that?

  • Content management.

I’m sure you don’t have time for content management if your schedule is so hectic. You know, something as simple as adding new articles to your website can bring in massive amounts of traffic from Google. But what if you don’t have the necessary energy or time? So, best wishes! You wouldn’t have time to do proper keyword research, content creation, or genuine insights that would attract new leads or customers. Delegate responsibility! Allow your VA FLIX assistant to handle it. We’ll handle your stress.

  • Ecommerce Sales Funnel. 

Ecommerce can run on autopilot, and you can easily create a sales funnel that includes the proper email management. However, for the uninitiated, getting it set up necessitates a significant amount of learning about new systems. Consider creating an eCommerce sales funnel with the assistance of your dedicated experienced digital marketing assistant if you want a better way to capture people who might be your ideal customers/clients.

  • Website management. 

After all, we are talking about a digital marketing assistant. Why wouldn’t you want to hire someone who could handle your current website/s? WordPress? Graphic design? With website management experience in your assistant, you’ll find it much easier to handle things like CSS and other codes and platforms. If there is ever an issue with your website’s marketing process, you can always talk to your digital marketing assistant to see what needs fixing and what needs to be done.

  • SMM and PPC outreach. 

What if you want to attract your ideal customers/clients but haven’t yet figured out how? You may have a thriving business, but you have yet to fine-tune your messages in order to attract the great clients you know you can attract. If that’s the case, consider hiring someone from VA FLIX with social media marketing or PPC marketing experience; they’ll not only bring new insights into how you can perform better, but they’ll also help you hone your messages.


What are the Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant from VA FLIX?

You might be looking at your website as a static possession. Why? after all, should you hire a Virtual Assistant when your website is just going to sit there all day? 

Great questions!!!

Your current website should ideally be more than just a static presence for your company. It should always be an important component of your sales funnel. It should contain content that will engage visitors and draw them into your site while advertising your current services. And when a VA FLIX virtual assistant applies their knowledge of digital marketing, they can assist you in ensuring that your website is more than just a place to put your pictures and business information. That is something we can all agree on!

But let’s go beyond the benefits. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider hiring either a part-time or full-time digital marketing assistant:

  • Saving You Money. 

You’d be surprised how quickly the costs of hiring someone full-time can add up. Let’s not even get started on the taxes, benefits, and other hiring incentives — not to mention the overall cost of the yearly salary — it quickly becomes a hassle for a business owner like you. And, as your company grows, issues like having an HR department will eat into your budget. Working with a simple, straightforward virtual assistant from VA FLIX can help you save money. How much should you expect to save? You’ll be pleasantly surprised! According to some estimates, it could account for up to 78 percent of operating costs, if not more.

More efficient and effective. Did you know that the average eight-hour-a-day local employee-only puts in about two hours of productive time per day? Clearly, productivity is more than just writing a check every year and hoping for the best. Working with a VA FLIX virtual assistant ensures that you get the hours you pay for.

Delegation and outsourcing If you’ve read productivity books like David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” you’re familiar with the power of delegation. Most tasks should be filtered through a funnel, according to productivity experts. And in some cases, tasks are important enough to complete but not relevant enough for skills that you don’t necessarily need to perform. This is where VA FLIX comes into play. Allow someone, such as a virtual assistant, to relieve you of the burden of digital marketing.


Can my Digital Marketing Assistant Help with Marketing Strategy?

To tell the truth! That depends on whether you want to leverage their expertise and have the virtual assistant assist you in developing a digital marketing strategy that works for you. Or do you simply want your assistant to be another “cog in the machine”?

We recommend that you hire our vetted high-quality trained virtual assistants who can help you identify areas where your current tools, systems, and strategies can be improved.

For example, if you hire a digital marketing assistant with mobile marketing experience, they may be able to assist you with a previously unconsidered aspect of your marketing. Consider that this is a blind spot for the vast majority of business owners. According to Unlockd, 80-85 percent of mobile advertisers believe they are doing an excellent job, while the majority of users simply agree.

A digital marketing assistant can assist you in identifying gaps in your marketing strategy while also avoiding some of the most time-consuming digital marketing tasks you’d rather avoid. They may not be a full-time employee in your physical office, but the skilled work they do can be invaluable in terms of generating returns for your company.


How to Hire Your Digital Marketing Assistant Today

Interested in getting started? We’ve outlined the digital marketing assistant hiring process into short steps:   

  1. Fill out the form or call us at +1 323 955 1001.
  2. Connect with Karen and John. This will help ensure that the remainder of the steps goes smoothly. We don’t want you to just hire any old virtual assistant, just because it’s a good idea to add some help to your team. VA FLIX Make sure you get someone who they think is the best fit! It is really important that you precisely match your specific needs with the skills and experience of a virtual sales assistant to help. By getting in touch with Karen and John (or even with one of the VA FLIX Managers), that’s exactly what you’ll do.
  3. Get paired with a VA. Before you think about training any executive Sales Virtual Assistant for your team, you will want to make sure you pair with one that has the skills and experience to handle everything you have for them..‍
  4. Plug the VA into your business. Let the Virtual Assistant know what kinds of processes they’ll be expecting to participate in, and make sure you have a document outlining some of the necessary steps for adapting to your company.

Do it the right way! VA FLIX will make sure they bring on an expert new VA who is familiar with your processes and able to get started with confidence on day one.


Frequently Asked Questions Around Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants from VA FLIX

Still unsure about the next steps? Here are some of our frequently asked questions we get from our clients (FAQs) about hiring a digital marketing assistant:

  • How do I know which is the best way to hire someone from your vetted Virtual Assistants?

A dedicated website assistant or a digital marketing virtual assistant from VA FLIX can have a wide range of definitions, which is why many professionals struggle to pinpoint exactly what they require from a Virtual Assistant. We recommend that you write down your requirements so that Karen and John can help you find the best Virtual Assistant for you. You don’t need them to do everything, but if you work with Karen and John – who will undoubtedly match the right strengths to your needs – you’ll have a much better chance of finding the right fit.

  • Do I have to hire someone full-time?

Absolutely not! The benefit of hiring a virtual assistant from VA FLIX is that you can work with someone who is only working part-time. You get to make the call. We have different tiers of services at VA FLIX, so you can choose exactly how much work you need. (20 hours minimum) This will give you a taste of the experience while also allowing you to have a highly qualified virtual assistant perform some of their skilled work not only for your business but also for you personally.

  • Don’t I need someone with a physical presence?

A perfect example, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic — it clearly shows that not every office requires everyone to be physically present. You can even hire people from all over the world! A virtual assistant is a viable option. This is especially true for someone like a digital marketing assistant, who only needs access to the Internet to assist you with your marketing needs.

  • What about inbound marketing?

Outbound and inbound marketing are both skillsets of digital marketing experts. You must ensure that when you hire a virtual assistant, you hire them for the skills they already have, not the skills you hope they will learn on the job. If you require a high level of inbound marketing expertise, you should include it in your hiring criteria. However, if you want to assist our co-Filipinos virtual assistants in growing, you can hire someone with limited knowledge and assist the assistant in becoming a Rock-star!!

“Now is the right time to Hire an Assistant and… Chill..”