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Remote PA Versus Local PA – Why Hire Online?

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Have you given any thought to employing a remote personal assistant via VA FLIX? Your company is booming, and despite the fact that everything is going swimmingly well, you are finding yourself busier and busier. It seems that you have lost control of your time, and as a result, you are spending too much of it on administrative tasks rather than on developing business strategies and expanding your company.

It is about time that you sought some assistance. It is time to have a personal assistant. But the issue is, should you engage a personal assistant who is located nearby or should you choose someone who works remotely?

This is an excellent point to bring up. What are the advantages of having a remote PA rather than a local PA, and how might they be achieved?

Let’s break it down — remote administrative assistants vs. local administrative assistants — why hiring online is the better option.

To begin, what advantages does having a local PA provide over having a distant PA? To tell the truth, it is not possible for a remote PA to go out and perform errands in person. You might need someone to ship a package on your behalf, or you might need assistance organizing some receipts.

But let’s be honest: how often do you have a need for anything of that kind to be done? And if that’s the case, have you looked into the wonderful tools like Task Rabbit that are at your disposal to complete the sort of work that you need to get done? Alternately, a simple delivery service can do the trick. Your virtual assistant may even assist in managing this procedure and complete this job on your behalf by working with a third party.

In addition to this, there are a number of other reasons why a remote PA is the superior option.


When looking for a local PA, one thing you really need to take into consideration is the expense of doing so. When you hire a local PA, you will always have to spend time recruiting, screening CVs, organizing interviews, and doing second interviews, among other things.

The screening procedure is taken care of for you when you hire a remote personal assistant via us, for example, which is one of the many advantages of this arrangement. This not only helps you save time and money, but it also ensures that you are paired with an exceptional remote personal assistant who is well prepared to begin working for you.

In addition, you won’t need to purchase any new IT equipment or a desk for your new employee, nor will you have to locate any more work space for them. Because remote administrative assistants already have their own workplace and equipment, your company won’t have to shoulder all of the associated expenditures.

In conclusion, if you have a local PA working with you in an office, you will always be responsible for footing the bill for the hours in which they aren’t actively doing any duties. You are going to compensate them for doing nothing more than being there. However, when you employ a remote personal assistant with us at VA FLIX, you pay by the minute rather than the hour, which results in even greater cost savings for you!

Wider Choice

Because remote administrative assistants may work from anywhere in the world, employers have access to a much larger applicant pool when looking to fill open positions. When you employ a local PA, your options are limited to those folks who live in your immediate vicinity. It’s possible that your options for highly qualified PAs are quite restricted where you are, but that all depends on where you are.

If you opt to employ a PA online, you will immediately have access to a far bigger pool of potential candidates to choose from. When it comes to selecting someone you can depend on to help you manage your company, having more options, particularly high-quality options, is unquestionably the best way to go about things.

Working Collaboratively

Although you may believe that working together in person is the most productive method of collaboration, we respectfully disagree with this assessment. Open lines of communication are essential to getting work done while working remotely, which in turn automatically supports a far more productive working relationship. It implies that there will be more work accomplished and less time wasted chit-chatting around the water cooler.

It is possible to cooperate on projects and even complete training remotely; working in this manner is really just as simple as working in person. You may conduct phone conversations using either Zoom, Teams, or even Google Meet, all of which allow you to share your screen for added convenience. There are a lot of other methods by which you may work together with other people, and physically working with an assistant is not really necessary any more.


When you engage a local PA, it is pretty probable that they will have set hours for the duration of their employment with you. If they are nearby, it makes sense to have the same hours as you since it is quite possible that you will work together in the same office.

But does it really make a difference if you put in the same amount of time every day? When you engage a remote personal assistant, you are getting someone for whom adaptability is a middle name! You will only be charged for the amount of time that is actually put in by a remote personal assistant since they have the freedom to work whenever it is most convenient for them.

A Pool Of Skilled VAs

You won’t have access to the same variety of talents if you hire a local PA, which is one of the genuinely distinctive aspects of working with us at VA FLIX and something you won’t get if you hire a PA locally. When you engage a remote PA with us, you also receive access to the capabilities of possibly more than one hundred additional virtual assistants. You could have a remote PA who helps you manage your email and calendar, but you might also require an additional virtual assistant to assist you with carrying out your marketing strategies.

Because you will be working with us, you won’t have to waste time looking for another individual to employ. You won’t have to spend as much time reading through resumes or doing interviews. Instead, all you would need to do is give your Client Success Manager a call, explain your needs, and within a few days, you might have a new remote PA working alongside you!

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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