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Episode 20 :  Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines     

On this episode of Hire A Millenial Virtual Assistant Podcast, John talks about being a virtual assistant here in the Philippines.John added that the Philippines, which is our country, is rich with well advocated virtual assistance experience and working with international business like yours. Sure there are many countries that offer virtual assistance, but international businesses return to the Philippines time and time again for their outsourcing needs.

In this episode, John shared how his career as a BPO Employee grew into being the Co-founder, together with Founder and his best friend, Karen, and owners of a Virtual Assistant and Podcast Production Agency named VA FLIX. 

John also discussed how Filipinos boast high retention rates because of our world’s famous work ethic and loyalty. Filipinos are fluent in English and easily adjust to a different timezone are some reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines. To add, a lot of professionals arching sets your name to working from having an office based set up to working from home. And when he gets to work from home, they get to actually realize how virtual assistants actually work. John added that when it comes to taking mundane tasks off of your plate, Filipino virtual assistants are efficient adopters of systems and processes. 

Here are some topics John shared on this episode: 

  • Filipino Virtual Assistants’ Loyalty, Flexibility on Timezones and Fluency on English Language
  • How John and Karen Became the Owners and Built VA FLIX
  • Having Filipino Virtual Assistants are an  Extra Set of Hands

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00:00 – Introduction on Hire a Millenial VIrtual Assistant Podcast

01:44 – A Glimpse on John’s Career 

03:00 – Loyalty, Flexible Timezones, Fluency on English Language

04:38 – John and Karen started hiring Virtual Assistants for the Agency

06:04 – What can your Virtual Assistant do to you or to your Business? 

08:29 – Having a Brilliant Virtual Assistant, an Extra Set of Hands


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