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Our Top 11 Work From Home Essentials

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

If you work from home, having a well-appointed office space at your house may make a significant difference in how productive you are. Any professional who works from home would benefit tremendously from having a location that is solely devoted to their job and allows for maximum concentration.

As a result, we reasoned that it would be helpful to compile a list of some of the best essentials for working from home, with the goal of assisting you in making the most of your home office!


If you do most of your work from home, purchasing a suitable workstation should be a high priority for you. Do you need a huge workstation in order to observe both monitors at the same time? Or do you need room for files, folders, or maybe simply a notebook? What do you think about a ring light or a desk phone? When selecting the ideal desk for your home office, all of these considerations will be taken into account.


When it comes to essential pieces of equipment for a home office, noise-cancelling headphones are at the top of the list. Not only will you be able to muffle any ambient noise in your home, but the people in the room with you will also be able to hear you more clearly. There are several excellent Bluetooth headphones on the market today, which enable you to connect them to whatever device you use, whether it is a desktop computer, a laptop, or even a mobile phone.

Water bottle

Even if you work from home, it is important that you stay hydrated throughout the day. You can now obtain water bottles that are incredibly convenient to use and have measurement lines on the side. This allows you to keep track of how much water you use throughout the day. You may also choose one that has vacuum insulation, which will keep your water cool even on the hottest summer days. This is a terrific option.

Laptop stand

If you use a laptop stand, you may reduce the likelihood of putting pressure on your neck and of experiencing persistent back discomfort. On the market, you may choose from a wide array of options, and each one has a variety of features that can be tailored to your own configuration. You have the option of selecting one that has a fully adjustable tilting mechanism or one that is height adjustable, enabling you to use it as a standing desk instead of sitting down to work. If you have problems with your hardware overheating, you may even purchase laptop coolers that have built-in fans.


In addition, a keyboard is required for use with your laptop stand. There is a wide selection available, including keyboards designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists (ergonomic keyboards) and keyboards that include a 10-key pad on the right-hand side (ideal for people whose jobs require them to enter a lot of numerical data; see also right-hand side keyboards). If you just type letters, a straightforward, compact keyboard with a few extra keys could be the best option for you. The majority of them are wireless as well, which eliminates the need to clutter your desk with additional wires.

Office chair

Even if you work from home, you still need a comfortable chair for your workspace, as any office worker would attest to. It is well-documented that sitting at a desk all day may lead to a variety of back and neck problems. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to choose an appropriate chair, maintain good posture, and provide enough support for the back.


Who doesn’t like these little notepads and pens?! At VA FLIX, we are huge fans of beautiful stationery in every form it might take. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of cracking up a fresh notepad and putting pen to paper. Papier is one of the numerous brands and businesses that produce gorgeous stationery, yet it is one of our favorites. They offer elegantly crafted stationery such as notebooks, diaries, and planners in a variety of formats. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and hues, and one can even have them customized. We have a soft spot in our hearts for them!

Wireless charger

Working at a desk may be really convenient, but only up to the point when you have to figure out where to put all of your cords. Your home office will benefit tremendously from the installation of a wireless charger for your mobile device for the reasons stated above. They are quite convenient and provide an excellent surface for setting down your phone. You can get chargers that are circular pads that you put your phone on to charge it, or you can purchase chargers that enable you to stand your phone up, which is something that we really like.


A footrest is another thing that you need if you work from home in order to have excellent workstation posture. This is particularly important if you are short, as some of us at VA FLIX are (including me!), since having a footrest may prevent back pain. Footrests provide you the ability to adjust the position of your legs and feet so that they are resting at an ergonomically sound angle. You may buy a dynamic footrest that stimulates movement to aid in improving circulation or a static footrest that helps maintain healthy body posture. Both types of footrest are available.

Coffee machine

Who here needs coffee to get their day going first thing in the morning? Is there anything that could possibly be more convenient than having your own coffee maker right there on your desk? Because there are so many wonderful tiny coffee makers on the market today, the only challenge you will have is selecting which one to buy.

Ring light

Ring lights are not just useful for those posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. They are an excellent need for anybody who works from home and participates in a significant number of Zoom calls, presentations, or shooting. However, they are particularly helpful for those of us whose home offices are nestled away in a dark corner of your house with very little or no natural light! Some people may see it as an unneeded luxury.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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