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How To Start A Video Podcast (On YouTube)

Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

You’ve chosen to join the podcasting community. Welcoming you to the group!

However, have you considered setting up a video podcast? It might be a complement to the audio version, or it could be an entirely YouTube-specific creation. Regardless, we have some ideas and suggestions for achieving success with your new podcast. Let’s get started.

Why Are You Podcasting?

If you have never launched a podcast before, you are in for a delight and a challenge. It is a great experience, but also a tremendous amount of labor.

The addition of a video podcast to your production will enhance your workload. Determine why you’re podcasting prior to going all-in.

Include both audio and video podcasts if you want maximum exposure and if your target audience reacts better to video than to audio.

Starting a video podcast might also enhance your attempts to generate revenue. YouTube provides advertising money and space in the video description for affiliate links and sponsors.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you can do to enhance your reach and increase your revenue-generating tactics.

Decide on Your Setup

Every podcaster has a unique equipment configuration. Utilize basic equipment such as a microphone, headphones, and audio recording software when you initially begin.

Keep the initial price low. There is nothing worse than investing a great deal of money on a project that fails.

Launching a video podcast is quite unique. Your equipment must be positioned wisely. There are several reasons for this.

You want to catch the finest possible illumination. Additionally, the background is important. What do you want your target audience to see? There should be nothing that will distract the spectators.

Keep it basic. Perhaps a poster. Some form of honor or qualification. It is observable. However, it should not detract from you or your episode. You wouldn’t believe the amount of attention a modest flamingo light can get!

If there are co-hosts, you should also take them into account. Will you all be in the same room, or will they be in a separate location, such as their home or office?

For each co-host in a different location, you should be conscious of their background and how it may impact your program.

How do the hardware configurations of your co-hosts vary from yours? If they are utilizing different mics or other devices, it might cause complications. Idealistically, you should all utilize the same gear to facilitate audio mixing.

Before you begin recording, you will need to do extensive testing to ensure that the levels are balanced.

As a novice podcaster, the process might be difficult, but this should not deter you. All of this is required to become a successful podcaster.

Launching a video podcast has one complication that launching an audio-only podcast does not have. And this is how a camera or cameras are used. As with microphones, we suggest that all hosts use the same sort of camera.

The location of cameras is more significant than the background alone. During his program, Joe Rogan has four cameras operating at all times. One is for him, one is for his visitor, and the remaining two are for arbitrary duties.

A video podcast must be able to swap back and forth between cameras to show the audience who is speaking and what is occurring. Alternately, you may create a split-screen program in which all hosts and visitors are visible at all times.

Launching A Video Podcast And YouTube SEO

The majority of video podcasts will be released on YouTube. The platform’s statistics are astounding. In the United States, 74% of people frequently use YouTube.

While podcast listenership is expanding quickly, it is not yet at this level. Approximately one-third of the population of the United States now listens to at least one podcast every month. You can see how uniting forces across many platforms may build a podcasting Voltron and increase your exposure.

YouTube is essentially a video search engine for videos. Similarly to how Google is for webpages and Pinterest is for photos, similarly to other search engines, your targeted reach will rely on your SEO efforts. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Google owns YouTube and handles its SEO similarly. Nonetheless, there are some distinctions. The process of entering a term to view further YouTube suggestions in the window produced below is one of the similarities.

Utilize this tool to discover suitable keywords for your podcast episodes. You should include these keywords in your video descriptions and hashtags.

You may also investigate the keywords for which you want to rank. Examine the videos. How long do they last? What keywords and other information do you see in their descriptions? What hashtags do they employ?

Competitor research is essential for all forms of SEO. Check out the vidIQ application. It is a Chrome addon that displays tags and provides additional research options for competitors.

Thumbnails And Titles

Titles and thumbnails are essential for YouTube SEO. These features are used less often when starting a video podcast, but they may significantly improve the visibility of your films in relevant feeds and searches.

It is simple to add your keywords to your titles and keywords. It takes just a few more seconds to include them.

Canva is an excellent tool for creating thumbnails. They may be prepared in only a few minutes. We recommend that you make your thumbnails superfluous. Use the same colors and fonts so that people will begin to identify your thumbnails with your YouTube channel.

Ranking Factors

Google ranks websites according to their link popularity, whereas YouTube does not. They provide additional tools for ranking videos.

The click-through rate is one of them. This ranking element is based on how many people click on your videos relative to those listed above and below you in the search results for a certain term. Another reason your thumbnails and titles are so crucial.

In the form of subscriptions, comments, and likes, video interaction is an additional consideration. When viewers interact with your material, the search engine receives a signal that your video is well-received and should rise in the ranks.

Numerous authors choose to solicit likes, comments, and subscriptions. But is this still required?

The response is “not really.” If people like your material, they will do all of these things without your request.

Add Cards To Your Video

What about the lowercase “i” you see at the top of the screen? This is another way to add cards to your content.

Here are the different types of cards you can use:

  • Channel cards direct viewers to a different channel. This option is available if you own many channels.
  • Donation cards to promote fundraising on behalf of charity organizations in the United States. Your material shouldn’t be entirely self-serving, right?
  • To invite viewers to sponsor your video content via fan finance.
  • Link cards that take users to a third-party website
  • Poll cards, which ask viewers a question and enable them to vote
  • Linking video or playlist cards to other YouTube material

Adding cards to your end screen is a further possibility. Using this strategy, you will add the thumbnail for a comparable video on your channel. You may add two cards with relevant material here.

Promote Your Video Podcast

Nothing is ever as straightforward as just pressing the publish button. You must market your podcast on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Concentrate on the platforms where your audience spends the majority of their time.

If a certain social networking site performs poorly, you should cease using it.

When it comes to podcasts, the most effective method of promotion will be your YouTube channel and putting the audio on Spotify, iTunes, and even your website.

Yes, your podcast should have a website of its own. Every company has a website, but what distinguishes your podcast from those of other brands?

You may put the audio file or YouTube version of your podcast on your website, along with show notes and a transcription. This strategy will increase your SEO with Google and assist you in ranking your website for the same keywords that YouTube is targeting. As with any other website, you can post advertisements and incorporate affiliate connections to items within successful areas to improve your monetization efforts.

Monetize Your Video Podcast.

Traditionally, podcasters get revenue via sponsorships. The podcaster will reference the sponsor at some point throughout the program.

This might be the beginning, middle, or conclusion. Advertisements from sponsors will not always appear in the midst of shorter podcast episodes.

Why do people tolerate one form of advertising yet get so irritated by others?

The solution lies in where podcast listeners are located. The majority of podcasts are listened to while driving. This may be a road trip or a commute to work. While exercising, many individuals like to listen to their favorite podcasts.

These surroundings keep the hands active, so dodging advertisements is impossible. Not to add that 2-3 advertisements in a lengthier podcast is not a huge problem and is not distracting.

This is where having a website and a YouTube video podcast may increase your income.

We’ve previously discussed website monetization. What are the available YouTube options?

To remove sponsor advertisements from your audio-only podcast, you do not need to reshoot the whole episode. People who browse YouTube expect to see advertisements. They are aware that podcasters must pay their costs, and the majority of podcasts are available in many formats.

Ad income is the most well-known method of monetizing a YouTube video podcast. However, there are further approaches.

The same advertisers that pay to be on your podcast may pay more if they are aware that you are also on other channels. Mentioning your sponsor in your description and including a link to their website can increase your credibility with businesses and prospective partners.

You may also include affiliate links in your YouTube description. This may include the equipment utilized to create your presentation as well as any pertinent items or services.

YouTube memberships are now accessible. People may pay a monthly subscription, as determined by the channel owner, and have access to several tiers. To attract individuals to become members, you must provide them with benefits and material that they cannot get for free. Patreon might serve as an alternative to YouTube subscriptions since it functions similarly.

Some Final Thoughts On Launching A Video Podcast

Launching a video podcast will be one of the most difficult things you’ve done in your career as a content creator.

You will be required to pay your dues and climb the figurative ladder. If you implement our advice, you will ascend the ranks and position yourself for success.

If you liked today’s piece, we have more material that will help your podcast grow.

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Thinking of Hiring a Podcast Production Agency?

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