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How To Make Better Recruiting Calls To Potential Candidates

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

With so many organizations making recruiting calls, you need to stand out if you expect to succeed. 

If you are in the hiring process and make phone calls to potential prospects, you are aware that sometimes success depends on a stroke of luck. Your phone call arrives just at the appropriate moment, and it contains the ideal offer. You are also aware that chance does not account for the majority of what contributes to success.

When the planets and constellations are in perfect harmony and there is a small window of opportunity, anybody can get fortunate and call a candidate. However, good fortune can only carry a person so far. You are well aware of the substantial skill requirements that recruitment entails. You need to be well-informed, pleasant, and willing to put in a lot of effort. The fact of the matter is that anyone who works in the recruitment profession is aware of this. You need to put in more effort if you want to manufacture your own level of success.

5 Tips to turn your recruiting calls into a goldmine

  1. Do your homework. It isn’t hard to figure out what someone could be interested in these days, especially with social media and sites like LinkedIn making it so accessible. It’s possible that the post of museum director might be a good fit for an individual who has an MBA and a minor in art history. The candidate who has just begun working as an anchor for the neighborhood news station? Almost certainly not.
  2. Be brief and professional. If you go straight in with a full-blown sales presentation, you’re generally not going to get very far in this conversation. Give a quick introduction in which you state who you are and the reason for your call, and then ask the other person if they would be interested in chatting more. After all, you are making calls to individuals in an effort to attract them and give them opportunities for professional growth or shifts. If the other person isn’t interested in the topic at all, then you may stop wasting your time trying to sell them on having a discussion about it and go on to something else.
  3. Know your product. This is crucial for anyone in sales, whether you’re selling cars or making recruiting calls. In this scenario, your product is both your own business and the position inside another organization that you’re trying to fill. Why would a potential employee want to investigate this employment opportunity via you? What is your percentage of successful placements? How many of the applicants that you’ve placed in jobs are satisfied with their positions? These are major selling points, and you really must be aware of them.
  4. Use a script. If you have spent any amount of time perusing our site, then you are aware that this is one of the topics that we discuss quite often. That’s because the strategy is successful. During recruitment conversations, there is a significant amount of information that must be kept in mind. This is particularly the case if you are applying for a variety of roles at a number of different businesses. Having a script on hand allows you to concentrate more on developing relationships with others and keeping their interest without having to worry as much about the specifics of what you are saying.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. There will always be those individuals who are not interested in a position, despite the fact that you have done your research, established a connection, and emphasized all of the great aspects of the job. If this is the case, you should inquire as to whether or not they know someone who would be interested in the opportunity. Referrals may be an effective way to find the ideal candidate for a position, and you might be surprised at how frequently this occurs.

How to Determine Your Success

If you don’t have any concrete figures to look at, determining how effective you are at conducting recruitment calls might be a challenge. To be quite clear, the quantity of calls you make is not the only factor to consider. Although it is possible that this metric is a good one, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the only way success may be measured.

Even if you may have the intention of making a large number of calls, you should nevertheless give some thought to the quality of the calls you make. Which is a better use of your time: making one hundred calls in a single day or only ten calls? What would happen if out of those one hundred calls, none of the recipients were interested in speaking with you, but out of the ten calls you made, five individuals spent time on the phone with you learning about your offer and even committing to the next step? The quality of the recruitment calls you make is inversely proportional to the number of calls you make to potential new members of your team.

Do not overlook making follow-up phone calls either. In many cases, this is where the magic takes place. The first phone conversation serves as an introduction. It is during the follow-up conversations that we go into the specifics and carry out the necessary actions to place someone in a new role. Be careful to give some thought to the total number of calls you make using this method.

When you plan out your objectives and keep tabs on your development, it becomes much simpler to recognize how you’re getting closer to achieving them.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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