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How to Build Company Culture With VA FLIX

People go about their “business.” Even though automation, working from home, and doing business online are becoming more common, people will always be needed. Businesses work with and for people, after all. This is why company culture is so important to the success of a business.

The company’s culture is made up of the goals and values that everyone shares. It shows up in how people act as a group and in less obvious ways, like how motivated people are and how they think. 

For a company to have a good culture, it needs to make sure that its employees are happy with their benefits and feel like they are helping the company reach its goals. Also, a Deloitte survey found that employees think the most important things that affect the culture of the workplace are things like honest communication, employee recognition, and access to leadership. So, here are some ideas for building a company culture.

Hire Candidates Who Can Adapt

Managers must focus on hiring people whose core values match those of their current employees if they want to build a stable team. But you shouldn’t look for people who are just like you. You need to add people to your team who have different ideas and ways of looking at things. Look for people who can change how they do things at work without stopping what they’re doing. 

This is how things are done at VA FLIX. We have a diverse group of remote workers who have been vetted and can work in any industry and with any company culture. We can find you a VA FLIX assistant who can do the job without changing the core culture of your team, whether you need a virtual assistant for marketing, sales, administration, or bookkeeping.

The associate director of the Interoperability Institute, Vincent Alessi, benefited from this. He is a business owner, a scientist, and an investor, among other things. When VA FLIX found him a helper, they didn’t have any trouble fitting into his routine. They took care of both his business and personal email and calendar. He also gave people jobs like reviewing light literature, putting together resources and citations, and giving presentations. Vincent and his VA FLIX assistant were able to work well together because they got along.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Creating a good culture means taking care of the health of each employee. In fact, employees of all ages and genders put health at the top of their list when it comes to work-life balance. 

There may be times when employees are so busy that they can’t finish their most important tasks. As a leader, you might even have to give up some of your own time to get ad hoc tasks done. The first thing you can do to help people find a good balance between work and life is to be open to talking with your team about management styles and how to divide up work.

Create Workplace Rituals

Rituals can be a good way for employees to get to know each other better. You can make a ritual for things like the release of a new product, the opening or closing of a building, or a change in leadership. Celebrations are a big part of our lives outside of work, and they can be just as important at work.

Michael Norton of Harvard Business School did a study that found that group bonding rituals make employees feel like their work is more important. Meaningful work was also found to have strong links with being engaged, committed, and happy at work. 

Rituals can be things like having pizza parties at work, giving out gift cards, or ringing a bell after making a sale. Even though they are far apart, teams that work from home can also make work rituals. Some of the most common ways to build teams are through virtual parties, group chats, and other online places.

Match With a Vetted Virtual Assistant in 72 Hours!

Get things done quickly and easily with the help of VA FLIX, a platform that eliminates the hassles associated with finding and qualifying a suitable virtual assistant for your company.

You can use VA FLIX to host digital rituals. Helpful tools like Slack and Telegram make it easy to communicate with administrative staff. Try these programs for your next online get-together if you want to try something else:

Foster A System Of Learning

To learn is to encourage creativity and new ideas. This can be done by giving employees training in skills that aren’t part of their main job, letting them talk freely during meetings to come up with new ideas, and changing the way leaders and employees talk to each other.

VA FLIX can also help your company’s learning initiatives move forward. In addition to doing what they’re supposed to, they can share their ideas and different points of view with the rest of their department. For example, we paired Steven Lewis, who was the executive director of The Boost Pad, with an assistant who helped him with administrative work and also took part in meetings and discussions about how to improve their workflows.

No matter how big your company is or how much money it has, you can build a good culture. When you keep putting time and energy into making sure your employees are happy and healthy, your business will grow in a way that lasts, and VA FLIX will help you do that.

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