Professional Services: How Remote Virtual Assistants Boost Business Success virtual assistant hire philippines va flix vaflix VA FLIX

Professional Services: How Remote Virtual Assistants Boost Business Success.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups in the professional services industry can benefit from remote virtual assistants, who can take care of many of the routine tasks that these businesses need. Virtual assistants can take care of things like schedules, data entry, and basic bookkeeping, giving the rest of the team more time to work on other things.

What Are Professional Services?

Professional services are intangible products that help clients run certain parts of their businesses. Professional service businesses like accounting, marketing, and law firms offer services that require specialized knowledge and skills. By letting professionals handle service tasks, business owners can focus on running their businesses. You can count on getting your virtual office tasks done right, and you can also count on your virtual assistant (VA) to be responsible for results.

As more professional service owners like you grow their businesses, more remote virtual assistants are being hired to help with tasks like keeping track of sales and expenses, keeping virtual records, and keeping an eye on projects from afar.

What Industry Subsectors Can Benefit From Hiring A VA?

Some virtual assistants work from home and offer skilled services for certain subsectors of professional services. So, more business owners of professional services, new businesses, and SMEs are hiring virtual assistants (VAs) to help them with these tasks.

Hiring remote virtual assistants can be helpful in the following areas:

Professional Services in IT

Thanks to improvements in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM), web design and maintenance are able to help many professional services companies. You can give the following jobs to your remote virtual assistants if you work in IT:

  • Set up platforms for working together or other business software
  • Check on digital sales and tools for tracking
  • Find sales prospects and sales opportunities.
  • Assist in client or supplier communication and acquisition

With your virtual assistants taking care of your routine and boring tasks, you can put more of your attention on getting more customers and keeping the ones you already have.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Professional financial services include auditing, payroll, and getting your taxes ready. They can also include keeping records, making and analyzing financial statements, and keeping books. Many businesses hire trusted professional services agencies to sort their financial information and file their tax returns so they don’t have problems with taxes.

Platforms like Xero and Quickbooks have training and certification programs that teach virtual assistants how to do basic bookkeeping and financial reports. VAs with this kind of training can work for professional service companies as financial analysts, cost clerks, and cost accountants.

By giving these basic accounting tasks to a virtual assistant, you’ll have more time to find new clients, send out reports, and meet with clients.

Management Consulting

This subsector includes tasks that are done by more than one department. These tasks include consulting for human resources, marketing, administrative and general management, business processes, and logistics.

Professional services companies that do this can benefit from having dedicated virtual assistants who can help teams and clients with administrative tasks or give executive support to specific workers. This can be vital in staying on schedule and retaining clients.

What Are Some Of The Roles That Professional Services Firms Can Delegate To A Dedicated Assistant?

A report from 2021 on Management Consulting Services found that this market would grow by 8% from 2021 to 2025. If this trend keeps going, you should hire dedicated virtual assistants to handle operations and tasks in these three areas so you can focus on growing your sales and business.

  • Administrative Virtual Assistants Your administrative VA can do the work of a secretary—virtually, of course. This includes answering your phone calls, making travel plans, keeping track of your appointments, and reminding you of things on time. VAs with office and data entry experience free you up to meet with clients and close deals, which are more important tasks.
  • Marketing Virtual Assistants: Market research and getting leads are the main goals of marketing services. This can be done by planning and putting into action paid ads and LinkedIn B2B marketing that work well. Marketing virtual assistants can also help with SEM campaigns and content marketing campaigns to increase conversions, traffic, and come up with new marketing strategies for the future.
  • Remote Helpers for Customer Service Customer service is another area where professional services have grown a lot. A VA can help your customers use your products and services more easily, ensuring a positive experience with your business. Free professionals can handle most customer service tasks for free professionals like you to focus on the most important parts of your consulting work that add value and get good results for your clients. After all, you can get more clients and keep them coming back if you give them good service. One that gives them the tools to manage projects well, deal with risks quickly, and deal with problems as soon as they come up.

How Do I Hire a VA for My Professional Service Business?

VA FLIX works hard to make sure you get the right virtual assistant. With just one phone call to talk about the details of your job order, we can sort through our teams of virtual assistants to find the best candidates who meet your needs. You can expect to be matched up within three days of calling.

When you hire VA FLIX remote virtual assistants for your business services, you can make your management and marketing more productive and efficient. Call us to schedule a meeting now.

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