Start growing your business and reducing overhead with VA FLIX

4 Simple Steps to Start Working with a Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX

1. Talk to Karen and John to get to know you and your business better and identify what your goals are. We will ask you some questions to match you with one of our virtual assistants

2. Meet your Assistant

You will meet your Virtual Assistant via zoom or google-meet at your most convenient time – please make sure that you have at least 30 to 1 hr for your Virtual Assistant meet and greet. You will also be delegated to meet one of the managers whom you’ll be working with hand in hand in case the Virtual Assistant will go wrong or needs coaching.

3. Create a Workflow

VA FLIX gives you the power to create a workflow that fits your lifestyle and your business. You will choose how to productivity, communicate, and share files with your Virtual Assistant. Your dedicated Manager (Client Relations Manager) will guide you through as to how this works.

4. Onboarding

Karen and John make sure both parties (You and VA FLIX) are protected – we will have you sign our terms and conditions and then set a start date so your VA and your dedicated manager can start working with you.

Let’s write down some of the more popular kinds of Virtual Assistants from VA FLIX. See if you can identify some of your primary needs here:

  • Administrative Virtual Assistants – someone who handles office scheduling tasks, office administration, sort appointments, email management, travel arrangements and other business logistics. 
  • Podcast Virtual Team – a dedicated Virtual Team who handles your podcast needs from crucial pre-post production processes to publication
  • Marketing Virtual Assistants – someone who can handle content calendars, management of marketing software, content management , sales funnels, and customer relationship management.
  • Social Media Virtual Assistants – someone who has specific experience with one or more social media platforms. These Virtual Assistants typically have a lot of experience with digital marketing , proper customer service engagement, graphics designing,, managing posts, and reaching out to audiences while also responding to customers.
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants –  someone who is good with appointment setting, cold calling (Inside Sales Associate) , data entry, research or even managing the realtors Social Media Accounts.
  • Industry-specific Virtual Assistants –  someone who might have experience with real estate as an example, or somebody who used to work with consultants or coaches who needs to make sure every client always has a point of contact.
  • Writer Virtual Assistants –  can be essential to the process too, Virtual Assistants can help perform the research necessary to get all the writing tasks done. VAs are great at removing distractions common to running and helping a business, writers will be more free to focus on the actual hard creative output that makes businesses go.
  • eCommerce VAs someone who is experienced with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba etc or someone who helps dropshipping clients with their listings. These Virtual Assistants can help you handle the ins and outs of maintaining your online store with these platforms. 
  • Technical VAs – someone who excels at time consuming tasks like data entry, data management and more. A technical Virtual Assistant can be great because they’ll bring in a new perspective on how you can achieve things to your business, rather than simply relying on doing the time-consuming tasks you already do. Make sure to engage a technical Virtual Assistant to see if there are more efficient ways of doing things right at your business.
  • Telemarketers – someone who helps business owners get new clients via cold calling, market services over the phone or have vast experience with lead generation and appointment setting.
  • Customer Service Representatives – If you’re getting tons of emails and phone calls about product enquiries or questions about your services. Your Customer Service Representatives will help you with client retention and make your customers / clients happy.

As you might imagine, the list above is just a broad look of some typical VA tasks. There may be overlap between some skills – for example, a social media VA with experience may also have digital marketing experience while also being able to handle administrative duties around your business.


(Below examples are just a quick overview to give you a bit of an idea about what you might need help with)

The Front Office Assistant

Quick Overview

  • Scheduling. Share your Gmail, Outlook or iCloud calendar and VA FLIX will manage your Calendar, schedule and appointments.
  • Phone Calls. Rely on our Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX to answer your calls. We can help you transfer calls, follow up with contacts, and manage your calendar in real-time.
  • Digital Marketing. Your Virtual Assistant will help you grow your online presence, your network or engage with your targeted audience with scheduled social media posts, competitive research and professional blogs. 

  • Client Services. Your dedicated VA FLIX assistant responds to emails and inquiries, follows up with past clients and provides additional support where required.

The Back Office Assistants

Quick Overview

  • Recurring Tasks. Set it up and forget it. Utilize VA FLIX to take over the key core processes of your business. Your assistant can organize documents, enter data, filter your messages, following-up with clients, and so much more.

  • Managing Documents. Have your current proposals, necessary spreadsheets, website blogs, and documents proofread and enhanced by your VA FLIX Virtual Assistant/s. VA FLIX will ensure that your materials are accurate, relevant, and pretty.‍
  • Extensive Research. Your Virtual Assistant from VA FLIX can compile a list of contacts, conduct a competitive analysis, collate a list of relevant articles, research vendor quotes, and much more. 

  • Strategy Needs. Do you need ideas? No worries, we’ve got ’em! Share your company or personal objectives and VA FLIX will generate a plan and proposal to help get you there.

Everything Else In Between

  • Personal support. VA FLIX provides a wide array of support for growth across business, personal, family needs and health..
  • Travel Support. VA FLIX combines the flexibility and global executive concierge services of a travel agency with the Internet- competitive fares and rates.
  • Growth. From saved recipes, to workout routines, family trip ideas to the perfect engagement proposal, we’ve got you covered. VA FLIX can provide you with the guidance, support, and care to keep your professional and personal life in balance.

Your time is valuable, free your calendar (and mind), stop scratching your head, let VA FLIX help you so you can tackle more important projects for your business. “Hire a Virtual Assistant now…. And Chill..” (Our Cheeky tag-line. hehehe)

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

VA FLIX allows yourself to work smarter and devote your workday to the areas of your business that require your energy and full attention. Hiring a virtual assistant from VA FLIX can help you maintain a stronger work-life balance that benefits you, your company, and your personal life.


Give the gift of time to your lovely employees and valued clients. Your team will be more productive, less stressed, and will experience higher morale when hiring virtual administrative support from VA FLIX to assist everyone in juggling personal and professional responsibilities. You’ll find that not only are you providing a valuable tool for employee satisfaction and retention, you are also freeing up time that can take a toll to your team and your company’s resources.


You can truly achieve a work life balance with a virtual assistant from VA FLIX. Your virtual assistant can do the smallest, odd tasks that always seem to take more time than they should. Outsourcing tasks to your virtual assistant will give you the freedom to spend more time with your family and doing the things you’d really want to do.

Want to know who you’ll be working with? Head over to the “Who We Are” page to get to know who you’ll be working with.

Do it the right way! VA FLIX will make sure they bring on an expert new VA who is familiar with your processes and able to get started with confidence on day one.

“Now is the right time to Hire a Virtual Assistant and… Chill..”