How Can Virtual Assistant Work More Effectively On Holiday?

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

When it comes to making the most of your time, you should put your best effort into the things you’re already good at. However, what about the rest of it? In a case like this, delegation is really helpful. Check out these pointers to improve how you delegate responsibilities by passing on assignments to others.

Employ a Reliable Person

When you don’t trust your virtual assistant to complete the task, delegation is difficult. When you hire someone, you increase your trust in them and allay your worries. To figure out how to handle the tasks, you can ask specific questions and give specific examples. You fill it out before turning in your work, and it tells you whether or not that person is qualified for the job. A way to determine if someone meets your requirements is to start a trial period where you can offer sample tasks. 

Offer yourself a reward

It will take time for you to prioritize your desires over your obligations. Delegation isn’t something you view as a burden; rather, you see it as a way to get back the activities you’ve lost, like going to the gym and having the chance to manage your project or business line. You can spend more time working on other exciting projects if you delegate more tasks. Soon, effective delegation will lead to increased freedom.

Make A Wish List For Delegation

Making decisions about what to delegate can sometimes leave you feeling stuck. Your wish list might include things like routine and simple tasks, administrative tasks for which you don’t need to be an expert in a particular field, or any job that you don’t want to do.

Develop the habit of making a three-column list of the things to keep, outsource, and delegate right away while working on those tasks. Your to-do list can be broken up using this list. You can also help your new virtual healthcare staff if they have questions or aren’t sure what their next task is.

Make Your Hire Successful

Before hiring a Filipino sales buddy, personal assistant, or virtual assistant, it’s important to make a plan for how to handle the work. You can block out the time you’ve spent with a person so that you don’t waste it talking about errors. A few examples include explaining the task to them using a shared screen on Skype, using Google Docs as a reference, and holding in-person meetings.

Retain Visibility

Delegation should be prevented because it is uncontrolled. You set up a system to monitor the work that the remote employees are doing and provide helpful criticism. At VAFLIX, we enjoy using Google Sheets, which we can both share and edit simultaneously.  

Establish definite expectations.

You delegate tasks when your to-do list exceeds its capacity. Sharing this list suggests that the crucial elements were overlooked. When assigning any task, be sure to provide clear instructions. It includes both flexible and strict deadlines, things that can’t be said or done, projects with due dates, things that can’t be changed, and steps that are taken to look at a task as a whole.

Provide Feedback

During the early stages of delegation, you obtain this feedback. As long as it addresses improvements, it includes notes and comments in your Google document or phone calls, either once a month or weekly. At the beginning of the delegation, you do this. Since they are aware of your preferences as their employer, employees or virtual staff will find this to be an opportunity they will enjoy. If you give them instructions just once, they usually understand them.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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