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Hire an Executive Assistant So You Can Focus on Core Business Functions

Small and medium-sized business owners no longer have to handle every aspect of their business by themselves. Since remote work has changed, it’s easy to hire a virtual executive assistant to help you with small tasks. So you can focus on growing your business, which is the most important thing.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups could benefit from having a virtual executive assistant (or more than one). In this article, we’ll look at how VA FLIX can help you quickly and easily get these services.

What Is an Executive Assistant?

Most senior executives have an executive assistant (EA) who is in charge of office work. Depending on the executive’s role in the company, these duties can include managing the executive’s schedule and communications, as well as other tasks..

An EA is like an executive secretary or personal assistant for a startup or SME. The most important difference between these two roles is how they help you. A personal assistant takes care of your family, home, and personal tasks in a professional way. On the other hand, an executive assistant helps with things that have to do with business.

Many of an executive assistant’s tasks can be done from home now that so much work is done online. This has made it possible for remote assistant services that are more flexible and less expensive to fill the gap. Because of these changes, CEOs and other top officials are no longer the only ones who can hire virtual assistants for their businesses.

People who work for startups and SMEs also have a lot to do. So, a great thing to think about is getting a virtual executive assistant to help you with your work. Look at these five common jobs that you can give to a virtual executive assistant. Plus, find out how to get the most out of your business when you hire VA services.

What Should You Look For In An Executive Assistant?


Your EA does more than just administrative work. They help you solve problems and keep your office safe. They help you keep a good balance between your family, work, and social responsibilities. In effect, they help you become a successful executive.

So, your executive assistant needs to be someone you can trust and who takes the initiative. Also, your VA should be good with people and know how to talk to them. These traits lead to self-confidence and the ability to run things well.

Here are five specific things you should look for when hiring your executive assistant:

1. Anticipates Needs

A good EA should be able to figure out what you need from them without you having to tell them directly. Making sure that your presentation materials are ready to go and well-prepared. Or putting the things you have to do in order of first, second, and last. Some of the many things your executive assistant does for you are listed above. In the end, they help you get more done by getting rid of distractions or tasks that your EA can do or that you can give to someone else.

2. Resourceful And Adaptable

A great executive assistant exercises sound judgment. Your EA should know how and when to respond, act, and solve problems or issues that come up out of the blue. For instance, if you have an urgent meeting but aren’t at the office. Or a piece of equipment broke down without warning, or your PowerPoint presentation report isn’t working the way it should, etc. They should be able to handle situations like these while also getting their work done quickly and well.

3. Reflect Your Values

Your executive assistant should always do a good job of representing you and your office. So, paying close attention to details, having good communication skills, and being discreet will help you make a good impression on top executives and contacts.

4. Tech-Savvy

Your executive assistant should know how to use technology. Tools for collaboration and communication like Trello or Slack let you assign tasks and keep track of how they’re going, which is especially helpful for big projects. Check to see if your potential EA knows how to use Excel and Google docs to enter data before you hire them. PowerPoint and other tech skills are also useful for making presentations and writing reports.

5. Volunteer For Special Projects While Running The Office

There are times when your office has to work on projects that aren’t part of its department. If you’re too busy to work on this special project, your executive assistant should be able to step in and help things go smoothly. A good EA will not think that any job is too small for them to do. So, if your office needs to book a car for an upcoming event, your EA should help you keep everything in order.

What Does An Executive Assistant Do For A Business?


An executive assistant is supposed to help you work more efficiently and get better results. Their jobs are varied, but all of them are meant to help you become the best executive or business owner you can be.

Check out some of the things that VA FLIX Dedicated Assistants do for their executives.

What Tools Does A VA FLIX Executive Assistant Use?

Remote work has made it possible to make tools for collaboration and communication that are better and work better. These are the five tools that a VA FLIX executive assistant and a personal assistant on demand use.

1. Slack

With this tool for working together, you can divide conversations into channels. These channels let everyone share ideas, make decisions, and sign off on projects or tasks that are done and ready to be sent to you or other departments. Slack helps teams work better and stay in sync even when they’re on the move. This tool is a great choice for a team that works well and runs well in a company with many departments and teams.

2. Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

The new version of G Suite is this tool. Google changed it to take into account how remote work and the hybrid model are very spread out. It lets you do more work in one place by putting you in touch with the right people and content in Docs, Slides, and Sheets. A business with many departments and team members can work at its best. Your executive assistant might be part of a remote team that works on the same file and talks to each other digitally.

3. Calendar

You can share meetings on the Google Calendar, which is easy to connect to Drive, Gmail, Meet, Contacts, and sites. This lets you quickly check if any team member is available and set up meetings. You have customized admin control to boot.

4. Zoom

This is another tool for working from home that lets you get in touch with everyone on your spread-out team. You can hold meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chats all on the same platform. With Zoom, your team can talk to each other and speed up projects and processes. It works with Google, Microsoft, Slack, and other apps, so you or your executive assistant can make your meetings run more smoothly.

5. Discord

This app makes it easy to text chat, send videos, and make voice calls. It’s also free, so millions of people over 13 use it to talk to their friends and communities or just hang out. People use Discord to talk about almost anything, like homework, family trips, projects, and health support, to name a few.

How Do I Hire a VA FLIX Executive Assistant?

VA FLIX knows how busy it can be to run a startup or SME. Because of this, we made VA FLIX to meet the needs of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs for a virtual assistant. We’ve made it easy for you to do. Find out how to hire a VA FLIX executive assistant and the details here. To hire a VA FLIX executive assistant right away, contact VA FLIX.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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