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Here’s Why You Need a Virtual Assistant if You’re a Blogger

Are You a Blogger? Here’s Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Whether or not you write on a blog: There are many reasons why you need a virtual assistant, but here are some of the main ones.

At first, you may have thought blogging was a hobby or a way to make a little extra money. Now, it’s a lot more important. However, your business may have grown to the point where it’s too big for one person to handle alone. People who write blogs might need a virtual assistant to help them with their work.

The benefits of having a blogging virtual assistant

Blog because you enjoy writing and want to share your knowledge or insights about what you love. As you can see, running a successful blog is a lot more than just writing. Then there are things like marketing, negotiating advertising deals, coming up with a strategy to keep growing, and just keeping up with your emails and letters.

Keep in mind, though, that there may be things about blogging that you don’t like very much. These could be things that aren’t your area of expertise or that take a lot of time. For example, you might not know how to read data or have trouble with graphic design.

These and many other tasks can be taken care of by a blogger virtual assistant, which means that you can work on what you do best. You might be able to spend more time on important things if you have more time. You might be able to post more often or improve the quality of your content. Then you might be able to give more attention to the people who already like your work and look for new ways to do it. All of this means that your blogging business will grow and you’ll make more money.


A Virtual Assistant (VA)  can do what?

Virtual assistants can carry out just about any task that doesn’t require them to be physically present. If you write for a blog, this might include the following.


Ideas for blog posts

After you’ve been blogging for a long time, you may run out of ideas for new posts. A blogger virtual assistant can think of new ideas for you or you can brainstorm together. It’s often useful to have a sounding board, especially if the blogging virtual assistant has experience in your niche.

When you have a lot of ideas, your virtual assistant can make an editorial calendar for you to follow. This will help you stay on track. You’ll always know what you should be working on, and you’ll write about a variety of topics to keep your blog interesting and interesting.

Researching a Subject

When it comes to blogging, a virtual assistant can also help you with research, the next step in the process. This could be done by finding out what your audience wants to know, looking at what your competitors are doing, or doing keyword research, among other things.

Writing the First Draft

It’s possible to ask your virtual assistant to write a blog post for you if you don’t have a lot of time. The only thing you need to do is give the post’s specs. You can make changes to the blog post after your virtual assistant has written the first draft. You can add your own voice and make any other changes that need to be made.

Editing a Post

Instead, you could give your blogger virtual assistant a finished post for them to edit. This is good if you have any questions about grammar or if you just want someone else to check your work before you put it on the web.

Another way to use a virtual assistant for editing is to make sure the post has good SEO. If you only know a little about SEO, you’ll see a big difference in how many people come to your blog. Make sure you’ve used the right keywords, your post has the right tags, and you have a good meta description. Your virtual assistant will also make sure you have the right meta description. A tool like Yoast SEO might be able to help you with this.

It’s possible that you’re good at writing and photography, but not so good at making graphics. If you want people to click on your blog posts, you need to put pictures in them. A virtual assistant for bloggers can make these images for you.

Your VA can also make all the other graphics you need, like a logo for your blog and social media profiles, infographics to add visual interest to blogs, and images for long-form content like ebooks and presentations, so you don’t have to do it all yourself. They can also take pictures of any products you sell or want to show off.

Blog Analytics

To make your blog better, look at the data that shows how many people read it. It doesn’t help if you don’t know what the numbers are telling you and how you can use the data to your advantage. A virtual assistant for bloggers who knows how to use Google Analytics can help you improve your strategy by using metrics like benchmarking, assisted conversions, and cohort analysis to make changes.

Getting help with advertising and affiliate marketing

There are things you can do to make your blog more money. If you haven’t started advertising yet, your VA can look into the best options for you based on your target market and see which ones work best for you. In this case, ads could be direct, paid per click, or paid for each time someone sees them. Your blogging virtual assistant will also communicate with the advertiser and work out a good deal for you.

Another way to make money is to be an affiliate. As a virtual assistant for bloggers, this person can help you find the right link-sharing program for you and choose products that fit your brand.

Trying to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

One way to reach more people is to guest blog. A virtual assistant is the best person for this job because it takes a lot of time and doesn’t require any special skills on your part. Your VA can come up with good ideas, write an outline, and check the final post to make sure it meets the requirements of the other blog.

Creating e-newsletters for email

Using an email newsletter might be a good way for people to stay up to date on your new posts and other news. In this case, you might be better at writing the content than your virtual assistant is, so he or she can just make things look good and set things up. Instead, you could give all of the work to your VA and only write blogs.

Management of social media

Keeping up with social media accounts can take as much time as writing a blog. When it comes to social media, most people who don’t know how to use it have no plan.

A blogger virtual assistant can make a plan for all of the platforms where you are active and set up accounts on other platforms to reach more people, so you can reach more people. Also, your VA can make sure that you post when your audience is most likely to respond and interact with your audience so that it doesn’t have to be you.

People who do administrative work

People who work in the administration have to do a lot of work that isn’t fun. There are a lot of things a virtual assistant for bloggers can do for you. They can answer your phone calls, reply to emails, and keep track of your schedule.

Technical help

If you don’t know a lot about how to run a blog, you might not be able to do it. Bloggers who hire virtual assistants can make sure WordPress is up to date, add useful plugins for security, and remove old plugins that could be slowing down their site. Your VA will also back up your blog on a regular basis to make sure that you don’t lose any of your posts.

How to Find the Perfect Blogger Virtual Assistant

Now you know why you would want a blogging virtual assistant, all that’s left is to find the right VA for you.

Where to Look

You can look for virtual assistants on job sites, social media, and freelance platforms, among other places. Because we are a VA service like that, you could also ask for a blogger virtual assistant through us (

The skills you need to learn

VAs can do a lot of different things, so you need to figure out what you want before you start looking. Search for someone who has the skills you need.


People in the Philippines may be able to help you with simple things like admin for as little as $5 to $9. For example, if you want someone who knows about SEO, someone who can write first drafts of your content, or someone who knows how to use Google Analytics, you’ll need a specialist. You should expect to pay $9 to $12 an hour.

What to ask during the interview:

As part of the interview process, make sure you ask the right questions to make sure you hire the right person for the job. Among the questions you might want to ask are: Have you worked as a blogger virtual assistant before? Or have you only worked as a general virtual assistant?

  • Bloggers: What can you do for them?
  • I know how to use a lot of useful tools.
  • When do you go to work? A person from another country might be able to help you, but it might not work out if you want to be able to talk to them in real time at some point.
  • What do you know about my business?
  • No need to wait until running your blog becomes too much to handle on your own before you hire a virtual assistant to help you with it! Find a virtual assistant (VA) as soon as you can. It will help you stay on track and grow the business you’ve built around your blog much faster than you could on your own.

Choose VA FLIX, and we’ll connect you with a dedicated virtual assistant for bloggers who has the skills you need to help you with your work. Schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll give you a 10% discount on our services.

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