Five Keys to Success When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Five Keys to Success When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?


If you’re trying to start a business, you’ve probably realized that you can’t do everything by yourself. You might be able to get it going and make some money, but every business has to hire more people at some point. If you are short on time, hiring a virtual assistant might be one of the best investments you can make. You might have to do this before you feel completely ready, but you might be surprised at how cheap it is and how much it can help you. In the Philippines, you can start with just a few hours a week or go straight to a full-time job.




Since the person you hire might not know anything about your business, you should give them proper training right away. One of the worst things you can do is think that your VA can get up to speed much faster than they can, and then give them tasks without giving them enough training.

Also, don’t forget to explain why they need to do what they’re doing. This can be very important! If you can get them to agree with your mission and goals, they will always want to work for you.

When I hire someone, I see it as an investment in the long run. Don’t treat the person like a slave, because they’re not. Think of them as someone who wants to learn and please you. Tell them what you think of their work. Give them compliments when they do a good job, and let them know that you want this to last.


After you hire someone, you’ll give them their first job to set the tone for the rest of the time you work together. Make sure they know you’re there to help them if they have any questions or need anything.

Send them an email with a first task, step-by-step instructions, and a deadline. Before you hire them, you should also send them an email with 5–10 questions. Tell them you want to hear back from them as soon as possible. If you receive a response within one day, that is who you hire ASAP.


My virtual assistants send me a report at the end of each day that answers the following questions:

  1. What did you do today?
  2. What kind of problems did you have today?
  3. What can I do to make your job easier?

Their responses will give you insight into the tasks they face on a daily basis and where you can lend a hand. Usually, if they don’t email you, it’s because something is wrong or they’re afraid to tell you.

Always check your inbox daily and reply to emails, even if it’s just to say thanks. Your virtual assistant is likely working independently, so it’s important to foster regular communication and collaboration between them and the rest of the team. Also, your relationship will flourish as they are held accountable in this way.

In order to get to know them better, we also suggest scheduling occasional Zoom or Gmeet sessions. Treat it like a long-term relationship.


It is important to keep in mind that you are the one in charge. Consider the times when your boss made decisions that you found objectionable while working in corporate America. Do your best to be different.

Leaders and stuffy offices are not necessary for your success. You can do whatever you want to show appreciation for your staff. Don’t think twice about shelling out the dough; having fantastic workers who are invested in your success is priceless.

My virtual helpers are extremely hard-working and committed to our cause; they take pride in their work and are enthusiastic about our goals. We enjoy the opportunity to reward their hard work with bonuses. They have greatly enhanced and simplified my life. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to build my company to where it is today.


I turned to outsourcing when the demands of my full-time job and my startup proved too much to handle alone. We used because it provided instruction on how to find and work with Filipino remote workers. The website also featured a job board where I could advertise openings and evaluate potential candidates.

Although there was a steep learning curve involved, outsourcing to a foreign country proved to be one of our best decisions. The hiring of our virtual assistant marked the beginning of my journey toward developing the character traits associated with an effective leader and CEO. 

The first girl to respond to my email turned out to be a lucky break for us. When we needed help, we hired her, and she’s been here ever since.

Although there are other options available, comes highly recommended from our experience. Try and as well; we haven’t used them, so we can’t give you a personal recommendation. You may also choose to contact us via message. Come check us out at We have the best virtual assistants!

The key is to give it a shot. Let others handle the paperwork while you focus on things that will bring in money. Depending on how great your VA is, you could be pleasantly surprised. We expected it to be difficult to let go because we believed we were the best at what we did, but we were still surprised. The speed with which my virtual assistant team completes tasks astounds us. That frees us up to focus on the parts of my business that only we can do well.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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