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Episode 18 : How Effective Leaders Delegate, John Marzan, Co-Founder, VA FLIX

On this episode of Hire A Millenial Virtual Assistant Podcast, John talks about why it is essential to have a virtual assistant. Also, John focuses on how effective leaders delegate tasks. Why it is important to delegate tasks

“To be a great leader, you have to learn to delegate well,” the Harvard Business Review (HBR) said. “One of the most difficult transitions for leaders to make is the shift from doing to leading.” Doing everything yourself will limit your business’s growth to the amount of time you can give to it, which is finite.” Simple solution? Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines to free up your time.

“In the short term, you may have the stamina to get up earlier, stay later, and out-work the demands you face,” HBR said. “But the inverse equation of shrinking resources and increasing demands will eventually catch up to you, and at that point, how you involve others sets the ceiling of your leadership impact.”

In this episode, While it may seem difficult, we’ll talk about how to evaluate impact and what requires you to embrace an unavoidable leadership paradox: You need to understand that you need to be essential and less involved,” HBR said. When you justify your hold on work, you’re confusing being involved with being essential.”

John also discussed the essentials on knowing what tasks to delegate, on who to get to do those tasks. John also stated the importance of having a Virtual Assistant on the growth of a business.Virtual Assistants make sure they build relationships with the clients, communicate as much as possible and work hand-in-hand to provide a fast-paced growth of the business.

Here are some topics John shared on this episode: 

  • Steps on How to Effectively Delegate Tasks
  • How Delegating Helps You Grow Your Business
  • What are the Emotional Barriers
  • How a Business Grow with Virtual Assistants

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00:00 – Introduction on Hire a Millenial VIrtual Assistant Podcast

01:11 – How Delegating a task is Crucial

02:27 – Steps on how to effectively delegate tasks

  • Identify what to hand-off

04:12 – Emotional Barriers

  • Fear of being less important
  • Losing power
  • Having less control
  • Inability to say no

06:00 – Questions to ask yourself to delegate effectively

  • Where are you good at and where are you not?
  • Any duties that you don’t like doing?
  • Does delegating a task need judgment?

08:10 -The right people(Virtual Assistants) to work on your tasks delegated

09:09 – Simple Process

11: 25 – Platforms 

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